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Thrilling geometry and color strength

of dice beads sparkling evergreen jewellery: the jewels of special times and also the jewels for everyday dressing.

Beads & beads ... each murrina is able to surprise us with flowers, stars and hearts.

Don't hesitate to write down your color selection in order form: not only the color of dice but also eventual request for special tones of murrine.

on-line catalogue of beads and glass rocailles beads, other dice, cube beads for do-it-yourself jewellery making

Venetian lamp beads - mignon and mini flower
Dice glass beads with murrine
Dice kits with spot ornaments

orange amethyst beads

Characteristics of Venetian flower beads

flower lamp glass beads: orange - blue
Venetian flower spheres glass beads

Mignon flower lamp beads

Changeable dimensions from 11 x 11 to 13 x 13 mm, (also inside the same color code), for mignon flower beads in assorted colors.

  • What's the shape formed by glass masters? Judging by topaz, orange and pink colours it's decidedly cube, observing black tones it seems us more small tube ...

Space also to their creativeness!

necklaces, bracelets, rings: quick & easy -2

  • Filigree earrings talk about ... do-it-yourself fantasy jewellery to make with spot-ornament dice beads

Mini-flower beads .... evoke retro atmospheres with incredibly minute sizes.

how to create beaded butterfly

Jewellery hobby - new ideas with flower beads

brooch with beads butterfly

Example of handicraft earrings - Querido earrings

The weaving of Rico crystal ring doubles, it's stitched by rocailles beads in order to obtain a dress that will be worn by mignon bead in cherry colour.

Do you fear for the reliability of the earring?

  • To avoid every type of uncertainty, we have inserted a head pin into the floral bead, (preceded by a 4 mm crystal faceted and followed by further 3 beads), so that the ring of earring is hooked on the end of the same pin.

Do-it-yourself jewellery with glass beads ... Starting points?!

Endless, thinking about all the possible variations of the circular weaving ....

replacing the faceted with Swarovski crystals, modifying its pattern by Esplendido technique (with rhinestone positioned on every little flower of the round decoration),

  • or applying its pattern to pendants of necklaces, bracelets with small precious medals.

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9-10 mm mignon flower dice beads
item code box pieces BOX PRICE
S002-108 4 turquoise dice beads 2,00 EUR
S002-108K 50 turquoise dice beads 22,35 EUR
S002-107 4 crystal color dice beads 2,00 EUR
S002-107K 50 crystal color dice beads 22,35 EUR
S002-112 4 topaz color dice beads 2,00 EUR
S002-112K 50 topaz color dice beads 22,35 EUR

turquoise cube, Venetian flower lamp beads

crystal cube, Venetian flower lamp beads

cube beads in topaz amber, Venetian flower lamp glass beads

11-13 mm mignon flower dice beads
item code box pieces BOX PRICE
PVA43-99 6 mixed assorted color beads 2,00 EUR

Venetian lamp glass cube beads - dice in assorted colors

10-15 mm flat dice beads with murrine
item code box pieces BOX PRICE
S001-203 4 pois cherry flat dice beads 1,95 EUR
S001-203K 50 pois cherry flat dice beads 21,80 EUR
S001-201 4 pois fuchsia flat dice beads 1,95 EUR
S001-201K 50 pois fuchsia flat dice beads 21,80 EUR
S002-113 4 flat light peach dice beads 2,00 EUR
S002-113K 50 flat light peach dice beads 22,35 EUR

cube in cherry color, effect color of Venetian flower lamp beads

murrine cube beads in fuchsia pink for do-it-yourself jewellery

cube-shaped glass beads in light peach with flower murrine

Italian version - privacy policy

cube-shaped beads: pink cube, crystal dice, olivine green cube
Venetian flower glass beads - sphere beads in cream and strawberry colors
cube glass beads in iridescent fashion colors: sapphire, pink, onyx black dice