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catalogue for online sales and purchases of flat-ribbons accessories, strings and laces findings, do-it-yourself jewellery bijoux jewels

Do-it-yourself laces, handmade-jewellery threads, bijoux flat ribbon

do-it-yourself velvet ribbons for jewellery bijoux, bracelets Jewellery bijoux and velvet ribbon per 5 mm

Velvet ribbons knots add charm to do-it-yourself beads bracelets as Fuego jewellery

- beads bracelet project, bijoux pendant - 3

and give pincelada de poesía to bijoux makings necklaces with mascot pendants ... certainly not less than Buena Suerte star with Swarovski beads and precious stones

- jewellery bijoux project - Swarovski star

do-it-yourself velvet ribbons, laces for jewellery bijoux pendants Bomboniere sugared-almonds and jewellery with velvet ribbons ...

Do-it-yourself hobby ideas for jewellery beads making with velvet ribbons are introduced between knots, metallic components and ribbon clasps for bijoux

- do-it-yourself beads findings - copper jewels

There are developing colors and well-known nuances: not only necklaces and belts, but also earrings and bracelets may be successfully made with charms-jewellery-chains and weaving of organza ribbons, cords, velvet ribbon

do-it-yourself bijoux beads trends There are many hobby making ideas in the wind ... do-it-yourself jewellery bijoux with velvet ribbons in green, jewellery beads and ribbon in cognac color ... charms and beads sets for laces and velvet ribbon in winter-sea-tones

Threads and ribbons for fashion jewellery Imitation & real-leather ribbons, suede laces and synthetic flat ribbon

Do-it-yourself bijoux and textil jewellery may be made too with ...

  • suede ribbons and laces - per 3 mm in width Ref. No. MH7421-5 + RH83-000
  • synthetic ribbons per 5 mm - Ref. No. HB214

- jewellery suede laces, necklaces ribbons
- leather threads, cords for jewellery pendants
- 1-2 mm jewellery bijoux leather laces, ribbons
- 2 mm cords for jewellery and bonbonnieres
- waxed cotton cords, jewellery twines, strings
- waxed cotton cords and strings, velour ribbons
- organza ribbons for bomboniere, bijoux ribbons

Jewellery-bijoux flat ribbons may be easy fastened by special findings

Tiger Bazar & handicraft jewellery examples

If your idea is to renew a suit for last minute invitation to a party ... ideal jewel may be Hasta la Vista, do-it-yourself belt

Without a definite size, it may be worn by everybody: three ribbons per 2 metres ideally folded up and laced into filigree medallions for the quickest jewellery belt making

Shopping list for do-it-yourself making

- belt project with ribbons

Tiger Bazar's hobby ideas by jewellery bijoux Atelier

Christine brooch jewellery ... a brooch?

  • Pendant making with do-it-yourself laces of refined cobra-chain?

Bags ornament or decoration for the belt with laces and suede ribbon ...

pendant for leather laces - floral jewellery

A dive in the past and a journey in the future: Simpatia de Mar beads belt ... being meeting point between jewellery weaving stitch and bijoux twister techniques

ribbon and crochet hook, belts gallery -1

online sale shop how to purchase: on-line sales catalogue

Bijoux velvet ribbons
laces per 5 mm in width
+ color
skein per
2,5 metres
3,05 EUR
+ color
roll per
10 metres
10,90 EUR
hobby idea with flat ribbon, jewellery pendants, do-it-yourself bijoux velvet ribbons, starting points for suede laces
-43 violet orchid color -33 antique pink

how to fasten 3 laces, velvet ribbons with clasp, terminal finding for do-it-yourself jewellery bijoux flat-ribbon
-01 snow white -29 reddish purple

charms beads and do-it-yourself velvet ribbons, ideas for jewellery bijoux laces and flat ribbon
-76 beige cognac -69 ribbons in green

do-it-yourself weaving of velvet ribbons and chains, jewellery bijoux making idea with suede laces and flat ribbon
-49 blue ribbons -53 sky-blue ribbons

example of handmade belt with jewellery bijoux flat-ribbon, do-it-yourself imitation-leather ribbons
click on ... Hasta la Vista jewellery belt

Leather ribbon spool - 3 mm suede laces in width BOX PRICE
2 metres
MH7421-5 + color 2,25 EUR
best price suede laces, do-it-yourself leather ribbons, jewellery bijoux flat-ribbon
-11 black-color -61 beige -31 sky-blue
-01 cream ribbon -71 chocolate ribbon
marianne-hobby jewellery bijoux suede-ribbons, do-it-yourself laces and flat-ribbon
-41 olive   -21 pink

HB214-02 5 mm imitation
leather ribbon
hazel-brown laces skein 8 metres 5,60 EUR
flat ribbon Ref. No. 02 hazel-brown, do-it-yourself jewellery bijoux laces and ribbons -02
hazel-brown laces skein

Rayher leather flat ribbon
3 mm bijoux suede laces
2,5 metres
RH83-000 + color 2,20 EUR
jewellery bijoux Rayher suede laces and flat-ribbon, do-it-yourself leather ribbons and laces -16 pink

-07 turquoise flat ribbon

-03 natural
Rayher leather laces, do-it-yourself flat ribbons and laces for jewellery bijoux -01
black-color laces

-30 flat ribbon in yellow

-11 pistachio flat ribbon

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