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paper flower for organza favour bags Tiger Bazar on-line sale shop
e-commerce of organza bags and sugared-almond holder pouches

how to on-line purchase

transport & payment

news in bonbonniéres catalogue For do-it-yourself bonbonnières with small ornaments (key ring, flower bouquet) ... trendy look of voile and organza bags placed in basket-shaped favour boxes

bridal almonds packagings, boxes for organza favours, bonbonnieres bags

boxes for bonbonnières

Michelle satin and organza bags have soft nuances in trendy organdi favour color palette ...

Organza bonbonnières & do-it-yourself idea - Tiger Bazar sugared almond holder pouches for Corinne's degree party
organza degree bags

The colors of organza pouches and bags have been renewed, nowadays bonbonnieres innovative nuances as kiwi color are blooming with satin and paper favour roses

roses for organza bags

Avoha diary, beaded accessories, handmade jewellery, favours in organza

Together with organza sugared-almond-holder pouches, degree favours are embellished by
bonbonnières diary

The degree party table looks very well indeed thanks to unconventional details ... natural jute favour ribbon and mascot place-card

jute ribbon for almonds

organza favour do-it-yourself decorations, bead kit for jewels making

ladybird decorations

on-line sale catalogue for organza bags, sugared-almond-holder accessories, bonbonnieres pouches, do-it-yourself favour complements

On-line sale for do-it-yourself bonbonnières organza bags, prêt-à-porter satin favour bag, organza sugared-almond-holder pouches

item code
of bags
the on-line sale pack of satin and organza bags include as follow:



1 or 10 embroidered cloth bags with organza ornament and satin ribbon for pouch fastening

Fleuri bag price
the on-line sale pack of satin and organza bags include as follow:
1,45 EUR 1 Fleuri bag with plissé organza and shining satin
13,00 EUR 10 Fleuri bags
21,00 EUR 1 kit for the wrapping of 10 Fleuri bags in the selected color inclusive of flowers and ribbons. In the kit there are 10 Fleuri bags in the selected color, 10 roses in white organza with 2 leaves, 5 metres of white organza ribbons

Do-it-yourself organza favour decorations with ...

ribbons - do-it-yourself organza almond holder

beaded flower for almond-holder, bijoux bags

on-line sale organza bags for gifts and almonds

organza bags for Baptisms and births almonds

roses for do-it-yourself organza almond holder

organza favours, tulle and heart-shaped bags

bonbonnieres decorations, wedding favour bags

Tiger Bazar on-line sale shop suggests inserting round tulle circle in satin and organza bags for sugared almonds and favour making

Where are favour cards placed of invitations for bridal parties, eighteenth and First birthday, Baptism and Christening, wedding anniversaries?

  • Inside the satin and organza bags between the bag and the sugared-almond-holder tulle,
  • outside the organza pouches easy making with 0,30-mm-gold-wires

do-it-yourself organza bags for sugared almonds

item code
of bags
the on-line sale pack of satin and organza bags include as follow:
FP401-16 FP401-16K 1 or 10 snow white color satin bags with silver color ribbon tie for bag fastening, wedding ring decorated
BG560 BG560K KIT560

1,30 EUR is the price for 1 white satin bag, it's covered by star-embroidered tulle and inclusive of ribbon tie for bag fastening

57,20 EUR is the price for 50 bags (cheaper pack)

22,90 EUR is the price for 1 kit with 10 Florence bags and decorations. In the kit you find 10 white bags, 3 bouquet of gold color leaves, 1 fruit bunch, 5 metres of honey-color organza ribbon, 10 fish charms, 10 wedding bomboniere cards.

