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Tiger Bazar on-line shop for findings & clasps for jewellery making

how to on-line buy

transport & payment

moon-shaped hook clasp findings for jewellery making, 3-strings Swarovski necklace example

special clasp findings

1-string moon clasps

Swarovski crystals

Moonlight necklace do-it-yourself idea is not far from Lazo-lariat models with clasps being jewel protagonist

do-it-yourself necklace idea with hook clasp findings for jewellery making, Swarovski crystals

other hook clasp findings and clasps with special shapes ...

heart-shaped hooks, necklaces and chain hook clasp, chains for bracelets

trigger clasps, hooks

on-line shop hook clasps with springs, silver-plated boltrings for jewellery making

bolt-ring clasp sales

ribbon-clasps sales

bijoux necklace pendant with beads, stones and clasps for jewellery making

bijoux clasp idea



Tiger Bazar catalogue for on-line sales, jewellery making findings, bijoux clasps and components, accessories for do-it-yourself jewels

Jewellery-making special clasps, nickel-free accessories and hook findings

necklace accessories, T-clasp for necklaces

do-it-yourself necklaces example with hook clasp findings and ring, Tiger Bazar on-line shop clasps for jewellery making
enlarged image is available ... do-it-yourself necklace idea with jewellery-making clasps

  • clasps sizes are listed by millimetres, they refers to maximum extension points (for instance, T-clasp ring size includes the length of welded small ring)

Jewellery-making T-clasp with ending bar and ring is easy by hooking onto handmade bijoux, bracelets and necklaces

clasps findings for jewellery making, beaded jewels making with terminal and ending bars for necklaces, accessories, beads

Do-it-yourself examples are Madras necklaces with peridot gems and metallic beads, Rumba necklaces with pendant and semi-precious stones decoration

ring clasps for necklaces and bijoux pendant

  • Jewellery-making T-clasp kit includes 2 component parts

1 x ending bar with welded ring for multi-string jewellery making

1 x big ring, once threads and wires have been laced onto little ring, the bijoux fastening is completed by putting the bar in the big ring

clasps findings accessories, bars and rings kits, beaded jewels making with leather strings, charms and beads

Tiger Bazar e-commerce clasps for jewellery making: do-it-yourself ideas with clasp findings ...

Quick and easy! Hook 2 - 4 - 6 ... + threads onto jewellery making clasps Ref. No. HOB386-106 or HOB386-104, suitable and reliable 2-string or multi-string clasps if fastening works by calottes and caps-for-jewellery-clasps ...

jewellery findings and rings for necklaces clasps

weaving technique bijoux making, necklace example with colored wires for jewellery making
Tips & Tricks? Necklace free-project
do-it-yourself necklaces example with clasps for jewellery making and beads

Leticia, Italian set of jewellery, necklace, bracelet

jewellery clasp findings for Swarovski necklaces

Metallic flash for jewellery-making clasps with heart-shaped hook findings and embossing effect for clasp with flower-shaped hook findings ...

  • These clasps are irreplaceable hook findings in do-it-yourself jewel case for original design and simple use

sales of clasps, findings with beads and strass

sales for clasps of bracelets, magnetic clasp

do-it-yourself jewelry jewels necklace with pierced button clasps and glass beads
necklace with crystals, conteria beads, jewels clasps for jewellery making

The jewel clasp to be decorated with ...

beads and stones according to riccio technique for do-it-yourself exclusive jewellery making

jewellery necklace jewel clasp, Venetian beads

  • 18 mm is 6-staples stud diameter, same sizes for button-shaped wire mesh being included in sale pack

9 x 18 mm for each components of platinum hook clasp in palladium galvanization

  • How long is the clip extent on bijoux? 9 x 30 mm for metallic kit once clasps have been hooked by fastening of beaded jewellery

Clasps for jewellery making Ref. No. HOB386-041 + 017 ...

these strong and nice clasps are 1-string findings with lateral clips to be threaded in clasp bases (Finding sizes 7 x 18 mm)

