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do-it-yourself bonbonnieres, Baptism confetti, First Communion and births accessories, ribbons, tulles, sugared almonds holder bags

Do-it-yourself confetti bomboniere
birth, Baptism, First Communion accessories

First Communion accessories, do-it-yourself confetti bonbonnieres cards other items for do-it-yourself birth favours, First Communion confetti, baby favors

- do-it-yourself ideas, Communion confetti cakes
- sugared almonds holder boxes, favours cases
- birthday bonbonnieres kits, accessories, cards

items on-line sale pack includes as follow
BB5076 BB5076K

1 resin Angel or 12 Angels for babies bomboniere being 3,8-4 cm in height and 2,3 cm in width, inclusive of key ring (ring + chain = 5 cm)

boxes are assorted in style (angels with stars or hearts) and colors (turquoise, avocado, honey, cream) among the statuettes of the photo

BB5083 BB5083K 1 or 6 angel photo frame (11 x 13 cm), foto space is 4,8 x 7,4 cm. Packs are assorted between the 4 models of photo frame
QM810 QM810K 1 or 12 key ring assorted in 6 models of bees as in the photo (key ring with chain = 5 cm, charm = 4 cm)
QM810-KIT1 QM810-KIT2

26,60 EUR is the price of 12 Baby Sweet key ring for babies (assorted bee key ring), 3 metres of iridescent white confetti-holder ribbon, 12 cream-white thin cardboard shopping-bag-shaped boxes, 12 metres of Organdis 6 mm ribbon in the selected color (girl wrapping = pink, boy wrapping = azure color)

In the parcel you will find 1 EXAMPLE built with the above-mentioned items (whatever is the number of kit that you purchase)

Sugared almonds are NOT INCLUDED in the kit

B567-53 kit = 10 bags made of birth-azure color jute inclusive of cord for favour bag fastening
B567-43 kit = 10 bags made of birth-pink color jute inclusive of cord for favour bag fastening

DIY baby favors .... other color for do-it-yourself sugared-almonds holder jute bags
- do-it-yourself bomboniere ivory jute bags, boxes
- do-it-yourself confetti items box, red-color bags
- First Communion sugared almonds, jute bags

Do-it-yourself accessories for confetti decorations (Christening party favors and baby souvenirs)
- flowers for Baptisms and Communions confetti
- jute flowers, ribbons, accessories for confetti
- ladybird beads, do-it-yourself decorations ideas
- do-it-yourself fruit bomboniere confetti making

items on-line sale pack includes as follow
M3916-44 M3916-44K 1 Angel or 12 Angels for babies bomboniere, boxes are assorted among the statuettes of the photo
FA444 bouquet with 12 pink puppets for do-it-yourself bomboniere - Ø 2 cm about - inclusive of metal support
FA443 bunch with 12 azure puppets for do-it-yourself bomboniere - Ø 2 cm about - inclusive of metal support
FP404-03 FP404-04 10 square tulle in organza with scalloped edge and pull up ribbon for quick and easy do-it-yourself Baptism confetti, First Communion bomboniere accessories



50 organza circles - petal-edge round tulles for do-it-yourself birth bomboniere, First Communion confetti
FA621 FA621K bouquet with 12 or 144 paper flowers - flower Ø = about 1,4 cm - confetti flowers are inclusive of metal support per 8-10 cm being covered by green florist ribbon and suitable for decorations of jewellery packs, Baptism bomboniere accessories, First Communion sugared almonds holder
bouquet with 12 roses - Ø 3,2- 2,6 cm - made of jute and organza, confetti roses are inclusive of metallic support
BM53356 BM53356K BM53358 BM53358K

bouquet with 48 or 144 twigs of ringlets per 3 cm about + metal support

embellishments suggested for First Communion confetti, do-it-yourself birth bomboniere

baby-turquoise color for Baptism and First Communion bomboniere
confetti accessories
confetti charms
cords and charms for Christening favors and baby party gifts
azure-color bomboniere, First Communion and Baptism confetti

Complements and accessories - do-it-yourself confetti examples for First Communion favors and Baptism bomboniere

Bombonera playa encantada & Confites a la playa celeste are bomboniere ideas with tulles in baby-pink and azure confetti circles for babies, beads and bomboniera accessories, jute-organza little flowers, net ribbon bows for First Communion sugared almonds

Communion, Baptism, birth confetti ornaments

girls and boys birth confetti, First Communion flowers and charms, Baptism bomboniere accessories

do-it-yourself confetti First Communion card First Communion cards

confetti kits for Baptisms, births, Communions

bag brooches, do-it-yourself accessories for Baptism confetti, birth bomboniere, First Communion almonds

on-line sale sugared almonds organza bags

waxed-cotton cords for bomboniere, jewellery

on-line sale cords for bonbonnieres and bijoux

satin & organza ribbons, do-it-yourself confetti

nastri raso bomboniere nastrini confetti fai da te

babies confetti charms, boy
do-it-yourself birth confetti boxes and ribbons
babies confetti charms, girl

