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instructions and patterns of beaded-jewellery projects

I. The central tassel
Into the ring of an eye pin fasten 5 fringes of rocailles in amethyst, bugles in onyx, 4 - 6 mm Rayher rhombus , cubes in amethyst (real precious stones) and MH8130 glass-drops in amethyst No. 741.

  • Knot twice nylon thread next to the third last bead and pour a drip of jewellery glue or transparent enamel for fingernails. After having woven half-crystal bicones in central onyx sphere, according to the indications of Turquoise necklace free project, insert the eye pin of the central tassel into the beaded sphere. Add 2 rhombus per 4 mm inside it and a 6 mm one at the top.

II. Necklace structure
Pass a 100 cm piece of nylon-coated-wire ideally folded up into fastening ring of the central tassel pin modelling by round-nosed pliers.

Both wire ends go through the amethyst plate, outside divide into a first section of 4 cm.

III. Horizontal strings
The central ornament is respectively completed with 4 horizontal wires per 1,5 cm, 4 cm, 7,5 cm and 11,5 cm. Each of them has to be fastened at the beginning and the end by a crimp next to the platinum metal bead.

Protagonists in the 2nd part of jewel structure are Marianne Hobby round and flat glass beads, MH8130 drops and a fantasy mix of real precious stones in amethyst.

IV. Fastening
By a trigger in platinum and an extension chain.

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Charleston necklace
project instructions

how to create the necklace fringes
fringes of the central tassel

how to create the beaded sphere
the beaded sphere with Rayher
half-crystal bicones

how to create the necklace structure
from the plate to the first
metal bead ...

beads and rocailles strings
3 horizontal wires

the necklace fastening by trigger and chain
fastening and metal beads

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