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Trendy is Tiger charms ... example of tricks in sky-blue colors to make with

glass-animals charms

blu scaramazza beads

strass rondelles findings

mixed beads in onyx

Charm bracelets news
elephant-shaped charms, pendants for earrings, bracelets, bangles, brooches

tricks, charm bracelets

charm bracelets - idea

wires - charm bracelets

enamelled metal stars, pendants and charms for bracelets, rings

trend - charm bracelets

stones, charm bracelets

Do-it-yourself charm ring
charms and beads, murrine dolphins for bangles pendants

charm rings making

pattern, charm rings

beaded charm rings

do-it-yourself handmade bomboniere with beaded pendants and charms

Beaded bangles charms, Necklace pendants ... important detail for extension chains: why not decorate the central charms of Sunflower earrings with heart-shaped metal pendants?
bead pendants earrings

other charms for rings, charms and pendants for bracelets, bangles, metal beads, metallic beads of our online sales catalogue

Charms bracelets, metal beads for charms rings, beaded bangles pendants

porte-bonheur pendants, mascot charms for beaded bangles, bracelets, rings with jewellery chains

ideas, Tiger-charms rings, bracelets pendants

CH711-22 is the code number to purchase 1 wrapping of charms in the shape selected by you with the numerical reference. The price refers to the blister pack containing the quantity of charms listed next to their measures.

CH711-22K is the code of the wrapping that includes the complete assortment of the 7 gilded pendants introduced by Tiger charms tricks in blue: 1 pendant for every metal charms.

charms shape
box quantity
sizes in
-88 charms
9 charms
14 x 24 mm
-84 charms
8 charms
18 x 19 mm
-55 charms
8 charms
8 x 11 mm
-39 charms
13 charms
5 x 13 mm
-45 charms elephant
8 charms
11 x 12 mm
-89 charms
9 charms
7 x 12 mm
-82 charms
9 charms
11 x 17 mm

The sizes of pendants, charms and metal trinkets refers to maximum extent in width and height ... welded rings included.

Metal beads for charms rings & beaded bracelet pendants: CTS525

the shape of
metal beads
box quantity
sizes in
-427 tube-shaped
metal beads
8 beads
7 x 5 mm
-79 olive-shaped
metal beads
8 beads
9 x 6 mm
-39 shell-shaped
metal beads
6 beads
9 mm
-105 wheel
metal beads
10 beads
5 mm
-117 rondelle
metal beads
8 beads
7 mm
-159 star-rondelle metal beads
12 beads
9 mm
-96 crown
metal beads
10 beads
6 mm
-237 flower
metal beads
8 beads
7 mm
-227 star-shaped
metal beads
8 beads
7 mm
-247 sun-shaped
metal beads
8 beads
7 - 8 mm
-136 bonbon
metal beads
10 beads
6 x 4 mm

To select just the favoured reference, please keep in mind that item codes are written down beads displaying from left to right.

Tips & tricks: bonbon -136 on eye-pin together with aquamarine murrina round bead. Our decorative idea complements are findings available for sales in our on-line catalogue and they are not included in CTS525 blister pack.

In metal firmament sun Ref. No. 247 has two faces: a sun picture is at the front of the bead, while the back side shows the moon image.

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Gold-plated metal charms BOX PRICE
CH711-22 + Ref. No. 3,55 EUR
Tiger charms in blue, charms for bracelets and rings, different shapes: frogs, fishes, pendants for beaded bracelets
-88 frog charms -84 fish charms
Tiger charms tricks in blue, charms for bracelets, rings, different shapes: dice, keys in gold metal, pendants for bangles
+ zoom: Tiger charms  -55 dice -39 key
charms for bracelets and rings - gold metal, different shapes: elephant, sweet, mascot, pendants for beaded bangles
-45 elephant -89 sweet -82 mascot charms
Gold-plated charms kit BOX PRICE
CH711-22K different shapes 7 charms
2,80 EUR

Metal beads for charms BOX PRICE
CTS525 + Ref. No. 1,75 EUR
beads for beaded bangles, tube, olive, shell are metallic spacer beads for charms rings and bracelets
-427 tube beads  -79 olive  -39 shell beads

charm bracelets, wheel and rondelle beads for rings, bangles charms and pendants
-105 wheel beads     -117 rondelles beads

do-it-yourself charm bracelets with metallic rondelles, metal beads for beaded bracelets, rings charms and pendants
-159 star-rondelle beads  -96 crown beads

do-it-yourself beaded bracelet pendants, flower metallic beads for rings, bangles charms and pendants
-237 flower metal beads

do-it-yourself beaded bracelet charms, sun and star-shaped metal beads for bangles, rings charms and pendants
-227 star beads     -247 sun beads

metallic bonbon beads, idea with murrina for pendants, charms of rings, bracelet charm, do-it-yourself beaded bangles
-136  bonbon     hobby idea with murrina

Metal pendant 6-9 mm BOX PRICE
MH8400-31K 24 gold-color pendants 2,60 EUR
MH8400-32K 24 silver-color pendants 2,60 EUR
bangle charms making, marianne hobby heart-shaped metal pendants for charms of bracelets, do-it-yourself rings

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jewellery charms for earrings and bracelets Charms for bracelets: enamelled or silver-plated metal
bangles, bracelets and rings charms, jewellery earrings with pendants, charms
to buy heart-shaped charms for bangles, bracelets, rings and jewellery pendants for earrings
fishes-shaped charms for handmade bracelets, bangles, brooches, earrings, charm rings
- jewellery charms, trinkets: silver-plated metal
- metal beads, jewellery components for bijoux
- trinkets, charms for beaded bijoux jewels
- metallic bead, spacer, rondelle, metal stones
- charms, metallic trinkets, copper trimmings
hobby ideas for jewellery making with pendants Beaded bracelets & brooches with metal beads, pendants - As spacer bead, embellishments of beads and pendants on the jewellery-chain ... more rhythm for bracelets, beaded rings and all bijoux thanks to metal beads! If your idea is to make favours bags, beaded bangles & charm bracelets to personalize the sky map why not match gold-plated-metal stars-shaped pendants with star-shaped Swarovski charms and silver glass charms?
- metallic beads, Verónica bracelet pattern
- filigree metal bases for charms, pendants
- beads and jewellery brooches techniques
- Star charms: trendy bijoux charms making
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