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on-line sale catalogue Tiger Bazar on-line sale shop of glass beads, conteria beads, components for bijoux, accessories for confetti

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catalogue of glass beads, lamp accessories and basic components with avventurina for on-line sales

On-line sale Venetian-style glass beads with avventurina - mixed decorations

on-line sale beads with avventurina, lamp beads

  • 10,60 € kit is inclusive of the assortment with 6 style beads (as in the photo), jewellery wire and clasp components.

Organizer box sizes = 9 x 11,5 cm

Bead diameter = from 2,5 mm (conterie mix) to 22 mm (oval bead with black spots), spheres and bicones are 6-8 mm in diameter, olive beads in copper color are 15 mm.

Color and trends of glass beads

The sixties revival inspires the glass artisans to match the refinement of avventurina with sparkling and lively ornaments of silver glass in eccentric beads.

Avventurina beads - A myth?! A legend ...

It might be for the decoration of avventurina with copper-coloured glitter effect, for thrilling sea nuances and other fascinating color variations.

It's among the most wanted of Tiger Bazar's beads collection

hobby idea
how to make the hobby-idea bracelet:
Katy - the bracelet ...

It's the bracelet of the contrasts among the echo of ethnic jewels and evergreen charme of ...

It also lives the opposition among the romanticism of ancient times

and the liveliness of nowadays' world - waxed cord and waxed-cotton thread

The project was inspired by Lazo pattern according to buttonhole stitch technique for jewellery weaving

The support for glass beads bracelet making with avventurina accessories

Eccentric style

Half-moon bead for jewels characterized by originality and allure of avventurina inlays

Organizer gift box with glass beads and components BOX PRICE
MC4392-16 1 bead kit box mixed amber & black 10,60 EUR
black and brown cheap glass beads with avventurina decorations
amber and black box avventurina glass beads, bijoux components

8 X 15 mm amber & topaz Half-moon glass beads BOX PRICE
VE18-0503 10 mixed beads 2,60 EUR
half-moon with avventurina, glass beads in amber, topaz

Sun-yellow olive bead BOX PRICE
MH8125-1621 12 x 28 mm 2 beads
4,40 EUR
glass beads - olives and tube beads with avventurina ornaments
Sun-yellow tube bead 3 beads
MH8125-1631 8 x 18 mm 4,60 EUR

Tube - about 12 x 29 mm BOX PRICE
+ color
3 beads 3,00 EUR
avventurina decorations glass beads, turquoise and yellow bead with avventurina
-18 turquoise -30 lemon

+ zoom ... the photo of bracelet with avventurina beads, on-line sale glass beads catalogue
-15 pink -14 lilac -12 onyx

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