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Tiger Bazar on-line sales shop, do-it-yourself example for memory wire bracelets and bangles

football team bracelets

creativity line - on-line ideas how to make
Tiger Bazar shop
Nicole from Tiger Bazar on-line sales shop Memory wire is comfortable jewellery accessory for do-it-yourself bracelets quick-and-easy making. A wire end has been already fastened by small ring, insert bead mix onto memory wire, fasten the opposite wire end by modeling a ring by round-noised pliers

Tiger Bazar on-line sales shop catalogue for do-it-yourself jewellery accessories and components, wires for bangles and bracelets

On-line sale shop memory wires for bracelets, memory wire bangles, nickel-free findings

metallic findings for jewellery beaded bracelets making with strass Examples for memory wire bracelets and hobby ideas ...

Memory bracelet introduces a new technique for memory wire bracelet fastening with buttonhole stitch and leather lace

stone bracelets - do-it-yourself memory wires

Memory wire bracelets in romantic style?

Twister for the bracelets of twister-torchon-set of jewellery in olive green and amber with metallic tubular ribbon ( Projects-and-instructions - Twister torchon set of jewellery)

New Look style? ... vintage bracelets of the 80s!

bracelet for napkin holder with bead pendant

Tiger Bazar shop, on-line catalogue hobby ideas

  • Maracaibo bracelets, Domingo bangles, La Graciosa and Coccinella strass bracelets

memory wire bijoux for beaded bracelets

  • Fantasia di bracciali, Adelante and El perro bracelets

wire artist bijoux: modelling wire, stones, crystals

Directions for use - how to cut harmonic springs for new memory wire bracelets making

Recuerdo bracelets with central ornament
bracelets making, jewellery stones, beads

projects, instructions, do-it-yourself bracelets
La bamba bangles

necklace bead technique, trendy bracelets
Abeja necklace example of memory wire for do-it-yourself pendant basis

online sales Tiger Bazar on-line sales catalogue

Jewellery components with button
nickel free

These structures for bracelets have a welded stud holder, which is equipped with 4 clips and a micropierced button. Daisy bracelet may be a case in point how to allow us to realize quick and easy artistic bijoux.

Mariposita bracelet: tips & tricks ....
Mariposita is an innovative bracelet thanks to a new scheme to create the central butterfly together with a light and delicate decoration on the rigid structure of the same bracelet.

  • Realize the butterfly with the technique of crossed loop , departure from the centre of the micropierced button, threading 0,30mm copper wire into mix beads (rocailles, 4 mm Marianne Hobby faceted beads in topaz colour, Rayher peridot lentil and oval marbled beads in green) following the indications of the pattern. The back row of the crossed loop on top wing includes 16 rocailles, while bottom wing one contains 5 faceted beads + 2 rocailles.
  • 7 rocailles + 1 faceted are inserted as spars.
  • The body is realized with weave technique according to the sequence 3R + 3R+ 4R + 4R+ 4R + 3R + 2R. Seal the wires.
  • Decorate the visible micropierced button with 3 or 4 rings by 6 or 7 rocailles each in the butterfly bottom side. Thread faceted beads on the rest side of the button (3 or 4 pieces at the same level). The external edge of the button is covered with rocailles.
  • Once decoration is finished, settle the button on the stud holder and press the four clips with flat-nosed pliers.
  • Then seal 4 pieces of stahldraht (nylon coated stainless wire) at the button or insert two wires to the centre of the structure. The creation is completed by threading the bead mix of the butterfly and sealing on the button with copper crimp beads.

How to read project pattern ... R = rocailles ...... P = precious stone = O = pietra ....... S = 4 mm faceted ... ovale = oval

Memory wire for bracelet BOX PRICE
RH21-028-00 3 strings
1 bracelet
1,31 EUR
do-it-yourself finding, 3-string memory wires for bracelets, on-line sales in Tiger Bazar shop

do-it-yourself stone bracelets, example by Tiger Bazar on-line shop for memory wire sales

Rayher beads wires, circle ø = 5,2 cm - wire length = 50 cm (wrist 15-20 cm)   stone bracelets

Memory wire bracelet BOX PRICE
WR885-705 5 strings
1 bracelet
1,50 EUR
on-line sale bracelets: finding shop for do-it-yourself bangles of 5-string memory wires circle ø
= 6 cm

15-20 cm)

wire length
= 93 cm

Copper memory bracelet BOX PRICE
HB97-679-89 6 strings 1 bracelet
1,31 EUR
do-it-yourself memory wire bangles, on-line sale shop catalogue of 6-string memory wire bracelets spring =
90 cm

circle ø =
4 cm (wrist
13-16 cm)

Memory bracelet springs BOX PRICE
MH8400-281 3 strings
1 bracelet
3,58 EUR
Tiger Bazar on-line sales shop for do-it-yourself Marianne hobby bracelets, 3-string memory wires for bangles

marianne hobby

circle ø =
6,3 cm

bigger than
20 cm)

bracelet Structures

Silver-plated bracelet
6,10 EUR
silver-plated bracelet base

Platinum color bracelet with 20 welded rings BOX PRICE
MH8403-92 1 bracelet 5,15 EUR
platinum color bracelet base for charms
Bracelet diameter is 7 cm at the outside
platinum color bracelet base with welded rings for charms

bracelet example click on the image
and the small
butterfly project

Mariposita bracelet is ...
a Tiger Atelier bijoux

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