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Tiger Bazar online catalogue of Christening favours accessories, Baptism bonbonnieres, First Communion sugared almond holder for on-line sale

Sugared almond holder on-line sale 1st birthday favours, Baptism and Christening memories, First Communion bonbonnieres

confetti for babies, Baptism and First Communion sugared almond holder bonbonnieres, birthday gifts with ribbons and cords

+ details for the making of Pink bonbon, Happy bonbon, Swarovski bonbon, Lily bonbon ...

ideas for do-it-yourself Baptism bomboniera

baby and children's items
on-line sale favours pack includes as follows ...



1 x 4 cm resin ornament for babies, in the color selected by you (baby azure or baby pink), with metal support



12 x 4 cm resin ornaments for babies - inclusive of modelling wire support - in the color selected by you (baby azure or baby pink)
BB7202 4 chick-shaped baby gifts for boy - resin souvenirs assorted in azure color just as photographic introduction - suitable for first birthday party, favours and children's celebrations
BB7203 4 chick-shaped baby gifts for girl - resin souvenirs assorted in pink just as photographic introduction - suitable for first birthday party, favours and children's celebrations

For quick and easy Baptism favors and First Communion bonbonnieres making glue baby gifts ornaments onto sugared almond holder cakes or other cardboard boxes

Christening, First Communion favours cakes

and why not pack gifts into 8 cm heart-shaped boxes

Baptism, Communion box, place card holder

baby and children's items
on-line sale bonbonnieres pack includes as follows ...



2 photo frames of resin .:. space for the photo = 3,5-4 x 6 cm .:. dimensions in maximum extension points = 7 x 8,5 cm

Tiger Bazar suggests for new models of Baptism party souvenirs, Christening favors and First Communion bonbonnieres in the middle between surprise effect of cardboard box and protagonist look of transparent box: the shopping-bag-shaped box is quick and easy making ... decoration with rafia bows and daisies

bonbonnieres cases, do-it-yourself almond boxes

paper ribbons, Baptisms, Communions flowers

flowers for First Communion, Baptism favours

Baby cards for 1st birthday, Baptism and Christening favors ...

Select your favourite model and color, noting down in your purchase order, item code CARDS + selected Ref. No. listed next to each card

Sugared almond holder making with mesh tulle bags Gisèle

Crochet effect for Gisèle sugared almond favours bags

lily beaded flowers, sugared almond holder bags

  • Big sizes of Gisele bags for every kind of filling: from sugared almonds to dragées, and why not 1st birthday candles, soaps
  • Vichy ribbon, round-favours-tulle placed in the bags are accessories not included in Gisele pack in which you find sugared almond holder bags

Bonbonnieres & Baby Malibù net ribbons

Baby favours ribbon is available in 2 different sizes, for easy making of sugared almond holder bows

Baptism party and Christening do-it-yourself favours ...

beaded lilies twig is the trimming idea for Gisèle, sugared almond holder bags for bonbons, sweets, dragées ...

The refined beaded flowers might be Baptism party favors or souvenirs together with children's memories and newborn gifts as a photo frame or ...

Gisèle bags look in different ways just with reference to tulle circle number inserted into the bags

The exception which proves the rule ...Nicole usually matches luster beads with silver lining beads for baby bonbonnieres making

In lilies twig pearled-glass luster beads (azure, yellow, white) have been matched to green exclusive conterie rocailles beads

chicks, do-it-yourself accessories for sugared almond holder and bags
other kits, ornaments, accessories for do-it-yourself favours of children's celebrations and baby parties

almond accessories: Baptism, First Communion

do-it-yourself Italian favours: births, Christenings

Other decorations for on-line sale ...

Italian bomboniere, Battesimo Comunione

baby and children's items
on-line sale bonbonnieres pack includes as follows ...
+ color
1 x cloth box .:. inside there's a sugared almond holder onto place sugared almonds and dragées with or without favours tulle

Tiger Bazar idea for sugared almond wrapping ... decorations with 2-hole findings-for-brooches for cloth boxes trimming with murrine-star-charms

charm star star charms  star pendant  do-it-yourself star murrine star

Brooch metal bar is decorated with marbled-beads or beaded weaving

Kitty & Leo things for baby bomboniere BOX PRICE
FA446 1 Kitty pink baby 0,50 EUR
FA446K 12 Kitty pink babies 5,00 EUR
FA445 1 Leo azure baby 0,50 EUR
FA445K 12 Leo azure babies 5,00 EUR
first birthday baby puppets for babies, do-it-yourself Baptism bomboniere, ribbon idea with heart

3 cm chick assortment BOX PRICE
BB7202 4 azure babies 4,80 EUR
BB7203 4 pink
4,80 EUR
on-line sale baby gifts for do-it-yourself sugared-almond-holder cakes, Baptism favours, Communion and Christening bonbonnieres
BB7202 azure BB7203 pink

Baby photo frame- azure chick for boy favours BOX PRICE
BB7206 2 frames 6,00 EUR
on-line sale baby sugared almond holder, Christening and Baptism memories, First Communion favours, do-it-yourself babies bonbonnieres
Baptism, Communion almond favours

Baby photo frame - pink chick for girl favours BOX PRICE
BB7207 2 frames 6,00 EUR
photo frame for Baptism bonbonnieres, ornaments of Christening and First Communion sugared almond holder and favours
Baptism, Communion favours ornaments

Birthday and Baptism cards for sugared almonds BOX PRICE
+ color
20 cards
2,5 x 9 cm
1,75 EUR
+ color
100 cards
2,5 x 9 cm
7,20 EUR
catalogue for Baptism card buying, baby cradle, teddy cards for babies
604 girl cradle 632 azure teddy
603 boy cradle 633 pink teddy   
newborn baby cards for 1st birthday favours, Christening and Baptism bonbonnieres card for sugared almond holder
636 boy cards  611 azure elephant
637 girl cards  610 pink elephant   

Baby Malibù net ribbon BOX PRICE
+ color
5 cm x 25 metres 1 reel
7,10 EUR
+ color
20 cm x 25 metres 1 reel
23,70 EUR
net ribbons for sugared almond holder and birth decoration, example of do-it-yourself ribbon lily
-2 birth pink -1 birth azure

10 mm x 20 metres Malibù net ribbon BOX PRICE
F380-10593 1 azure ribbon reel 6,50 EUR
F380-1020 1 pink
ribbon reel
6,50 EUR
on-line sale ribbons for baby sugared almond holder, Baptism favours, Christening, First birthday and Communion bonbonnieres

Sugared almond holder Gisèle net tulle - 9 x 16 cm BOX PRICE
BM4043-2 1 pink pouch 0,98 EUR
sugared almond holder net bags for 1st birthday gifts, Baptism favours, Christening bonbonnieres, First Communion souvenirs

0,6 cm Vichy baby ribbon BOX PRICE
+ color
10 metres 2,05 EUR
children's ribbons for baby favours, Baptism bonbonnieres sugared almond holder, First Communion celebrations, party bags
-1 azure -2 pink
1,5 cm Vichy baby ribbon BOX PRICE
+ color
5 metres 2,05 EUR

Sugared almond holder cloth box with tie cord BOX PRICE
+ color
1 box
5 x 7,5 cm
1,90 EUR
sugared almond holder cloth boxes for on-line sale Baptism bonbonnieres, First Communion memories and Christening favours
-1 azure -2 pink

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