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Tiger Bazar catalogue of accessories, charms supports, rings findings, ring and pendant bases, finding for do-it-yourself jewellery

Charms-holder finger-rings with 5 rings, charm ring supports Extendable welded rings with filigrees and plates for stones

ideas how to pack beaded rings with decorations, bags for gift packs with charms rings

finger-ring with button, welded rings for charms

jewellery accessories: bases, supports for rings

ideas and pattern for filigree base ring making

bijoux making accessories nickel-free metal findings & accessories ... from finger rings to pendants, trinkets for necklaces

The selection is strategic ... the beaded rings may be worn also as necklace pendant with waxed cotton strings and leather suede laces.

The idea of bijoux movement turns also finger rings for one charm in do-it-yourself artist ... embellish them with an important pendant or many charms and trinkets to be hooked onto jewellery chains
bijoux making tricks Charms pins and brooches, finger rings charms holder play new roles in jewellery trends, multifaceted jewels sparkle as ornaments of shoes, trimmings of bags and belts, embellishments of swimming costumes ... personalized in few minutes by changing charms hooked onto rings ...

jewellery-pins, brooch supports for charms

do-it-yourself findings bases, charm brooches

Beads & charm rings - Mimetic effect ...

of finger-rings bases with filigrees ... endless interpretations: from romantic to casual style! Swarovski crystals, semiprecious stones are necessary materials for Puerto-granate ring making

technique for filigree rings with crystals, stones

Characteristics of finger-ring bases with filigree

26 x 34 mm are the measures of oval filigree, 19 mm is the diameter of round filigree (widest extent). Ring band is 19 mm in diameter, it's extendable and you can widen or tighten it by 3 - 4 mm ...

Finger rings and copper metal jewellery

  • Antique copper exclusive allure gives original brightness to beads, not only spiced tones, but also crystal, powder and light-sky-blue tones ...

Rings & beads - techniques, ideas for makings ...

Rings with a central stone and edge decoration of Swarovski crystals ? Why not!? Inspiration source ... Encantado and Savannah.

bijoux jewels, finger rings with Swarovski beads

online sales Tiger Bazar on-line buying

For instance .... to buy a pack per 2 finger rings in platinum with round filigree

Bases for rings
-01 platinum
2,70 EUR
Silver-color charm ring BOX PRICE
MH8402-841 3 rings 1,55 EUR
MH8402-84K 72 rings 24,20 EUR
nickel-free metal silver-color ring for charms and beads
18 mm diameter ring band

Adjustable rings, charms holder - 5 welded rings BOX PRICE
2 rings
JW200-14 + color 3,00 EUR
+ zoom: knick-knack ring - charms-holder ring supports for on-line sale, gold-plated metal with 5 rings
Ø ring band 21 mm     -2 sparkling gold

+ zoom: knick-knack ring - on-line sale charms-holder finger-rings, antique-copper metal with 5 rings
Ø ring band 21 mm     -3 antique copper

Welded ring bases BOX PRICE
MH8401-131 2 rings 1,40 EUR
on-line sale finger-rings supports with round plate for stones, beads

round plate
Ø 10 mm


click on ... how to make rings for charms, examples of beaded rings: Puerto granate
Puerto granate beaded rings with charms

Filigree finger-ring supports BOX PRICE
MN10169-01 platinum 2 rings
3,55 EUR
on-line sale extendable ring supports with welded oval filigree for charm rings extendable ring with welded oval filigree

Filigree finger-ring supports BOX PRICE
MN7781-0 + color 2 rings
2,70 EUR
on-line sale finger-rings bases with antique-copper metal welded filigree for charms -03 antique

ring with

on-line sale finger-rings bases with platinum metal welded filigree for charm ring

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-- jewellery finding rings for charms and pendants
-- bases for charms - metal pendants and filigrees
-- earrings supports, fish hooks for charms, trinkets
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-- Swarovski charms box and crystals for jewellery
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jewellery with charms