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glass faceted beads per 8 and 10 mm - section No. 3
natural and iridescent half-crystal

Features of half-crystal glass

and technical characteristics ...

  • natural half crystal
    • garnet
    • lemon-green
    • avocado-green
  • and iridescence for
    • honey-crystal
    • silver-crystal

hobby idea Do-it-yourself jewellery of crystal and half-crystal - El juego del color

... the binary weaving of faceted cross runs onto the fringes of pendants, while fastening and wire look at multicolored details.

Shopping list, further details about the step-by -step project making ...

Who is silver-crystal?

A thrilling and unpublished nuance: a side has a crystal texture that reflects the silver-plated opposite side.

A true conjurer!

What about the hole?! 1 mm platinum modelling wire also passes without delay,

  • space to wire artist and to the new use technique of metallic thorns.

Garnet ... a must-have

refined and discreet tone to approach to fire lively colours,

  • natural or iridescent ruby red, and why not to those of the sky and of the sea.

Honey crystal... and its debut

with honey crystal glass fantasy in the shapes of baroque and faceted stone.

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+ zoom ... the photo of crystal necklace

Lemon-green faceted BOX PRICE
HB308-251 Ø 8
40 beads:
2,50 EUR
faceted beads in lemon- and avocado-green
Avocado-green faceted BOX PRICE
HB310-106 Ø 10
20 beads:
2,50 EUR

Silver-crystal faceted BOX PRICE
HC208-001 Ø 8
40 beads:
2,30 EUR
HC210-001 Ø 10
20 beads:
2,30 EUR
faceted beads in silver-crystal hobby idea


Garnet faceted BOX PRICE
HC308-174 Ø 8
40 beads:
2,75 EUR
HC310-174 Ø 10
20 beads:
2,75 EUR
garnet faceted beads per 8 and 10 mm hobby idea


Honey-crystal faceted BOX PRICE
HC228-001 Ø 8
40 beads:
2,75 EUR
HC2210-001 Ø 10
20 beads:
2,75 EUR
faceted beads in honey-crystal per 8 and 10 mm hobby idea

with cups

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