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online sale catalogue for beads and rocailles: accessories, charms and Venetian millefiori murrine for the making of handicraft jewels

Venetian murrine millefiori beads for pendants, bijoux charms for the making of handicraft jewels

do-it-yourself jewellery charms, bijoux pendants

  • CH711-27 is the code to write down in orders for the purchase of a box of charms in the shape selected by you with the numerical reference. The price is reported to the wrapping that contains the quantity of charms listed next to their dimensions.
  • CH711-27kit is the code of the box that includes the complete assortment of the pendants of the photographic introducing .. 1 pendant for every metal charm.
charms shape
box quantity
sizes in
-65 charms
5 charms
16 x 18 mm
-920 charms
5 charms
8 x 11 mm
-73 charms
12 charms
7 x 9 mm
-66 charms
ice cream
4 charms
15 x 24 mm
-49 charms
9 charms
10 x 13 mm
-50 charms
9 charms
10 x 20 mm
-44 charms
7 charms
7 x 15 mm
  • The dimensions of metal pendants and charms are reported to the points of maximum extension in width and length ... inclusive of settled rings.

murrina star Eccentric characters... the pendants of Venetian murrine millefiori beads!

The handicraft realizations of the glass master in Venice don't reproduce decorations and combinations of colors, therefore the beads of Venetian murrine millefiori are unique and exclusive accessories: you can appreciate by yourselves, thanks to the photographic introduction and the examples of do-it-yourself custom jewellery with murrine, the variety of butterflies, stars, fishes and dolphins the one different from the other ...

Baptism and First Communion bonbonnières idea

  • the cloth boxes for sugared almonds will be decorated with trinkets for 2-holed pins decorated with star-shaped murrine beads

murrine star Instructions for the purchase order of murrine charms - Point out the code that identifies the shape of the pendant and then select your favourite color among...

  • crystal, pink, lilac - amethyst, kiwi green, turquoise, azure, blue, onyx black, sapphire blue, mixed lively colors, mixed soft colors, ruby red, yellow, orange, white

murrine bead Petite Rose ... is Esplendido Style!

A complicated project? No, all other...

Thread onto jewellery-eye-pin

the material to complete the creation ....

Rhinestone beads and accessories

Important support for their making are technical directions at our jewels bijoux gallery

  • Esplendido technique (for central decoration),
  • the lessons in pin and ring opening

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Bijoux pendants & charms BOX PRICE
CH711-27 + Ref. No. 3,40 EUR
silver-plated jewels charms, colored metal pendants: rudder, charms for jewels and sugared-almond holder

-65 rudder charms -920 mascot charms
-73 heart charms        rope for charms

metal bijoux charms and pendants for handicraft jewels, do-it-yourself sugared-almond holder and favours
-66 ice-cream charms
-49 telephone charms -50 music charms

dolphin pendant + zoom: bags, pouches for sugared almonds holder with charms, flower-fruit decorations, favours
-44 dolphin     charms confetti
Bijoux pendants & charms BOX PRICE
CH711-27kit assorted shapes kit 7 charms
3,75 EUR

Charms - murrine star BOX PRICE
1 pendant
ER9427 15 x 15 mm 2,95 EUR
Venetian glass beads, star-shaped murrine charms, pendants for bonbonnieres, sugared almonds holder, Baptism favours
click on: Venetian charms murrine stars

Charms - murrine butterfly BOX PRICE
1 pendant
ER9447 18 x 25 mm 5,90 EUR
Venetian murrine beads, charms for handicraft jewels, