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bomboniere place card holder confetti, tulle and flowers, findings for bijoux jewels, beads and crystals

transport & payment

bouquet with decoration for fruit and flowers place card holder
fruit for do-it-yourself confetti holder, bonbonnieres boxes, bomboniere cake almond holder
place card holder with flowers and berries
for wedding favours and confetti bomboniere

decorations on clips

mixed colors wood clips

do-it-yourself confetti fruit

Baptism flowers bunches place card holder for decorating

bomboniera box and ornament for do-it-yourself confetti place card holder bomboniere
bonbonnieres box, Avana Onda collection

wrap thin cardboard box with organza-satin ribbon and butterflies in mixed-green colors

blue color, birth-pink, place card holder bomboniere for Italian confetti, jute-effect-flowers bunches

birth-pink and blue-color place card holder: Jardin bouquet do-it-yourself idea - materials for the making of Jardin the bunch wrapped with florist items, flowers and other embellishments for place card holder bomboniere: jute rose + corn-ear in natural paper color + bow made of raffia + bunches of berries + leaf

confetti bomboniere accessories colors ideas for do-it-yourself confetti and country bomboniere with dragees

The floral wrapping in ivory and blue is easy to make, insert flowers stem into box cover, cut raffia bow and model bouquet confetti place card holder ... boxes + flowers place card holder for bomboniere confectionery, candied fruit & chocolates place card holder, sweets and candies, confetti and almonds, candles or jewellery bijoux

example of cases and boxes, bomboniere confetti with bunches decorations place card holder, natural effect florist

Flowers bunches may be nice gift fastening decorations: in the example bouquet are ornaments of
boxes bomboniere
in ivory color (6 x 6 x 6) or Avana country box

flowers place card holder, ideas for confetti bomboniere wrappings with Swarovski beads

leaves place card holder

online sale catalogue, flowers bunches, bouquets, decoration items, flowers and ribbons, supports for biedermeier and bonbonnieres

Italian confetti place card holder bomboniere - jute, tulle and organza flowers bunches, complements for florist wrappings and compositions

bomboniere items
place card holder pack inclusive of:




each bouquet is already wrapped with 1 rose per 5 cm + 2 rosebuds (cream-white color), 5 confetti holder leaves, 1 white shining cloth leaf, 1 ribbon bow

24 cm is place card holder bouquet length (13 cm bouquet length + 11 cm stem length)

In photographic introducing of do-it-yourself idea of on-line shop, orchids and roses have been wrapped with a bunch of confetti holder tulle rachetti, honey color organza ribbon, bees-ornaments-for-bomboniere -

Confetti Roses and orchids might be also wrapped as flowers place card holder in the form of star if tulle and organza roses petals will be used for confetti wrappings

bomboniere items
place card holder pack inclusive of:



bunch with 1 rose per 7 cm in cloth-organza + 6 green organza leaves + 5 rachetti petals (being sugared almonds holder in tulle)

Bunch flowers-leaves
bunch stem

total length
15 cm
25 cm
40 cm

jewellery decorations beads, do-it-yourself accessories for bomboniere and place card holder The stem of bunch for Bomboniere Juego de rose place card holder might be modeled and placed as a plant on bridal table.

More and more ideas ... bouquet place card holder bomboniere in different colors for chromatic choreographies of wedding breakfast.

Complements and accessories may be:

- satin ribbons, do-it-yourself bomboniere flowers
- chicken, do-it-yourself bomboniere ornaments

bomboniere items
place card holder pack inclusive of:
KIT580-1 40 pieces of cinnamon (5 cm in length), raffia, 24 paper sunflowers, 24 corn ears, 36 pieces of tulle rachetti leaves (sugared almonds holder made of tulle petal for place card holder)
KIT580-1K 1 kilo of cinnamon (5 cm in length), raffia, 260 sunflowers, 260 corn ears, 390 pieces of tulle rachetti leaves

Italian confetti wedding place card holder and beads making accessories Complements not included in bouquet packs for flowers place card holder are almonds confetti

bomboniere items
place card holder pack inclusive of:

rosa per about 5,5 cm + 5 organza rachetti leaves in green for the wrapping of confetti place card holder

The bunch length is about 10 cm in flowers section + 11 cm of wire stem being covered of green paper floral tape for florists

bomboniere items
place card holder pack inclusive of:



place card holder bomboniere branch with 5 tulle rachetti leaves

place card holder leaf = 4 cm
place card holder bunch = 16 cm

bomboniere items
place card holder pack inclusive of:
RH85-122-13 3 butterflies in green nuances assorted as in photo being inclusive of wire stem for place card holder wrapping

Place card holder bomboniere trends & ideas for Italian confetti flowers wrappings ...

silver wedding flowers confetti place card holder

do-it-yourself place card holder bomboniere, fruit for degree bomboniera bags Country place card holder bomboniere ...

country jute tulle for confetti place card holder

beaded blossom, place card holder bomboniera

place card holder kit for degree bomboniere

Communions invitations, confetti cards for Italian bomboniere place card holder The case with item code No. BM53490 is supplied as folded up kit,

