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leaves for sugared almonds, gift packaging, gift-idea jewels, favours boxes accessories

packaging for florist

Beaded bonbonnieres: Beaded flowers & sunflowers - patterns and instructions, shopping list ... beaded sunflower making as decoration for bonbonnières pouches

beaded sunflowers


how to make favours with charms, jute bags and bonbonnieres pouches packaging


Decoration items of colored jute bags - bouclè pouches are ornament ideas made by Tiger Bazar store with accessories for bonbonnieres (ribbons, beads, tulles ...) being all available for on-line sales in Tiger Bazar shop catalogue on the web

necklace glass beads         tulle and glass beads

fruit for confetti bags

degree favour pouches

Bags kit for almonds

jute bonbonnieres boxes

do-it-yourself jute bags

boxes for bomboniere

bouquet for favours, do-it-yourself making with sugared almonds bonbonnierès items, dragées

on-line bonbonnières tulle

Tiger Bazar shop catalogue, on-line sales for sugared almonds holder bags, bonbonnieres accessories, wedding pouches for bridal favours

On-line sales of jute favour bags for sugared almonds, gift-and-jewellery jute pouches, decorated pouch with flowers, lily of the valley

ribbons for sugared almonds with jewellery bijoux material jute bonbonnieres bags: more and more ...

jute bomboniere bags, sugared-almonds holder

decoration for do-it-yourself favours, jute bags

do-it-yourself sugared-almonds holder jute ribbon

bonbonnieres item code
packing includes as follows ...

BG303-02 BG303-02K BG303-20 BG303-20K


1,20 € = cost of 1 basket-shaped bag inclusive of decoration (tulle and bead butterfly pin), fastening with organza tulle and ribbon such as in the photo

26,40 € = cost of 25 basket bags (cheaper pack) with the above mentioned specifications

Basket bag is about 6 cm wide (4,5 cm at the bottom), it is 5 cm in height in basket section + 5 cm in organza fastening section

1 or 12 country bags with organza edge, the fastening cord is included

1 bag for bomboniere made of jute country cloth

inclusive of cord for bag fastening


10 bags for bomboniere made of jute country cloth

inclusive of cords for bags fastening

DR53992 DR53995

per 5,5 cm

10 decorated clips with flowers, leaves, berries

ready for use suitable for boxes decorations, jute favour bags and bonbonnières pouches for sugared almonds

MH351-151 wooden flat decorations for bridal ornaments, do-it-yourself invitation cards, wedding gifts packaging, each pack includes 3 x married couples of bears ... what's about sizes? 20 mm in width and 35 - 42 mm in height

12 wooden clips per 4,5 cm
24 white resin flowers per 1,5 cm

The glue is not included in kit

suitable for bonbonnieres box ornaments, jute favour pouches for sugared almonds


10 butterflies in assorted color (about 3 cm)
10 wooden clips per 4,5 cm

The glue is not included in kit

How to make do-it-yourself decorated clips with wedding bears, flowers and fruit ...

wooden clips, do-it-yourself favour place-cards

ornaments, little animals sales for bomboniere




1 jute bag in cream white color


12 cream white color jute bags + 36 resin flowers + 1 raffia hank

BM2002 6 rope hats decorated with satin ribbons per 3 mm
BM0079 6 raffia cloth pouches with ribbons for bag decoration and fastening
BM5035-08 10 favour bags for sugared almonds and jute bombonnieres

Jute for favours ...

jute sugared-almonds-holder bag is the ideal bonbonniere for country wedding ceremony (packaging example), pack with natural-raffia and embellish with decorated wooden clip, being new-and-easy-to-use favour ornament as decoration for sugared almonds holder, bonbonniere boxes

berries, fruits for jute favours, sugared almonds bags and pouches, raffia ornaments for bonbonnières

Do-it-yourself bonbonnieres, favour bags & Co.

Was a baby born?

Are there festivities next as Baptism, First Communion or Confirmation?

favour sugared almonds   boxes for sugared almonds and bonbonnières, ornaments with berries, fruit, jute favour pouches

Hobby ideas ...

