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other cords, threads and accessories for jewellery and bonbonnieres available for online sales

2 mm cord for jewellery and bombonnières

is a colored thong for weaving and knotting ...

suitable for necklaces, bracelets, crochet hook, bonbonnières ...

Prices in our online catalogue always refer to blister packs

the cord box per 4,40 EUR includes 50 metres of jewellery cord in the selected color

- item code TH512 + color reference

the cord box per 4,20 EUR includes 20 metres of jewellery cord in the selected color

- item code TH2305 + color reference

For instance ...

to buy 3 boxes per 50 metres of tubular cord in mint, cream and black cherry write down in order form ...

Tubular cord
-13 mint -19 cream
-16 black cherry
4,40 EUR

Jewels fastening with tubular cords

ribbon clasps or metal terminal findings are both suitable for jewel fastening.

  • You might fasten all threads by an important bead and buttonhole stitch .... in this case it's necessary to stitch cord end by a needle.
jewellery examples

Hobby idea - Gracia the belt belt making with jewellery cord decorated by beaded wire

jewellery belts: weaving and crochet hook

Tubular cords for jewellery? Not only weaving!

Synthetic, waxed and sticky, it becomes irreplaceable when ....

you want to make the fastening of an ethnic jewel with welding effect approaching the weaving end to a heat source.

  • The decorative idea in colour palette is the Chin chin in orange by Nicole

Features and item description ...

(+) It allows us to thread all our catalogue beads (rocailles too!),

(+) ... to combine with linen threads and 1 mm waxed cotton cords

(-) before using it, you should clean it by housework paper, it's otherwise too sticky to the touch.

online shop ... click on catalogue for on-line sale

Tubular cord for jewellery BOX PRICE
TH512 + color 50 metres:
4,40 EUR
TH2305-539 bordeaux cords 20 metres:
4,20 EUR
TH2305-370 olive green 20 metres:
4,20 EUR
jewellery and bonbonnieres - cords in silver grey + mint
-21 silver grey   -13 mint
+ zoom ... jewellery and bonbonnieres ideas - crochet hooks - cords in sapphire blue and emerald
-14 sapphire blue -171 light emerald
bijoux cords and threads - cream and black-cherry colors
-19 cream   -16 black cherry
jewellery and bonbonnieres cords and threads - crayon tones
TH2305-539 bordeaux cords
-18 rose -23 fuchsia -12 violet -10 jet-black
jewellery and bonbonnieres cords and threads in trendy colors
TH2305-370 olive green -20 chocolate
-15 strawberry -22 champagne

5 meter hank of Twist art paper yarn BOX PRICE
5 metres
TH741-114 orange 5,20 EUR
TH741-115 sun yellow 5,20 EUR
TH737-008 mixed blue 5,20 EUR
TH737-001 ivory and biscuit 5,20 EUR
Twist art variegated paper yarns
Twist art 4-ply paper cords

15 meter hank of Twist art paper yarn BOX PRICE
TH730 + color 15 metres
2,40 EUR
-32 bordeaux -27 peach -016 chocolate -18 black color
-32 bordeaux -27 peach
-016 chocolate -18 black color
-29 sea green -09 anthracite -07 happy blue -06 violet
-29 sea green -09 anthracite
-07 happy blue -06 violet

twist paper label
the paper yarn label may be TWIST art or TWIST paper depending on selected color

Synthetic waxed thread BOX PRICE
HOB5-04 0,8 mm
20 metres:
2,00 EUR
synthetic jewellery threads per 0,8 mm

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