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making ideas with charms, necklaces strings

click on ... jewellery strings, waxed cotton twines

jute string for necklaces, jewellery components

tubular waxed-cotton cord for waxed thongs with charms

makings with waxed cords - jewellery twines

necklaces rope, accessories twines, cords, bijoux threads, waxed string and thread, jewellery twine - cord for on line sales

Accessories for handicraft jewels
linen thread and waxed cords
jewellery cotton strings & twines - fashion colors

sugared-almonds ideas with strings, waxed cord for necklaces

Suggested for ... necklaces and jewellery bijoux making with strings and cords

  • necklaces with an important pendant to be laced with more threads of colored waxed cords as introduced in the sea-fashion stylists' dress code

sugared almonds and bomboniere packs, boxes decorating and charms-holder twines making

jewellery chilli pepper pendants for waxed cord necklaces

beads crochet works with fruit- and vegetables charms, glass pendants

decorative weaves and knots making with cords

Waxed cords - Tips & tricks

  • lively effects for loop technique to be made starting from glass circle bead - do-it-yourself idea of waxed cotton cord in licorice color

Not only ethnic look jewellery ...

jewellery twines and cords of waxed cotton inspire projects of innovative jewels made by simple knots and buttonhole-stitch fastening, why not use ...

1 mm leather thongs, cords, strings per 2 mm

suede laces, imitation and real-leather ribbons

on-line sale threads, jewellery cord, leather cords

bijoux twines - cords - jewellery waxed threads

organza ribbon, jewellery waxed thread sale

waxed cotton cords, twines, velour ribbons sale

weaving, decorative knots, beads necklace string

Bijoux cords idea:

Guaranà, the bracelet with linen strings ...

Crochet hook No.5,0 and 5 rows ... to get the basic strings weave of ethnic bracelet, subsequently decorated with jewellery linen twines for big beads, only one cord end or nylon-thread for small-holed beads.

Fastening has been made with 3 delicious little buttons, natural coconut discs to be hooked to 3 thread rings obtained by buttonhole stitch;

4,5 mm Indian rocailles beads are clasp beads for linen strings, in central beaded ornament there are fake-coral disk beads, the jewellery fantasy of Bricolage bijoux, do-it-yourself Cernit beads, and semiprecious stones.

Why do we prefer jewellery linen cords to packing strings and twines or ropes in common use?

charms with strings, thongs

(+) the jewel with linen thread is comfortable to wear, without itch, redness for the person

(+) the quality-price ratio is very good indeed

Ethnic jewellery with natural strings and twines ...

  • R42-001-02 R42-001-31 + R42-001-05 are item code for jute string reels to be used in 3,5 mm original diameter or to be shared in 4-ply thread

Jute cord is characterized by typical aroma of natural cords

TX527-32 is Ref. No. of just natural string: the string has not been submitted to processes of workmanship to conform the thickness of the thong, therefore its diameter is versatile and irregular.

Linen threads are ...

  • ideal strings for ethnic bijoux made with cords thanks to its characteristics of flexibility, medium consistency and hypoallergy.

Jewellery hobby ideas, starting points and Las romanticas, the medallion

For the jewel of sugared-almond holder with cotton cord keep in mind the suggestion of backstage mirror -

Hobby ideas of Italian bomboniere catalogue

jute - cotton sugared-almonds-holder bags

online shop Tiger Bazar store for on-line sales

Ø 1 mm Waxed cords for
jewellery and bomboniere
MH7424C + color 50 metres
4,50 EUR
MH7424-903 sunflower 100 metres 10,00 EUR
waxed cord for necklaces pendants: sale by spools, example of decorative knots with cords for necklaces rope
-500 chocolate cord -02 licorice black
-170 strawberry red cord
waxed cord for crochet works, idea: cotton cords, waxed thongs with charms for necklaces rope
cords crochet-hook ideas -27 orange
-01 milk white -14 sky blue
necklaces rope making, waxed cord spools sale, reels per about 50 metres of cotton cords
-903 sunflower -03 champagne -907 olive
marianne hobby jewellery cords, waxed twines for do-it-yourself bijoux necklaces with waxed cotton strings
-906 apple green -911 fuchsia cords   
-909 blue cords   -913 reddish purple  
waxed cord reels for beads jewels - necklaces rope idea: waxed thong with glass charms
-20 pink -28 lavender -25 pistachio

Waxed cotton cord
- 1 mm in diameter
5 metres
MH7422-4 + color 1,80 EUR
by the meter on-line sale necklaces rope, string reels, waxed cotton cords, idea for clasps with ribbons, twines
-5071 olivine   -5091 blue   -5011 ivory
waxed cotton cord, jewellery twines for waxed thongs charms-holder
waxed cords    -531 black   -41 pistachio
-01 pastel white   -521 walnut cords
jewellery colored waxed cords for cellphones waxed-thong making
-81 rose   -91 pink   -51 apple   -21 sun
jewellery waxed cotton twines for do-it-yourself beads-jewels waxed thongs
-511 burgundy     -501 strawberry
-31 orange    -11 lavender    -61 azure

Jute cord reel - Ø 3,5 mm
= about 50 metres
R42-001-02 1 ivory jute reel 3,40 EUR
R42-001-31 1 beige jute reel 2,25 EUR
on-line sale necklaces jute rope, jewellery, bomboniere and jewels flowers idea with bijoux jute cords, natural beads
ivory jute beige jute coffee jute
Jute cord reel - Ø 3,5 mm
= about 50 metres
R42-001-05 1 coffee jute reel 2,80 EUR

Natural string hank
jewellery & bomboniere
TX527-32 100 metres 3,50 EUR
natural strings and twines for jewellery beads + zoom sugared-almonds ideas with waxed cord
irregular diameter from 0,80 to 2,5 mm

5-ply ethnic linen thread BOX PRICE
HOB7868 20 metres 2,00 EUR
jewellery strings - twines: linen thread strings
used for Guaranà project

Italian version - privacy policy

click on ... handmade bracelets with linen strings: Guaranà the bangle

click on ... bracelet with linen strings
click on Italian bomboniere with beads: pendant with jewellery waxed-cord
+ zoom - do-it-yourself beads medallion with Italian bomboniere supplies and waxed cord

hobby idea by Nicole ... Las Romanticas medallion The thong of beads medallion is 1 mm waxed cord in beige ... starting points for necklaces and beads jewels with waxed cord