Angelitos are angel ornaments for birth, Baptism, First Communion

- do-it-yourself beaded angel making
- do-it-yourself ideas, accessories for angels
- project of Baptism, First Communion angels
- First Communion confetti beaded angels

online sale shop Tiger Bazar on-line sale shop

Bomboniere Smiled Angels - colored key ring BOX PRICE
BB5076 1 angel key ring 1,20 EUR
BB5076K 12 angel key ring 13,10 EUR
Communion confetti, cheap Baptism bomboniere key ring: do-it-yourself angels

Ivory color photo frame with Smiled angels BOX PRICE
BB5083 1 photo frame 4,95 EUR
BB5083K 6 photo frame 27,30 EUR
4 style angel photo frame for do-it-yourself Communion confetti, birth bomboniere

Baby Sweet assortment of 9 cm key ring BOX PRICE
QM810 1 bee key ring 1,55 EUR
QM810K 12 bee key ring 16,90 EUR
QM810-KIT1 1 kit for 12 key ring and girl wrapping 26,60 EUR
QM810-KIT2 1 kit for 12 key ring and boy wrapping 26,60 EUR
bee key ring for do-it-yourself Baptism confetti, baby birth bomboniere
birth bomboniere key ring with bees

Do-it-yourself confetti jute bags 5 x 6,5-7 cm BOX PRICE
B567-53 azure color zainetto 10 bags
6,85 EUR
jute bags for First Communion sugared almonds, do-it-yourself birth bomboniere with Baptism confetti accessories
Communion confetti do-it-yourself example

Do-it-yourself confetti jute bags 5 x 6,5-7 cm BOX PRICE
B567-43 pink color 10 bags
6,85 EUR
jute for do-it-yourself Baptism bomboniere, birth sugared almonds holder, First Communion confetti
Baptism & Communion bomboniere, ideas

5 cm Angels for bomboniere, Angelitos in a sitting position BOX PRICE
M3916-44 1
1,85 EUR
M3916-44K 12
20,20 EUR
accessories, do-it-yourself confetti angels for First Communion bomboniere, birth and Baptism sugared almonds

Smiling puppet bomboniere accessories BOX PRICE
FA444 12 pink puppets 1,90 EUR
Communions do-it-yourself confetti, accessories in pink for girls, Baptism and birth handmade bomboniere
do-it-yourself examples Baptism confetti

Puppet Bomboniere accessories BOX PRICE
FA443 12 sky blue puppets 1,90 EUR
do-it-yourself confetti bomboniere for Baptism, First Communion, birth accessories, flowers in azure for babies

22 cm drawstring confetti holder quick-easy tulle BOX PRICE
FP404-03 10 pink square tulle 4,00 EUR
FP404-04 10 azure square tulle 4,00 EUR
do-it-yourself confetti: birth bomboniere, Baptism sugared almonds, First Communion favours with edged tulles
other ideas for do-it-yourself tulles making
organza tulle, sugared almonds holder

Petal-edge organza round confetti tulles .:. Ø 23 cm BOX PRICE
A522 50 pink tulle circles 3,05 EUR
A521 50 azure tulle circles 3,05 EUR
do-it-yourself confetti accessories, pompon tulles for birth bomboniere, Baptism sugared almonds, First Communion bomboniere
handmade bomboniere ideas with tulles
do-it-yourself bomboniere, degree tulle

Flowers & accessories bouquet with paper roses BOX PRICE
FA621 12 blue roses 0,70 EUR
FA621K 144 blue roses 7,30 EUR
blue flowers accessories, do-it-yourself bomboniere making for births, Baptism, First Communion

Jute-organza flowers BOX PRICE
FA452 12 flowers pink roses 1,70 EUR
FA461 12 flowers azure roses 1,20 EUR
pink and blue do-it-yourself accessories of confetti bomboniere for Baptism, First Communion, babies birth

Confetti accessories BOX PRICE
BM53356 48 azure twigs 2,15 EUR
BM53356K 144 azure twigs 5,80 EUR
BM53358 48 pink
2,15 EUR
BM53358K 144 pink twigs 5,80 EUR
do-it-yourself confetti accessories for birth, Baptism, First Communion sugared almonds, beaded bomboniere

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how to make bricolage bomboniere, do-it-yourself confetti and beads making Bricolage do-it-yourself bomboniere ...
cotton cord accessories for do-it-yourself Baptism confetti, First Communion and birth bomboniere
Baptism bomboniere accessories for do-it-yourself confetti, cords and ribbons for First Communion sugared almonds

Birth, Baptism and First Communion, are the baby events to celebrate with confetti, beads and smiling complements with metal support for sugared almonds: accessories made of smiling flowers and jute-organza roses are suitable not only for favors and bomboniere making but also for bijoux jewels in children fashion show