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on-line shop chains for jewellery, jewelry metallic chains in gold-color

Tiger Bazar on-line shop: nickel-free metallic finding sales

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Metal chains for jewellery, extension chain for jewels

chain necklaces

chains for pendants

earrings chains

on-line sale crystal beads for do-it-yourself charm metallic chain

Chain ideas for jewellery, beaded jewels and charms

do-it-yourself crystals

earring chains making

copper jewellery chain

bijoux cobra chains ideas

chains for glasses

chain bracelets

do-it-yourself beads projects, bracelet chain for charms and components

chains for charms

metal chain idea

chain for beads rings

Techniques and hobby ideas of jewellery ... adjustable jewels and decorative metal chains

A chain-of-extension full jewel is more easily wearable by ourselves or recommended when it's the gift for a friend.

It may be purchased by the metre or in pack per 1 or 2 chains with pendants (metal drop)

To embellish the chain sold by the metre, the last ring might be decorated with a jewel bead.

catalogue of metal wires, metallic findings for chains with charms - pendants, jewellery components - accessories for online sales

cobra-chains clasp finding, silver-plated chain Metal chains for jewellery & jewels extension chain
ornamental metallic chains for charms - pendants
nickel-free metallic findings

Other metallic chains in gold and platinum  dettagli

on-line sales silver jewellery chains, gold chain

bijoux clasps and hooks - triggers for chains

Cobra chains & chain of sparkling-effect metallic nets

Quick and easy jewellery projects for do-it-yourself making with beads and chains may be carried out with only apparent contrasts in the same bijoux (silver-plated cobra-chain - copper metallic cobra-chains) and courageous approaches ... (gold-plated cobra-chain - copper metal cobra-chain)

  • or by preferences towards monochrome use of the metal that finds added value in earrings pendants as in jewellery choker with Swarovski crystals pendant.

Metallic net diameter of cobra chain is 0,65 mm and thus it may pass through tiny beads such as 2,5 mm rocailles beads and 4 mm Swarovski crystals

Discreet presence for its minute mesh: in trendy necklace can't miss welded chain

bijoux ideas: charms earrings loop to embellish with beads, metal charms, platinum chain

As the ring is 1,8-2 mm lengthwise, its inside diameter is even more minute allowing us to use whatever jewellery-pins and small oval - round charms finding rings

silver-plated metallic beads for necklaces, charms bracelets Chain rings: welded or not welded

Chains with welded rings are Ref. No. MH8403-311, other ornamental metallic chains and jewellery bijoux chains have not welded rings that may be opened with traditional system of

ring-opening technique for bijoux clasps

Extension chains Ref. No. MH8400-811 MH8400-801 RH21-052-22 RH21-052-06 have 2 opened rings (the first and the last one) while central chain includes welded rings.

copper metallic stones for necklaces chains, charms bracelets biker style? Chic & trendy pendants, bijoux with charms - trinkets ...

and much more if we think about Aguamarina earrings with charms and Adelante charms bracelet

pendants earrings with extension chain

bracelet with metallic chain, beads bijoux

charms - pendants for jewellery with metal chains Ornamental chains

are the visiting card of important pendants: the chain Ref. No. FD5144-021 is 4 mm in width, the ring length changes from 4 to 8,5 mm.

Glamour effects may be obtained by matching chains with needles for beads decorated with the complement fantasy of the lariat to be worn together with the necklace ...

crystals pendants making, strass necklace cross

The metallic chain in platinum, gold or copper ...

is just a jewel among the jewellery components: its special metallic net allows us to hook many charms and pendants without limits for our creativity.

It has more visible texture than other chain one in larger size both of the ring and wire diameter.

  • It may be also used to extend the clasps of necklaces, bracelets and belts.

copper charms for necklaces chains, charms bracelets  Tricks for copper metallic chains ...

copper charms, pendants, trinkets, spacer beads

jewellery charms, bijoux - bracelets pendants for necklaces, bangles and earrings chains

enamelled charms with chains for jewellery

Some examples of use of extension chains for extending the necklace clasps

In the necklace with beads ladybird .... chains are decorative pieces of our adjustable bijoux

do-it-yourself jewel, chains, pins and triggers

click on ... online buy Tiger Bazar store of on-line sale

Marianne hobby silver-plated jewellery chain BOX PRICE
MH8403-351 60 cm 2,55 EUR
on-line sale for jewels adjustment-chains sold by the metre, not welded rings, chains ideas for jewellery, key ring, pendants
rings from 3 to 6 mm    metal chains

Cobra-chain - Ø 0,65 mm BOX PRICE
CH423-305 silver-plated 10 metres
14,50 EUR
CH423-307 copper 10 metres
17,30 EUR
CH423-304 gold-plated 10 metres
13,70 EUR
silver-plated cobra-chains, copper and gold-plated chains: example of charms earrings with cobra-chain
cobra-chain jewellery terminal accessories

Silver welded metallic chains, rings per 2 mm BOX PRICE
MH8403-311 60 cm 2,05 EUR
on-line sales for do-it-yourself jewellery charms metallic chains: welded and not welded chain, charm bracelets example
metal chain, jewellery hobby idea
Silver-plated chains for charms, rings per 3 mm BOX PRICE
MH8403-331 60 cm 2,05 EUR

Charms - pendants bijoux jewellery metal chains BOX PRICE
MC3103-04 1 meter of platinum chain 3,60 EUR
platinum-plated chains for necklaces, bracelets, earrings with charms, pendants, beads
ring length 9 mm

Pendants ornamental chain BOX PRICE
FD5144-021 platinum
4 mm
2 metres
7,90 EUR
ornamental jewellery chains in platinum for necklaces pendants, charms bracelets

Metallic chain for charms BOX PRICE
G1633-05-2 gold-plated
4,5 mm
2 metres
9,80 EUR
gold chain for jewellery necklaces, charms bracelets, earrings with pendants
charms bracelets, gold-plated pendants

Metallic chain for charms BOX PRICE
G1633-05-3 copper
4,5 mm
2 metres
5,00 EUR
copper metal chains for necklaces, bracelets, earrings: copper chain sold by the metre ideas chilli peppers for charms
copper accessories, clasp kits with chain

6 cm extension chains BOX PRICE
MH8400-811 silver 2 chains
1,70 EUR
MH8400-801 gold
do-it-yourself necklaces, bracelets, earrings: extension chains marianne hobby
Marianne hobby accessories for jewellery

6 cm extension chains BOX PRICE
RH21-052-22 silver 1 chain
1,27 EUR
RH21-052-06 gold
extension chains for necklaces, bracelets with charms - pendants: metal drops Rayher
Rayher bijoux accessories for jewellery
RH21-047-22 silver 25 chains
19,25 EUR
RH21-047-06 gold

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