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how to make pendant with Swarovski and wire rings for jewellery

rings for charm making

Rings and clasps: it's always opportune to hook wires and threads onto jewellery-bijoux clasp by ring ... and what's about the reliability?! It's great if the ring is properly opened and closed, using two jewellery-pliers without deforming it

how to fasten rings

ring fastening advice

+ solidity - the mechanical tension suffered by jewellery-bijoux-clasps components and accessories by wear is distributed in uniform way,

+ practicality: if you want to replace the clasp or other findings, by opening the ringlet, it's avoided to thread again the jewel.

Tiger Bazar online sales catalogue of clasps findings, components, accessories, finding for pendants-charms-jewellery bijoux making

Accessories and components for jewellery bijoux making - nickel free metallic finding

welded-rings ideas for cords jewellery making Findings rings available for sale by the weight

Sale unit refers to grammes and it actually corresponds to a changeable number of rings ...

jewellery accessories
thickness wire
medium quantity
of rings per
blister pack
0,9 mm
not less than 160 rings, not more
than 170 rings


1 mm
not less than 150
rings, not more
than 160 rings

do-it-yourself components accessories for copper jewels copper bijoux findings

bijoux accessories - antique-copper finding rings

Crystal drops and star-shaped charms beads give glamour to Rayher accessories and components with jerky clips for pendants jewellery making, they are meeting point among various facets:

  • the light of the crystals and the shines of metallic accessories, the rhombus-shaped supports for pendants fixing and the wire rings to hook them onto bijoux.

To make charms and pendants jewellery to you the choice among buying:

charms making components, jewellery accessories for bijoux accessories with jerky staples

  • (RH21-281 + color) to be closed directly hooking the component parts onto the weaving of beads

charms jewellery making components and accessories, rings and beads for bijoux opened findings

  • (JW108 + color) to fasten onto the metallic perimeter (to open with simple pressure and to close by flat-nosed pliers from the inside of components)

charms-pendants components, oval rings

Palladium galvanized, platinum and gold-plated, rings sold by pieces are optimal accessories components for precision and safety following from high-thickness wire (from 0,40 to 0,80 -1,00 mm) for pendants creations and charms jewellery making.

  • Rings sold by weight are bijoux-jewellery-making accessories suitable when you need a ring by lower-thickness wire
Round rings finding
Ø 5,5 mm - sale by weight
10 grammes
MT55-01 platinum 4,00 EUR
MT55-04 silver 4,00 EUR
online sale by weight of metallic accessories for jewellery, wire-findings round rings
Round rings finding
Ø 5,5 mm - sale by weight
10 grammes
MT55-02 gold-color 5,20 EUR
round rings jewellery catalogue, examples charms-pendants making with finding, crystals beads and Swarovski
Round rings finding
Ø 7 mm - sale by weight
20 grammes
FD3218-01 platinum 5,00 EUR
FD3218-04 silver 5,00 EUR
nickel-free clasp finding, accessories for charms jewellery making, platinum round ring bijoux clasps findings, silver-plated jewellery making
other packs of rings - sale by weight

8 mm Rayher components BOX PRICE
RH21-281-62 silver 5 findings
1,85 EUR
RH21-281-89 gold-color
Rayher accessories components - charms-pendants-jewellery making, rhombus-shaped finding for stones, drops
how to use accessories with staples
Swarovski charms, drops beads, crystals
gold-color Rayher finding, accessories components with staples for charms-pendants-jewellery making

Code number
+ color
10 rings
HOB92-450 3,3 mm 1,29 EUR
HOB92-451 4,8 mm 1,29 EUR
HOB92-452 7 mm 1,32 EUR
HOB92-453 10 mm 1,70 EUR
round gold-plated rings finding for pendants-charms-jewellery bijoux making -95 gold-plated
platinum round rings findings, components accessories for charms-jewellery-bijoux clasps -91 platinum
Code number Ø color BOX PRICE
100 rings
HOB461-95 4,8 mm gold-plated 4,40 EUR
HOB462-91 7 mm plati-num 5,30 EUR
HOB462-95 7 mm gold-plated 8,00 EUR

Italian version - privacy policy

Price catalogue of packs per 2000 or 1570 rings for on-line sale - Tiger Bazar shop of jewellery components online sale by weight
Round rings findings
Ø 5,5 mm - sale by weight
120 grammes
MT55-K01 platinum findings
about 2000 rings
40,95 EUR
MT55-K04 silver findings
about 2000 rings
40,95 EUR
MT55-K02 gold findings
about 2000 rings
53,10 EUR
Round rings findings
Ø 7 mm - sale by weight
200 grammes
FD3218-K01 platinum findings
about 1570 rings
45,00 EUR
FD3218-K04 silver findings
about 1570 rings
45,00 EUR

ideas for charms-pendants-jewellery making, ornaments of sugared-almonds holder bomboniere with bijoux components accessories