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Suggestions for do-it-yourself favours?!

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the catalogue of sugared almonds holder, favours - Italian bomboniere, favors doilies, flowers, ribbons and cords, do-it-yourself accessories

Italian bomboniere - wedding favours tulles - square-shaped sugared almonds holder


Square lace tulles in ivory with leaf edge
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
FA610 1 ivory color tulle 0,90 EUR
FA610K 25 ivory color tulles 20,05 EUR
  • organza lace tulle sizes are 23 x 23 cm, leaf style for the embroidery of the lace

on-line-sale-by-the-meter ivory color lace ribbon
lace ribbon in ivory color

white lace ribbon with cords for favours, do-it-yourself beaded-cherry idea Italian bomboniere
lace ribbon in white color


Lace ribbon with drawstring for candy-shaped sugared almond holder
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BB084-40 2 metres
ivory lace
3,50 EUR
BB084K-40 25 metres
ivory lace
41,32 EUR
BB084-38 2 metres
white lace
3,50 EUR
BB084K-38 25 metres
white lace
41,32 EUR
  • 13 cm is the ribbon height
  • 2 cords are inserted in lace ribbon
  • It is quick and easy the sugared almond holder making in the shape of candy

sugared almond holder macrame and satin cushions for favours and Italian bomboniere

Tiger Bazar suggestion is to wrap confetti with tulle before inserting them in cushion pocket


Sugared-almond holder cushions with macramè effect bouquet
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BB182-40 1 cushion
with flowers
3,45 EUR
BB182K-40 12 cushions
with flowers
37,20 EUR
  • Cushion size is about 10 x 10 cm
  • satin cushion is ivory colored
  • the flower branch is glued on the cushion
  • in the cushion pocket there is adhesive ribbon to glue onto the cloth.
  • Tulle, confetti and cloth glue are not included in the box
square-shaped bomboniera tulle catalogue, sugared almond holder in satin and macrame lace  
23 cm square macramè-edge tulle
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BB308-40 1 square tulle ivory color 1,95 EUR
BB308K-40 12 square tulle ivory color 21,00 EUR

Italian bomboniere shop, round sugared almond holder tulles in cloth with lace edge

Italian bomboniere idea for tulles making with macramè sugared almond holder

23,5 cm round macramè-edge tulle
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BB6075-40 1 tulle in ivory color 3,90 EUR
BB6075-035 1 tulle in caramel color 3,90 EUR
  • tulle is made of plissé cloth with leaf-style macramé-lace-edge
Italian bomboniere - favours baskets in beige for sugared almonds holder, macramè tulles with beaded rosaries
crocheted boxes for wedding favours
11 cm diameter Favours baskets for tulles
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BM52181 5 baskets 7,20 EUR
Italian bomboniere - jute accessories: flowers - roses for sugared almonds holder, favours tulles
other favours accessories - jute flowers
Bunch per 12 jute flowers in powder pink
- 1,5 cm flower diameter
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BM273-420 1 bunch 1,30 EUR
Italian bomboniere - beading ideas and beaded rosary - favours cards made of avoha natural paper
wedding announcement cards kits
Natural-paper cards - avoha 4,5 x 2,5 cm
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
BM9326 25 cards white 2,30 EUR
BM9348 25 cards beige 3,80 EUR

Italian version - privacy policy

beads making ideas - beaded rosary Italian bomboniere - favours macramè tulles & accessories for sugared almonds holder with beaded rosaries - New volumes of favours tulles and laces inspire the ideas for macramè sugared almonds holder and thus Italian-style bomboniere making with beaded rosaries. Flower of the flowers in the decorations of sugared almonds holder ... favours tulles are introduced with innovative scenographies and variations in theme of wrappings, they prefer the rigorous style of cords to approach with country look of the other accessories: favours cards made of avoha natural paper and favours jute flowers

How to make rosaries with pearls & beads ... I. make the rosary crown, according to the technique of the project of the bracelet El Sol - The string of the beads at the beginning is S4 bead + metal cup + S6 bead + S4 bead - enter again into S6 bead, in the metal cup and .... Return row - thread again all S4 beads of the inside circle, inserting a rocailles bead between one and other.

II. continue with 5 Mysteries in correspondence of 5 pearly beads

III. hook beaded cross - You might change the beaded sphere with 12 mm rhinestone sphere beads. Rosita cross is the beaded example

avoha favours cards - country style Shopping list with necessary supplies for the making of beaded rosary in green

kits with boxes for sweets and sugared almonds holder ribbons
Tiger Bazar store of Italian favours suggests ...
Italian bomboniere - kits of favors boxes, accessories - decorations for do-it-yourself sugared almonds holder
Italian bomboniere: Onda catalogue of bonbonnieres and accessories - voile doily with sugared almonds holder leaves

Variations on the theme of Italian bomboniere for making special bonbonnieres: how to wrap macramè tulles .... Why not thin-cardboard baskets?! Example with sugared almonds holder ribbons with cord tie - Paper baskets are perfect also for wedding pouches, bridal bags

Click on photos to display kits of bomboniere boxes, favours cases for do-it-yourself sugared almonds and chocolates - Wedding, Baptism, First Communion - The collection of Bonbon thin-cardboard boxes, ideas for wrappings of favours: Grace organza ribbon and natural accessories.
Tobacco-brown Onda collection of bomboniere, ideas and decorations with berries and fruits for bonbonnieres, glass flowers & accessories for jewellery bijoux, Organdis organza ribbon for favours, satin - voile tulles doily for floral bouquet with sugared almonds holder leaves