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on-line sales for crimps, crimps beads finding, jewellery components and accessories for do-it-yourself jewels clasp

Nickel free jewellery findings
Crimps & crimp beads finding
for do-it-yourself jewels clasp - 2

hobby bijoux beads other clasp findings ...

squeeze beads, crimps, pinch beads findings

copper color for do-it-yourself beads jewels Copper color crimps

spheres-crimps findings, copper accessories

how to make do-it-yourself jewels Crimps or squeeze fittings?

To you the choice! The difference consists in the shape of findings:

  • the crimp bead and sphere-crimps for nylon and steel-lead have the characteristic rounded shape of a rocaille,
  • the crimp looks as a small metal rondelle..

They are both used for fastening a clasp or fixing a bead on thread.

Once they have been pressed, they'll become small metallic rectangles: crimp beads and sphere-crimps may be also metal spacer between jewel beads and -rocailles.

Crimps: nylon-coated wire & nylon!

do-it-yourself jewels with colored wires for beads jewellery bijoux to be closed with crimps

bijoux making, jewellery finding, wires technique

Crimps and crimp beads are fastening findings of nylon-coated steel wire, Nicole prefers sphere-crimps for nylon-thread fastening.

New stars in the creative firmament

Unpublished crimps for organza ribbons, laces, waxed-cotton cords and leather thongs ...

J234908-1 kit includes platinum terminals per 4,5 mm in length and metal rondelles, strong and reliable, per 7 mm in diameter.

To complete the jewel clasp hook the trigger or other hook-finding onto the rondelle of a jewel side by a ring, and then the clasp can be laced onto the terminal rondelle of the opposite jewel side.

Not only decorative function: the metallic tube Ref. No. MN7271-0 is a tubular crimp, per 6 mm in length, that can be also pressed onto a 0,25 mm nylon thread!

  • With reference to the onyx and amethyst earring of the deco idea, the fringes, to be joined in a 5-holed spacer bar, have been really fastened by rectangular crimps ..

do-it-yourself jewels clasp-tools, pliers for finding, crimps, crimps beads and metallic beads clasp

Which are necessary pliers for clasp finding ... crimps and crimp beads?

By flat-nosed pliers crimps and crimp beads can be pressed for nylon-coated steel-wires clasp. If they are located inside the weaving with few space for bijoux clasp you need bent-nosed pliers

hobby beads, tools for jewellery bijoux making

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3 mm spheres-crimps for
nylon, wire, chains
J1660-622 gold-plated 6 grammes*
4,00 EUR
J1660-611 platinum
spheres-crimps finding to be used for crimp beads for do-it-yourself jewels clasp
hole 1,7 mm (* about 100 crimps)
clasp finding for cobra chains, elastic band, nylon coated wires of do-it-yourself jewels - 3 mm platinum crimps beads
3 mm crimp for do-it-yourself clasp of
cobra metal chain for jewellery

2,5 mm spheres-crimps for
nylon, wire, elastic band
3 grammes*
J1660-551 platinum 3,25 EUR
crimps and crimps beads in platinum-color metal for do-it-yourself jewellery jewels clasp
hole 1,4 mm (* about 100 crimps)

Ø 2 mm spheres-crimps for nylon thread - wire BOX PRICE
5 grammes*
J3146-111 platinum 4,50 EUR
J3146-222 gold-plated
platinum crimps, gold-plated crimp beads for jewels clasp with nylon, nylon-coated steel wires
hole = 1,3 mm (* about 200 crimps)

Crimp + rondelle kit for ribbons, cords - platinum BOX PRICE
J234908-1 Ø 5 mm
hole = 4
10 kit
2,40 EUR
clasp kit for do-it-yourself jewels with ribbons and laces

Platinum tubular crimps for nylon threads and -wires BOX PRICE
5 grammes*
MN7271-0 Ø 1,8 mm 3,90 EUR
tubular crimps - finding for do-it-yourself jewels clasp *(not less
than 110 crimps)

how to use finding - examples of jewel fastening by crimps and crimp beads
jewel fastening by crimps ...

Crimp beads gold-plated BOX PRICE
MH8401-011 Ø 1,8 mm 100 beads
2,00 EUR
gold-color finding, crimps and crimps beads - Quetschperlen marianne hobby
Platinum crimp-beads 100 beads
MH8401-021 Ø 1,8 mm 2,00 EUR
platinum-color finding, clasp beads for do-it-youself jewels marianne hobby

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