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Brooch studs with pins, metal findings for brooches, clasps with pin
Nichel-free metallic accessories

create with beads - news Where? Beaded brooches are anywhere! They become mascot jewels if the pierced button is decorated with a ladybird of beads. Tips & tricks ...

In the blister pack of brooches Ref. No. JW10307-01 find 2 supports inclusive of the accessories displayed in the image:

  1. the tip per 11 mm in length
  2. the pin per 55 mm welded on the stud with 4 staples for hooking the pierced button
  3. the button per 22 mm for beaded ornaments.

The brooch for charms ... shows the new trends in jewellery world oriented toward a multifunctional jewel, ornament of bags, shoes, belts ... that might be modified in few minutes by alternating the charms hooked on rings ...

... for a more and more trendy look! Hobby idea?! It's trinket brooch

  • The pin is 5 cm in length ... the intermediary space among a ring and the following one is 13 mm.

The features of brooches with pierced button

Ref. No.
Clip No.
MN7971 round platinum, copper
Ø 25
Ø 23
M8401-76 oval
22 x 34

A brooch, a butterfly, chromatic notes tell us the common route between fashion and jewellery in the universe of creativeness ...

... differences among findings with pins

Ref. No.
1 hole
15 mm
3,8 mm
25 mm
5 mm
30 mm

Brooches for every creative demand:

  1. brooch support with micro-pierced button,
  • round and oval, for floral, with a sunburst pattern, tassel and basket brooch making;
  1. clasps with a 2 and 3-holed bar
  • for the most sparkling little animals decorating a backpack, a pair of jeans, a belt ...

Suggestion in the choice among the different references

  • Each MN7971 and M8401-76 pack includes respectively 2 or 1 studs with welded pin complete with micro-pierced button.
  • Having finished the button decoration, place it on the stud and press clips by flat-nosed pliers to seal it.
  • Linear brooch pin is suitable when the bijoux is firstly woven and then hooked in a following step onto the holed bar.

new ideas of jewellery Hobby ideas ... Farfallina brooch, a 2-step jewel

  1. the technique of weaving,
  2. the fastening on the brooch bar.

Others starting points & patterns for beaded brooches ...

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Brooch inclusive of
button and clasp tip
2 brooches:
JW10307-01 platinum 4,15 EUR
brooches inclusive of pierced buttons and clasp findings for beaded creations

Charm brooch in platinum BOX PRICE
JW10281-01 5 cm
- 3 rings
2 brooches:
2,00 EUR
+ zoom ... brooch for charms and hobby idea

Oval welded brooches
with pierced button
1 brooch:
M8401-76 platinum 2,15 EUR
oval brooch base with holed button

Round welded brooches
with pierced button
J5230-600 1 gold - plated brooch 2,00 EUR
click on ... hobby idea with round brooch
click on ... Víctoria brooch

Round welded brooches
with pierced button
MN7971-03 antique copper 2 brooches:
3,20 EUR
round brooch with button in antique copper
MN7971-01 platinum 2 brooches:
3,20 EUR
round brooch supports in platinum

Brooch-pin findings 30 mm BOX PRICE
MH841-101 silver-plated 5 brooches:
1,30 EUR
MH841-10 72 brooches:
8,64 EUR
silver and gold-plated brooches with pin
MH841-091 gold-plated 5 brooches:
1,30 EUR

Brooch-pin findings 15 mm BOX PRICE
MH841-15 -041 silver 8 brooches:
1,30 EUR
15, 20, 25 mm finding for brooches
Brooch-pin findings 25 mm BOX PRICE
MH841-25 -071 gold
-081 silver
6 brooches:
1,30 EUR
marianne hobby findingbig pack
MH841-04 15 mm
72 brooches:
6,00 EUR
MH841-08 25 mm
72 brooches:
7,00 EUR

20 mm brooch-pin findings BOX PRICE
R21-137-06 5 gold color findings 1,25 EUR

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