Emocion do-it-yourself idea with organza bags and murrine cross-shaped bead

clasp finding for Italian bomboniere organza bags

Italian bomboniere gift idea, jewels bijoux making

Hook clasps for jewellery making: copper color and findings for ribbons

findings-for-jewellery sale, copper bijoux clasps

on-line sales Tiger Bazar catalogue for on-line sales

Gold-plated T-clasp kit = ring + ending bar BOX PRICE
MH8402-61 12 kits of clasps 2,75 EUR
MH8402-61K 72 kits of clasps 15,00 EUR
e-commerce bijoux nikel-free clasps for jewellery-making, on-line shop silver- and gold-color metal clasp findings
clasp sizes: 16 mm ring x 16 mm bar
Silver-colored T-clasp kit = ring + ending bar BOX PRICE
MH8402-62 12 kits of clasps 2,75 EUR
MH8402-62K 72 kits of clasps 15,00 EUR

T-clasp kit = 15 mm ring + 19 mm bar BOX PRICE
M8402-86 1 kit of
silver color clasp
0,90 EUR
M8402-86K 36 kit of silver color clasps 28,25 EUR
silver-plated clasp findings, on-line shop e-commerce of clasps for jewellery making, bijoux metallic accessories

20 mm Special clasp for jewels with 10 mm terminal BOX PRICE
M8402-45 1 silver plated clasp 0,65 EUR
e-commerce clasps for jewellery making, on-line shop special clasp findings, silver-plated

Gold-plated clasp kit = trigger + rings + terminals BOX PRICE
MH8400-621 2 kits of clasps
Ø 1,9 mm
3,00 EUR
MH8400-601 2 kits of clasps
Ø 1,1 mm
2,75 EUR
on-line shop metallic clasps for jewellery making, e-commerce for necklaces bracelets clasp findings with rings, bars
terminal diameter = 1,1 or 1,9 mm
trigger length = 9 mm

Vintage clasp kit = trigger + rings + terminals BOX PRICE
MH841-291 1 gold clasp kit with 7 Ø cups 1,55 EUR
MH841-301 1 silver - plated clasp kit with 7 Ø cups 1,55 EUR
metallic accessories e-commerce clasps for jewellery making, on-line shop clasp findings, gold-plated rings, end bars

10 mm silver plated round antique clasp BOX PRICE
RH21-022-22 1 silver plated clasp 1,27 EUR
vintage jewellery silver plated clasps

2-string gold-plated clasp BOX PRICE
HOB386-106 1 clasp 2,60 EUR
2-strings gold-colored clasp findings e-commerce, on-line shop bijoux gold clasps for jewellery making clasp sizes:
13-15 x 24

2-string platinum clasp BOX PRICE
HOB386-104 1 clasp 2,10 EUR
bijoux metallic accessories on-line shop, 2-string platinum clasp findings, clasps-for-jewellery-making e-commerce clasp sizes:
13-15 x 24

Heart-shaped clasp finding BOX PRICE
+ color
1 clasp
20 x 13 mm
3,40 EUR
bijoux heart-shaped metal clasp findings e-commerce, on-line shop clasps for jewellery making -1 gold

-0 white

6-staples clasp + button BOX PRICE
MN7972-0 1 clasp 2,30 EUR
on-line shop e-commerce clasp findings with holed button, clasps for jewellery making, bijoux hook with wire mesh


18 mm

Jewellery hook clasp kit BOX PRICE
MMK0020 2 set 2,00 EUR
on-line shop clasp kit with hooks, e-commerce clasps for jewellery making, hook clasp findings platinum
9 x 18 mm

Platinum jewellery clasp BOX PRICE
HOB386-041 1 clasp 1,20 EUR
bijoux silver-colored clasp findings with hook for 1 string, on-line shop e-commerce clasps for jewellery making 7 x 18 mm
Gold-color jewellery clasp BOX PRICE
HOB386-017 1 clasp 1,20 EUR
on-line shop accessories, gold-plated clasp findings with hooks for 1 string, e-commerce clasps for jewellery making bijoux 7 x 18 mm

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