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catalogue of glass beads and rocailles beads, stones plates for pendants, jewellery accessories for online sales

Silver-foil glass stones plates
conterie beaded beads
textile accessories for the pendants and charms making of do-it-yourself necklaces

The assortment of jewellery items - accessories for pendants

it allows lively matches with different supplies that reflect many starting points: from jewellery with glass pendants and textile accessories to the traditions of beads decorated by Venetian conterie beads.

Silver-foil glass stones plates

They are center-holed glass beads and have varying measures: in average 3 cm in width and 4 cm in height.

  1. The thickness of pendants is contained within 1 cm; insofar the hole of the stones varies from 0,80 to 1 mm.
  2. Which threads can be used?! Actually it's possible to insert all 0,80 mm wires and threads into the stones, sometimes also 1 mm modelling-wire.

Charleston is the example of necklaces with glass stones plates and pendants in amethyst color

Stylishly & chic, quick & easy necklaces model ...

  • real play of contrasts between conterie beaded beads, matt stones and sparkling accessories, precious textures and metal beads, soft and artistic model of silver-foil glass stones plates for pendants.

beads necklaces making in violet and black color

Jewellery accessories for pendants, threads & wires

Jewellery necklaces are enthusiastic about the lively color palette of nylon-coated wires when jewel threads are partially visible such as Leticia necklace pattern.

the weaving of glass beads, conterie beaded beads, stones for jewellery
Variation on the theme of
necklaces ....

silver-foil glass stones plates: round shape or leaf-shaped accessories for the necklace center?!

Versatile talent, definite identity ... prestigious history! The myth of Venetian beads elegance renews its strength among the shines of conterie beaded beads illuminated by the reflexes of sky earth sea of jewellery-colored-wires

Accessories for pendants & conterie beaded beads

the making of jewellery necklaces with pendants, stones, beaded beads
Techniques for jewels with beaded beads?! The trendy idea might be in the project of Merengue necklace with important central pendants

Jewellery textile-accessories kits

  • 5 tassels (45-55 mm) completed with gold ring
  • + 5 textile sphere beads - diameter 21-24 mm

to you the color selection that is lighter for beads and more lively for tassels with reference to items No. -05 biscuit color.

Embroidery needles are necessary for using the textile sphere beads

  • Their texture doesn't allow to pass into the beads with jewellery pins.

Ideas for the making of necklaces with glass stones plates, conterie beaded beads: accessories for pendants & glass leaves

glass leaves for pendants with beaded beads, jewellery accessories
jewellery charms leaves
The color palette of jewels with glass - leaves & flowers was turning ... violet, green from jade to emerald, fire-red

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Leaf stone for pendants BOX PRICE
+ color
3 x 4 cm
1 pendant
5,00 EUR
+ zoom ... example of necklaces with glass stones plates, beaded beads, accessories for pendants
example of stones plates in amethyst
13 violet
example of amber glass stones
05 amber
+ zoom ...
example of crystal glass stones plates
01 crystal
gold-crystal, green of glass stones plates for pendants with Venetian conterie beaded beads
-04 gold-crystal -10 light avocado green

turquoise and sky blue of silver-foil glass stones for pendants of Venetian conterie beaded beads
+ zoom ...    -18 turquoise -20 sky blue

Conterie beaded beads BOX PRICE
+ color
12-13 mm 3 beads
3,00 EUR
conterie beaded beads in turquoise, sky blue, lilac amethyst
-18 turquoise -20 sky blue -13 lilac
conterie beaded beads for pendants - do-it-yourself jewellery in crystal and jet-black
-01 crystal -12 jet-black

do-it-yourself jewellery - conteria beaded beads in cognac and crystal
-0150 cognac & crystal

do-it-yourself jewellery - conterie beaded beads in mahogany and honey
-0240 mahogany & honey

do-it-yourself jewellery - conterie beaded beads in mix avocado green
-0100 mix avocado green

Kit per 10 accessories BOX PRICE
TX5905 + color 2,50 EUR
do-it-yourself hobby jewellery - textile accessories for pendants of conterie beaded beads
-05 biscuit color   -10 sage green
-20 sky blue -99 mixed colors

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