  • First Communion symbol and beaded lilium are decorative idea and thus they are not included in on-line sale kit

Rachetti tulle leaves for confetti wrapping

  • the kit is inclusive of 144 tulle leaves rachetti for do-it-yourself place card holder bomboniere with flowers, tulle and Italian confetti

the wire-edged leaf is 3,8 x 4 cm; metal stem, covered by white paper ribbon for florists, is 7 cm

Colored rachetti in organza for confetti and bomboniere

Rachetti Box includes 48 or 144 rachetti sugared almond holder (wired organza leaves with covered metal stem) according to the selected item code

yellow flowers bouquet place card holder birth-pink flowers bouquet place card holder Other bunches: bomboniere and place card holder

sunflowers bouquet, place card holder

Italian map, place card holder bomboniere

wooden ornament for confetti place card holder Italian bomboniere
Confetti place card holder Italian bomboniere - ideas & details:
+ zoom on photos and click on ...

tulle flowers place card holder for Italian confetti

organza roses for place card holder on-line shop

wedding place card holder making with flowers

Price information

bomboniere wrappings, leaves for place card holder making with do-it-yourself beads flowers the item price is always referred to the pack,

  • for instance Ref. No. B54-193K is the code number of the bunch in bordeaux tulle-organza in packs with 12 branches place card holder for bomboniere ready to be finished with confetti in tulle-organza almonds holder rachetti leaves
Confetti Swing place card holder bomboniere with cream-white roses BOX PRICE
FW106-02 1 place card bouquet 1,25 EUR
FW106-02K1 6 place card bouquet 7,20 EUR
FW106-02K2 96 place card bouquet 110,40 EUR
1,15 € wedding place cards holder with flowers, ivory organza roses, do-it-yourself confetti place card holder
examples: place card idea

Confetti place card holder Bomboniere Juego de rose BOX PRICE
+ color
1 bouquet tulle-flowers 1,70 EUR
+ color
12 bouquet tulle-flowers 18,60 EUR
fashion color bunches, First Communion place card holder, wrappings for flowers branches place cards holder for bomboniere and confetti
-46 avocado green -40 poudre-d'or honey
wedding place card holder bomboniere, organza flowers and tulle leaves confetti bunches for First Communion
-42 peach color place card examples

Do-it-yourself kit for 8 cm Girasole Candy place card holder making BOX PRICE
KIT580-1 1 kit for 12 place card holder 12,00 EUR
KIT580-1K 1 kit for 130 place card holder 90,00 EUR
First Communion, Baptism, wedding confetti place card holders bomboniere, wrappings for branches, organza and tulle flowers bunches
color catalogue: confetti place card holder

Bordeaux organza confetti flowers place card holder BOX PRICE
B54-193 1 bunch 1,25 EUR
B54-193K 12 bunches 13,20 EUR
Communion place cards holder, newlyweds wrappings for place card holder bomboniere confetti with rachetti and bordeaux organza flowers

Bunch place card holder = 5 tulle rachetti
FW3000-38 12 bunches white tulle BOX PRICE
3,50 EUR
FW3000-40 12 bunches ivory tulle 3,50 EUR
tulle rachetti, confetti holder leaves being placed in ready bunches for confetti wrappings

Bomboniere decorations BOX PRICE
RH85-122-13 - 6 cm
green mix
3 butterflies
1,95 EUR
butterflies for roses decorations, beaded wrappings for Italian confetti place card bomboniere with tulle and organza flowers
Other decorations, confetti place card ...
butterflies for place card bomboniere

Cream-color box BOX PRICE
BM53490 11 x 11 x
12 cm
1 case
0,90 EUR
lilium, place-card-holder flowers bomboniere for wedding, First Communion, ideas for do-it-yourself confetti wrapping
click on the photo of beaded flowers ...

Kit per 144 rachetti leaves BOX PRICE
+ color
-10 ivory 
-01 white
1 kit
6,70 EUR
confetti holder leaves, tulle rachetti in wedding ivory confetti holder rachetti, leaf in bridal-white tulle
leaf = 3,8 x 4 cm

Colored organza rachetti BOX PRICE
SW402 48 rachetti
in pink
3,30 EUR
SW402K 144
in pink
8,90 EUR
SW401 48 rachetti
azure color
3,30 EUR
SW401K 144
azure color
8,90 EUR
SW400 48 rachetti
white color
3,30 EUR
SW400K 144
white color
8,90 EUR
SW405 48 rachetti
red color
3,30 EUR
SW405K 144
red color
8,90 EUR
pink and azure organza colored rachetti favours
4,5 cm colored rachetti sugared almond holder for bomboniere
white and red colored organza rachetti favours

20 symbols = confetti kit BOX PRICE
+ selection
1 x 2 cm
1 kit
2,70 EUR
do-it-yourself confetti accessories, Confirmation, First Communion, wedding bomboniere symbols
-01 Confirmation -02 First Communion
-03 Wedding

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