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Colored, black-color & transparent nylon beading threads for jewellery

Beading thread in trendy jewellery: nylon, wire and steel lead - Where - why - how ... hobby ideas for jewellery

How to fasten nylon threads:

  1. pouring a drop of glue for jewellery in a calotte, where you have inserted a free bead on thread
  2. approaching nylon thread knot by flat-nosed pliers to heat sources
  3. Knot nylon ends of twisted necklaces inside silver-plated terminal cord-ends after having inserted nylon threads into the finding-holes

What's about crimp beads?! Tiger Bazar shop suggests the use of special crimp beads for nylon threads and also tubular crimps to avoid the breaking of the thinnest nylon

Nylon beading-thread in
black colour
spool per
50 metres:
MH798-65 Ø 0,25 mm 1,70 EUR
MH798-66 Ø 0,35 mm 1,90 EUR
Marianne hobby black-colour nylon threads, Tiger Bazar shop Marianne hobby transparent nylon beading threads
Transparent nylon threads BOX PRICE
spool per
50 metres:
MH798-72 Ø 0,25 mm 1,40 EUR
MH798-73 Ø 0,30 mm 1,40 EUR
MH798-74 Ø 0,35 mm 1,70 EUR
MH798-76 Ø 0,50 mm 2,00 EUR

Coloured nylon threads
for jewellery
spool per
100 metres:
TH10-054 Ø 0,45 mm 2,00 EUR
colored nylon beading threads shop, do-it-yourself example with beads and nylon thread
-99 rainbow thread   -48 turquoise thread
-67 apple thread    -07 sun

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colored nylon thread -
9 kg
The load-bearing force of nylon thread (linear without knots)
transparent nylon thread Marianne hobby
3,8 kg
black-colour nylon thread
Marianne hobby
3,8 kg
transparent nylon thread Marianne hobby
5,5 kg
black-colour nylon thread
Marianne hobby
7 kg
transparent nylon thread Marianne hobby
7 kg
      transparent nylon thread Marianne hobby
13 kg