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bijoux ideas - jewellery findings: rings

Other copper-color accessories and and metallic findings, hooks for do-it-yourself beads jewels and jewellery bijoux

metallic findings, copper accessories jewels - 1

jewellery making with beads

Tips & tricks - how to make beaded butterflies for copper metal bracelets with do-it-yourself jewellery bijoux accessories ...

copper bracelets with button


online catalogue of metallic findings, bases, do-it-yourself complements finding for metal jewellery in antique-copper color

Accessories: jewelry basic components
Metallic finding for copper jewellery bijoux - antique-copper parts - section No. 2

cobra chains to be closed with 3 mm crimps beads, metallic finding accessories for antique-copper jewellery bijoux

copper-metal cobra-chain for jewellery bijoux

copper metallic finding, beads jewels making copper accessories - jump rings

How many rings are in blister pack (sale by the weight):

jewellery accessories
wire thickness rings
quantity of pieces of sale-by-the-weight box
0,8 - 0,9 mm
285 rings

do-it-yourself bijoux jewels: accessories, copper metallic findings, cloisonné beads

The jump rings with biggest wire thickness are also suitable to be hooked onto calottes, metallic finding cord-ends and triggers.

Metallic finding in antique-copper color Ref. No. JW333-141 - cord ends with staples

are very useful accessories characterized by small sizes (2 mm in width e 7 mm in height)

  • directions for use - suitable for jewellery threads, stretch rubber band, waxed cotton thongs and leather cords up to 1,3 mm ...

For cellphones laces making the use of item Ref. No. HB882-900 cotton cords for bijoux is suggested

ethnic jewels

Other accessories, metal
components for beads bijoux,
jewellery metallic finding in
antique-copper-color available
for online sales

- necklace base, copper wire with metal sphere
- antique copper base for brooches with button

clasps and hooks, metallic finding, antique-copper accessories for bijoux-jewellery earrings making

- ribbon clasps, copper-color ribbons ends
- filigree metal pendants, filigree charms
- clips earrings, copper jewellery finding

do-it-yourself jewels: starting points
Do-it-yourself bijoux in antique copper color: ideas for jewellery making with beads, accessories and metallic finding

rings are used for spacer chains eventually approached to copper modelling wire - Kora, El corazon nuevo

They become chain in PlayaDos necklace, where copper cord ends fasten tubular metallic ribbon, and crimps fix nylon coated wire next to copper clasp

Metallic finding in antique-copper color Ref. No. HOB385-251 is side calotte ...

Thread knots or crimps are placed into the metallic parts without passing through any hole of the jewellery findings.

  • The advantage of this system is an easier changing of the clasp, once it will be worn out.

Metallic finding in antique-copper color Ref. No. HOB385-270 is cord end per 10 mm approximately

It's suggested for cords with a diameter from 1,5 to 2,5 mm.

E-buying is quick and easy: write down in order form the item reference number of selected copper finding together with description, quantity, price

Bijoux - copper cord ends
1,20 EUR
3 mm spheres-crimps for
nylon, wires & chains
6 grammes*
J1660-633 copper 4,00 EUR
sphere-crimps metallic finding, how to use crimp beads, example with antique-copper-color jewellery bijoux accessories
hole 1,7 mm (*about 100 crimps)
crimps for do-it-yourself jewels clasp

Copper spheres-crimps finding for nylon, wires BOX PRICE
5 grammes*
J3146-103 Ø 2 mm 4,50 EUR
jewellery metallic finding - copper crimps, crimp beads
hole 1,3 mm (* about 200 crimps)

Copper jump rings BOX PRICE
MT277 round
Ø 5 mm
15 grammes
5,70 EUR
jewellery metallic finding for clasp components: jump rings in antique-copper color

Cord ends with staples BOX PRICE
JW333-141 antique copper 100 terminals
5,70 EUR
metallic finding of copper jewellery - terminal cord ends with staples

Barrel clasp in copper BOX PRICE
TR5004-3 finding
10 x 4 mm
6 clasps
2,20 EUR
jewellery copper metallic finding - barrel-clasp hooks for necklaces and bracelets
TR5004-33 finding
10 x 4 mm
24 clasps
7,20 EUR

3-holed terminal finding BOX PRICE
TR5096-3 finding
22 mm
24 findings
2,90 EUR
jewellery copper metallic finding - 3-string terminal findings for necklaces and bracelets

Copper pendant-support BOX PRICE
JS4541-03 Ø 26 mm 2 pendants
3,60 EUR
jewellery metallic finding and accessories - supports for pendants with pierced buttons
the pack includes pierced buttons

Clasps in antique copper BOX PRICE
HB386-184 finding
8 x 20 mm
1 clasp
1,10 EUR
metallic finding copper clasps for do-it-yourself jewellery jewels, bijoux available:
platinum +

Bijoux - copper calottes BOX PRICE
HOB385-251 finding
3 mm
8 grammes
2,10 EUR
jewellery metallic finding - side calottes in copper color pack
= about
76 calottes

Bijoux - copper cord ends BOX PRICE
HOB385-270 1 cm approx. 20 findings
1,20 EUR
metallic finding accessories - cord ends for string and thong in copper colour finding
for strings
and thongs

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