Invitation for festivity with do-it-yourself card + jute bag trimmed with beaded flowers and heart shaped murrine pendant

Trendy look for bouclè bonbonnieres bag with

1 x round tulle circle

+ 1 x lace-tulle-circle on the bag inside ...

online sales shop Tiger Bazar on-line sales bomboniere shop

Wedding kit bomboniere 6 x 10 cm Basket bags BOX PRICE
BG303-02 1 bag cream white 1,20 EUR
BG303-02K 25 bags cream white 26,40 EUR
BG303-20 1 bag violet - lilac 1,20 EUR
BG303-20K 25 bags violet - lilac 26,40 EUR
on-line sales for effect jute bags, shop catalogue of pouches for white cream bomboniere
do-it-yourself idea cream white color
on-line sales for violet lilac effect jute bags, sugared almonds flowers ornaments, Italian bonbonnieres pouches for confetti
violet & lilac color  other jute bags

7 x 9 cm jute and raffia bags for confetti and rice BOX PRICE
FA420 1 country color jute bag 1,00 EUR
FA420K 12 country color jute bags 10,90 EUR
cheap and original wedding confetti bags, do-it-yourself example with bee and cards

Margarita 10 x 14 cm
- jute bomboniere bags
BM44693 1 jute bag turquoise 1,10 EUR
BM44693K 10 jute bags turquoise 10,00 EUR
confetti sale catalogue, jute bomboniere bags in country cloth, do-it-yourself example of favours pouches shop
do-it-yourself example turquoise jute

Decorated wooden clips BOX PRICE
DR53992 10 clips with white flowers 4,15 EUR
DR53995 10 clips with red color flowers 4,15 EUR
do-it-yourself bags for sugared almonds with flowers bunches, fruit-decorations wooden clips for wedding favours on-line sales
Wooden wedding bears
35 - 42 mm
MH351-151 6 decorations 1,30 EUR

Kit for do-it-yourself card-holder with flowers BOX PRICE
KIT3200-1 1 kit for 12 clips with flowers 2,60 EUR
price of flower decoration clips for cards

Kit for do-it-yourself card-holder with butterfly BOX PRICE
KIT2500-1 1 kit for 10 clips with butterflies 3,90 EUR
butterflies, wooden clips, materials to glue for bonbonnieres

10 x 14 cm fringed cloth pouches BOX PRICE
BB9077 1 jute bag 1,50 EUR
KIT9077 1 kit for 12 jute bags with flowers and raffia 23,00 EUR
bags and pouches on-line sales shop for sugared almonds, cloth bonbonnieres pouch kit with raffia, flowers
jute bonbonnieres bags for almonds idea

Rope and ribbon hats
5,5 cm diameter
BM2002 6 rope hats 2,90 EUR
ornaments for favours and sugared almonds bags: how to decorate rope hats for do-it-yourself pouches for sugared almonds

Raffia cloth pouches
7 x 12 cm
BM0079 6 favour bags 8,50 EUR
sugared-almonds wedding bags on-line sale, raffia cloth pouches with ribbons for ornaments and favour bag fastening

Bouclè bonbonnieres bag 11 x 16 cm strawberry red BOX PRICE
BM5035-08 10 favour bags 12,50 EUR
on-line sales shop: bonbonnieres bags for sugared almonds, jute pouches idea for dragées and bonbonnières
bags for sugared almonds, sunflowers

bomboniere map, sugared almonds bags

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bonbon e bijoux

Les articles pour la decoration de sachets de jute colorés sont idées pour ornements faites par Tiger Bazar marchand des accessoires pour bonbonnieres (rubans, perles, tulles ...) qui sont tout disponible pour les ventes en ligne dans Tiger Bazar - Les sachets de juta pour dragées peuvent être décorés avec tournesols, fleurs de perles et bricolage bijoux aussi pour réaliser bonbonnières de naissance, Baptême, Communion, mariage avec accessoires, boîtes, tulle, rubans et fleurs pour confectionner confiseries et bonbons. Visitez Tiger Bazar catalogue de vente en ligne spécialisée dans la vente sur internet de matériels pour faire soi-même bonbonnières de dragées

schéma du tournesol de perles pour faire soi-même bonbonnières confectionner dragées avec des sachets juta
jute matériel pour faire soi-même bonbonnières, décorations biedermeier et perles