Tiger Bazar on-line sale shop do-it-yourself idea ... organza bags with fruit and charms bouquets are quick-and-easy favour packagings:

self-adhesive paper ribbon kit for bomboniere

fruit for do-it-yourself sugared-almond holder

bead sale for charms, pendants and favour bags

gold leaves for almond holder bonbonnières

item code
of bags
the on-line sale pack of satin and organza bags include as follow:

1 x pouch complete with the satin ribbons of the introducing photo

online shop do-it-yourself example: organza bag

item code
of bags
the on-line sale pack of satin and organza bags include as follow:
FP414-22 FP414-22K FP414-16 FP414-16K 1 or 10 bomboniere bags according to the selected item code (ribbon for bag fastening included)
BM171-01 1 x embroidered organza pouch

Tiger Bazar on-line shop suggests inserting inside the embroidered organza pouches 2 x tulle circles for special-effect sugared-almond-holder making

on-line sale Tiger Bazar online sale shop catalogue


7,5 x 12,5 cm Étoile organza cloth satin bag BOX PRICE
F70-121 1 cream white color bag 1,05 EUR
F70-121K 10 cream white color bags 9,50 EUR
embroidered bags with daisy ornaments, confetti, petals and lavender holder

6-10 x 10 cm Fleuri satin and organza bags BOX PRICE
FI8022-139 1 kiwi green bag 1,45 EUR
FI8022-139K 10 kiwi green bags 13,00 EUR
FI8022-139M 1 kit for 10 kiwi green bags with flowers ribbons 21,00 EUR
on-line shop pouches and bags, organza sugared-almond-holder bonbonnieres, beaded satin-and-organza bag e-commerce
-139 kiwi green bag

6-10 x 10 cm Fleuri satin and organza bags BOX PRICE
FI8022-013 1 white bag 1,45 EUR
FI8022-013K 10 white bags 13,00 EUR
FI8022-013M 1 kit for 10 white bags with flowers ribbons 21,00 EUR
e-commerce shop bags and pouches, where purchase satin and organza sugared-almond-holder, gift and favour bag
-013 white color bag

6-10 x 10 cm Fleuri satin and organza bags BOX PRICE
FI8022-068 1 burgundy bag 1,45 EUR
FI8022-068K 10 burgundy bags 13,00 EUR
FI8022-068M 1 kit for 10 burgundy bags with flowers ribbons 21,00 EUR
reddish-purple bags with organza flower and ribbons
-068 reddish-purple burgundy bag

Snow white 6,5 x 12 cm satin bags with wedding rings BOX PRICE
FP401-16 1 white bag with wedding rings 0,75 EUR
FP401-16K 10 white bags with wedding rings 6,60 EUR
exclusive white heart-shaped color do-it-yourself bomboniere bags, lavender and confetti holder
cheap bomboniere bags, 0,66 € is bag price

8 x 13 cm Florence satin and star tulle bags BOX PRICE
BG560 1 white satin bag 1,30 EUR
BG560K 50 white satin bags 57,20 EUR
KIT560 1 kit for 10 white satin bags with decorations 22,90 EUR
tulle organza favour bags and pouches, to buy wedding sugared-almond-holder for do-it-yourself satin and organza bag

Michelle bonbon bag BOX PRICE
+ color
1 bag
11 x 13 cm
1,92 EUR
Michelle sugared-almond-holder bag, organza favour pouches, do-it-yourself bonbonnieres bags in organza and satin
bag idea + roses and flowers

9 x 11 cm confetti holder Marita bonbon bag BOX PRICE
FP414-22 1 lilac bag 0,40 EUR
FP414-22K 10 lilac bags 3,30 EUR
FP414-16 1 cream white bag 0,40 EUR
FP414-16K 10 cream white bags 3,30 EUR
lilac and cream white Marita bags, beaded bouquet, organza bags ideas for sugared-almond-holder bonbonnieres
organza bags, beaded flower bouquet
supply for pouches in organza, satin ribbons

10,5 x 13,5 cm Linda bonbon bag BOX PRICE
BM171-01 1 white bag 1,30 EUR
Linda embroidered organza bags and beaded flowers, bonbonnieres and favour pouches, sugared almond holder bag in organza
leaves - sugared almond holder making

organza bomboniere - Italian confetti

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