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On-line sale copper color accessories for necklace clasps

copper terminal findings

copper metallic findings: 3-strings clasps

Do-it-yourself jewels with clasps: examples - La Cruz è luciente - la Cruz de cuentas de vidrio

more brightness thanks to 4 mm emerald half-crystal faceted beads and jewellery rhinestone

How to make a glossy Cross?

The weaving is made by rocailles and faceted beads according to the project pattern of necklace with cross pendant and then decorated by strass crystals - jewellery pattern esplendido technique

When the necklace pendant is finished, put 3 nylon coated stainless steel wires, with fantasy beads, under the crystal laced to the last ring of the vertical Cross side.

As accessory we have chosen 3-strings clasp, onto which we have hooked nylon coated wire with crimp beads for each string.


do-it-yourself catalogue of jewellery findings, accessories, clasps for beads necklaces and jewels for on line sales

On-line sale for Necklace clasps & jewellery end bars
bijoux and beads jewels accessories
nickel-free necklaces clasp

other nickel-free accessories and special clasps

beads jewels, necklaces and bracelets accessories - necklace pendant ideas with multi-hole pieces and center bars

End bars & jewellery findings

To complete 2 end bars and make a clasp ...

you need two findings-rings and a trigger-clasp

Catalogues of center bars for necklaces and bracelets with end bars for clasps

jewellery findings - spacer bars for bijoux

Examples for the making of necklaces, beads jewels oriented towards tomorrow, in today's tendencies, with the grace and yesterday's refinement ... three strings clasps, kit with T-bars and rings, end bars and multi-hole pieces, findings and center bridges .... tous les fruits ... for every bijoux there are the most suitable clasps and accessories

Multi-strings clasps and spacer bars

Jewels end with multiple strings ... how to space out them onto necklace clasps

Thread length changes according to their position on the end bar: internal thread is the shortest, the 2nd and the 3rd respectively 2 cm and 4 cm longer.

What's about 6 instead of 3 threads each side?

You should join a pair threads by crimp beads and clamshells-calottes onto the end bar of 3-string clasp.

Glamour + bon-ton of necklace clasps ... in trendy jewellery

Buenas Tardes necklace pendant shines thanks to trinkets, metal clasp kit, accessories, strass bridges, 4 mm half-crystal faceted beads and fantasy beads in onyx

bracelet and necklace idea with beads jewels accessories, bridges and clasps

choker necklace, bracelets, quick-easy bijoux

Beads jewels bijoux with multi-strings clasps? Ola Tamarindo and Red Coccinella the bracelets

ideas with beads jewels accessories - 3-strings clasp in Red Coccinella the bracelet

hobby ideas of on-line beads catalogue

  1. Azulado & Raggio di luce bracelets ( Quick & Easy jewel gallery No.2),
  2. Violado necklace ( Trendy jewel gallery No. 1)
  3. Paloma bracelet.

Clasps Ref. No. JW121-168-02

They have the irregular galvanization of antique metals, it's well far from the typical standard texture of clasp kit in traditional jewellery galvanizations

Therefore they are perfect clasp findings for ethnic necklaces bijoux jewellery making with leather strings and waxed cotton thongs

  • The idea might be ... to make jewels with lace pattern, necklaces with clasps on décolleté and very quick and easy accessories (bracelets, belts ...) to be made and worn
Silver-plated round clasp
15 mm .:. 3-strings
H97-425-05 1 silver color clasp with 6 rings 1,55 EUR
beads jewels and necklaces accessories, silver-plated 3-strings necklace clasps
click on necklace - La Cruz è luciente!

3-strings gold clasp for necklaces and bracelets BOX PRICE
1 clasp
RH21-041-06 18 mm 2,06 EUR
RH21-039-06 14 mm 1,70 EUR
gold-plated accessories for necklaces and beads jewels, Rayher antique clasps Rayher

7-holes findings end bars BOX PRICE
MMK0026 28 mm
6 end bars
3,00 EUR
beads jewels accessories - 5-7 holes end bars in platinum for necklace, bracelet 1 mm for
3 mm for
is the distance between 2 holes
5-holes findings end bars BOX PRICE
MMK0028 14 mm
6 end bars
2,00 EUR

3-holed end bars - 14 mm BOX PRICE
MH8400-451 silver 4 end bars
1,90 EUR
MH8400-441 gold
beads jewels accessories - end findings for necklaces and bracelets clasps jewels
marianne hobby

Bijoux end findings BOX PRICE
JW111-152 platinum
15-16 mm
50 bridges
5,50 EUR
beads jewels accessories - end bars, end bridges for bracelets and necklaces clasps
how to use bridges as charms and clasps

18 x 36 mm Necklace and jewel clasps BOX PRICE
HOB386-046 1 clasp:
5 strings
gold color
3,80 EUR
HOB386-014 1 clasp:
7 strings
gold color
3,90 EUR
HOB386-003 1 clasp:
5 strings
2,90 EUR
HOB386-056 1 clasp:
7 strings platinum
2,95 EUR
5 and 7 strings necklace and bracelets clasps 5 and 7 string clasps in gold color
clasps for beads jewels making with nickel free accessories 5 and 7 string clasps in platinum color

Gold Clasps kits, rings
Ø 18 + 27 mm end bars
JW121-168-02 4 clasps
3,50 EUR
JW121-168-02K 12 clasps
9,50 EUR
accessories kits for beads jewels, necklaces clasps with rings, end bars

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The project of Lola bracelet ... After having fixed 0,25 mm nylon thread to one of the 7 rings of the clip end bar, thread 5,5 cm of amber precious stone and citrin chips, insert the thread into the micropierced box, exit on the opposite side, fill the thread with amber mix beads and bugles for further 5,5 cm length. Insert the thread in the first ring of the second part of the clasp, thread three rocailles and insert again the thread in the second ring.

Now you are ready to realize the back row. In this way you can complete the structure of the bracelet for all 7 necessary rows. After having sealed the nylon thread to the seventh ring of the end bar, decorate the micropierced little box with a new nylon thread, entirely covering it with precious stones.