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Tiger Bazar on-line sales tulle for sugared almonds, do-it-yourself bonbonnieres, packaging tulles for favour sugared-almond-holder

On-line sales bonbonnières tulle for sugared almonds, do-it-yourself sugared-almonds holder packaging tulles
High quality favour tulle

confetti, bomboniere accessories
bonbonnieres flowers, jewellery making
bonbonnieres flowers and ribbons
bonbonnieres making with ribbons and beaded jewels accessories

idea - how to pack tulle for sugared almonds

do-it-yourself bonbonnières tulle, natural paper

High quality bomboniere tulle is ....

tulle circles being perfect for do-it-yourself favours and sugared almonds packaging

  • easier modeling tulle both in simple holder for dragées as in most eccentric sugared almonds holder
  • stronger tulle by ribbon packaging

Click on photos ... for the display of bow packaging with favour tulle for sugared almonds and bonbonnieres accessories

Do-it-yourself packaging examples: bonbonnieres sugared-almonds-holder tulle circle

Round and simple tulles might be used as complements for bags and pouches, accessories for sugared almonds packaging with ribbons

Baptism - First Communion bonbonnières tulle

First Communion bonbonnières, birth tulle kits

shells for beads making, sugared-almonds and jute bonbonnieres ideas, bijoux jewellery material

Ideas for do-it-yourself making with ...

jute flowers, ribbon, sugared-almonds packaging

wedding confetti, Italian bomboniere tulle site map

online shop Tiger Bazar catalogue for on-line sales

On-line buy: the example of filling in order form

For the purchase of a pack per 50 circles of favour tulle in ivory color list as follow ...

-40 ivory
4,25 EUR

Other catalogues of favour tulle accessories for bomboniera ...

handmade jewels charms, do-it-yourself degree-bonbonnieres kit
degree bonbonnières tulle

Wedding favours

do-it-yourself making with jewellery beads, conterie accessories
wedding confetti tulle

bridal bonbonnières tulle

First Communion favours

cards for Communions sugared-almonds with charms
Communions favours kit

bonbonnières ideas

Bonbonnières tulles
- 23 cm circle diameter
+ color
50 round tulles 4,25 EUR
on-line sale bonbonnieres tulle, sugared-almonds tulles for do-it-yourself packaging favours with flowers
-40 ivory  -45 fuchsia  -38 white  -55 sun
favour roses, sugared almonds flowers

disks, sale price tulle circles for burgundy bomboniere
-59 bordeaux (burgundy)
tulles idea, do-it-yourself packaging with round tulle, circles for on-line sales of bonbonnieres tulle
-42 peach -146 lavender do-it-yourself tulle

do-it-yourself packaging tulles ideas with round sugared almonds holder, on-line sale bonbonnières tulle for dragées
tulle ideas -43 rose  -50 azure  -46 blue

Tiger Bazar shop examples, on-line sales bonbonnieres tulle for sugared almonds, do-it-yourself packaging tulles
-53 sea-green -58 red confetti idea

Shading round tulles
- 23 cm circle diameter
+ color
50 round tulles 8,20 EUR
Rosette de tulle idea of bomboniere, catalogue of discs-shaped shading tulles, pack per 50 circles
-1 yellow -18 green tulle -16 peach tulle
fuchsia, blue, shading tulle catalog of on-line sale bonbonnieres tulles, pack per 50 circles
-99 fuchsia tulle -8 azure tulle

White tulle ribbons BOX PRICE
V20-125-38 1 white tulle roll
12,5 cm x 100 metres
14,85 EUR
V20-250-38 1 white tulle roll
25 cm x
100 metres
29,70 EUR
online sale white wedding tulle ribbon rolls

Decoflowers net rolls for decorations, plants, flowers BOX PRICE
ES645-77 1 white net roll
(55 cm x
9,10 metres)
6,00 EUR
white decoflowers net roll for decorations

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