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mixed boltring clasps

Is the spot-on size of the jewel an enigma? Pass an extension chain on the opposite side of the boltring ...

clasp and hook for necklace and bracelet fastening for online sale

Boltring clasps and hooks with boltrings

  • Items include the photographed accessories (split rings)
  • Color mix = 50% of the box clasp quantity in silver + 50% in gold
jewel school
Bijoux school: the clasp

By traditional techniques of custom jewellery, in necklace making, thread may be extrastrong quilting thread or nylon, beading needles are necessary, calottes and crimp beads are used for joining all thread ends.

  • After have passed various strings through bead mix, join them in 3 connection beads, the calotte and the crimp are threaded and this last one is pressed by flat-noised pliers,
  • thread excesses are cut and a drop of glue is poured in the calotte,
  • to complete the jewel, calotte is hooked onto the clasp ring.

multistring jewel fastening Do you prefer to avoid the use of glue and needle?
Nicole often uses stahldraht (nylon coated steel wire), beads are directly inserted and threads hook on the boltring.

If jewel has with many thread ends ... fasten each of them, by a crimp, onto a rounded ring that is hooked on the boltring or a head pin to be folded up, modeled in its end to ring and threaded into a decorative cap

Boltring clasps per 7 mm BOX PRICE
silver 6 clasps:
1,28 EUR
silver 19 grammes of clasps:
9,40 EUR
color mix
boltrings in silver cheap blister pack
19 g = about 72 pieces x 7 mm clasps
21 g = about 48 pieces x 9 mm clasps
gold-plated boltrings quantity price
Boltring clasps per 9 mm BOX PRICE
silver 4 clasps:
1,55 EUR
silver 21 grammes of clasps:
10,32 EUR
color mix

Boltring clasp per 7 mm BOX PRICE
platinum 4 clasps:
1,90 EUR
7 mm boltring clasp Rayher

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