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online sales catalogue for do-it-yourself jewellery millefiori glass beads, jewels-bijoux-making fantasy bead, crystals, stones, murrine

Jewellery millefiori glass beads, jewels-bijoux Venetian-style glass bead with fantasy ornament
Fantasy ornaments: flower, eyes, spots, little flowers & curls

bijoux bead, glass beads

bijoux mille fiori bead, jewels-making glass-beads other colors

blue-turquoise jewellery glass beads

- bijoux necklaces beads, do-it-yourself stones

mint- and milk-color fantasy ornaments, jewellery millefiori glass beads, fashion jewels bijoux bead

From most sparkling creative swings of jewellery jewels to sugared almonds holder for degree bomboniere with fantasy ornaments ... Abeja the bee communicates the project for jewellery-jewels making with beads of millefiori glass, inviting us to create little animals by bijoux beads and crystals. They live new trends as pendants of jewellery-glass-beads brooches, pins and necklaces, but also as beaded ornaments on bricolage bags, shoes and jeans jackets

In addition to reddish-purple olives-shaped millefiori glass beads, the Abeja-project shopping-list includes ....

jewellery jewels making
- jewellery pivots, pins, jewels needles
- fantasy jewellery glass beads - Mini-glass rondelle mix
- AB half-crystal faceted beads
- rhinestone rondelle, strass rondelles
- 4 mm garnet faceted beads
- jewellery pearly glass beads
- marianne hobby glass rocailles beads
- jewellery clasps - bijoux rings

Extraordinary effects for lamp millefiori bead with burgundy and reddish-purple roses

A bead in the bead ... with colored center being decorated by fantasy colors roses made by fusion technique of mosaic glass, external covering gives shape and dimensions to the bead: it's made by very transparent glass that evokes the water transparency

Childlike-colour bijoux glass beads with fantasy ornaments and changeable sizes ...

... pink and pistachio-green beads, decorated with floral fantasy ornaments, have been inspired by Venetian traditional flower beads whilst retaining a real contemporary look.

What's about their great dream? Fantasy glass beads would like to become candy accessories, innovative bracelets as Aurora or Lazo style necklaces and jewellery chokers like Amanda

- jewellery bijoux examples of beads catalogue
- glass beads necklace with jewel clasp

It's the echo of the 70s ... W les petits pois, made on glass beads too ...

Funny in fantasy-ornaments shining-opaque lively tones, CT123 are jewellery jewels glass beads with varying sizes:

  • they may be also 12 x 25 mm - 10 x 27 mm or 14 x 24, 16 x 28 mm

Bijoux bead with natural and shining effect ...

they are characterized by cask shape with soft fantasy ornaments in trendy bijoux colors.

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Millefiori olives 10-13 x
15-18 mm - reddish purple
BD247-628 3 beads 2,70 EUR
BD247-628K 15 beads 11,90 EUR
creative-hobby bricolage beaded-animals with jewels-jewellery glass beads, bijoux fantasy-ornament millefiori bead
click on ... how to create beaded-animals with millefiori glass beads for jewellery

Millefiori glass dice beads
- 10 mm reddish purple
BD2175-28 5 beads 2,55 EUR
BD2175-28K 20 beads 9,20 EUR
bricolage burgundy bijoux millefiori beads, jewellery-jewels fantasy-ornaments do-it-yourself glass bead
BD2175-28 dice BD2166-28 spheres
Millefiori sphere beads
- 12 mm reddish purple
BD2166-28 5 beads 2,95 EUR
BD2166-28K 20 beads 10,80 EUR

Fantasy glass beads BOX PRICE
+ color
12-13 x
14-16 mm
2 beads
2,55 EUR
green fantasy ornaments for bijoux millefiori beads, jewellery-jewels glass bead 915-070
do-it-yourself bijoux lilac fantasy beads, jewellery-jewels glass beads 816-081
lilac beads
turquoise jewellery-jewels glass beads, bijoux fantasy beads 816-030

Bijoux spots-glass beads BOX PRICE
+ color
10-16 x
24- 28 mm
2 beads
3,04 EUR
spots-fantasy-ornaments millefiori glass beads, bijoux olives-shaped beads for jewellery-jewels -30
azure beads

black cherry beads

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murrine for jewellery millefiori-glass-beads making
jewellery example, bijoux-jewels color-fantasy-ornaments glass beads
glass murrine beads for do-it-yourself jewellery-jewels with millefiori beads
mother-of-pearl glass beads for fantasy millefiori beads making
glass charms for do-it-yourself bijoux with millefiori beads
spacer glass beads for jewellery-jewels bijoux
glass rocailles beads and bricolage jewellery-jewels bijoux
jewellery-jewels bijoux Indian-rocailles-beads

Tiger Bazar ideas for fantasy-ornaments jewellery making ... graceful effects may be obtained by bijoux beads multicolored-mix with glass components and jewels conterie glass beads in different colors with preference for main colors (red, green, blue)

- Venezia murrine beads, bijoux color-mix
- murrine beads, flower beads from Venice
- how to make trendy bijoux charms-Exquisito
- Rayher mother-of-pearl glass rocaille beads
- beads mix, jewels charms, bijoux pendants
- 4,5 mm bijoux glass-Indian-beads color-mix