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Catalogue hobby ideas - Jewellery examples

New look for ... Tramonto necklace

by inserting eye pins decorated with metallic ornaments in necklace structure.

Filigree jewellery - double spiral

by wire & wire twister per 1 mm

+ 0,30 mm wire in mahogany colour

= decorations for the bead on antique copper pins

Tips & Tricks!

Before modeling the little ring of the pin, a little metallic bead has been threaded.


catalogue of beads and rocailles for online sale: other lamp glass beads and components for jewellery making with avventurina

Lamp glass beads and stones
- Venetian style with avventurina

beads decorated with avventurina
Ton sur ton ... étoile
of accessories for
bijoux making
lamp glass with

Lamp beads, silver-glass and flower beads from Venice in orange and sky-blue

ideas for creations with beads
Glass bead,
Venetian lamp beads
white, rose, fuchsia

Venetian flower lamp glass beads

faq ... click on Frequently asked questions

  • Prices written down near each reference refer to pack containing the listed quantity of beads ...

Bead sizes ...

show light differences each other inside the same blister pack too (± 6%).

In antique-copper colour ...

avventurina beads have a surface finishing with many little glitters ...

Antique charm is due to hundred - year - old knowledges of Venetian glass masters. A modern version is proposed by the bead shapes more suitable for trendy bijoux creations.

  • Glitter effect is changeable ... personally you can see the possible differences in bead texture in the image of avventurina cask.

Total brown, very refined color ...

Which are the matching tones with the glitter of avventurina?!

Trend is colour revival ... to you the choice among:

the evergreen mélange of sunset nuances or eccentric palettes with morning sky colors.

Animal print bijoux: avventurina beads to match with beads & stones in onyx black.

Variations on the theme of memory wire for bracelets.

  • Why not make a varying black & brown of Miguel?!

For the wrist, the forearm, the ankle?

Glamorous and fanciful, Miguel is a model of rigid bracelet in which the antique origin of the jewel lives with the joy notes of cherry colour, the optimism of pink nuance and minimalism of haematite and silver tones.

Memory-wire bracelets gallery

Avventurina spacer beads BOX PRICE
AVV180 from 9 to
12 mm
14 beads
2,70 EUR
Venetian-style lamp glass beads with avventurina
Avventurina beads BOX PRICE
AVV270 14 - 16
7 beads
2,70 EUR

Avventurina rhombus BOX PRICE
M8127-1906 16 - 18
x 32 - 35
2 beads
1,85 EUR
avventurina cushion beads for the making of bracelets, jewellery necklaces

Avventurina sphere bead BOX PRICE
AV140 Ø 13-14 mm 4 beads
1,85 EUR
AV150 Ø 10-12 mm 6 beads
1,85 EUR
round bead with avventurina for earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces

Avventurina tube beads BOX PRICE
M8127-1922 10 x 22 - 23 mm 3 beads
1,85 EUR
tube and cask beads with avventurina for making jewellery, rings, earrings, bracelets
Avventurina cask beads BOX PRICE
M8127-1928 6 - 8 x 10-11 mm 6 beads
1,85 EUR

Avventurina oval bead BOX PRICE
M8127-0413 9 - 11 x
36-38 mm
3 stones
1,85 EUR
Venetian-style lamp glass beads and stones for jewellery, necklaces and bracelets

Avventurina olive beads BOX PRICE
AVV185 12 - 14
x 23 - 26
3 beads
2,80 EUR
avventurina olive beads for making jewellery necklaces and bracelets

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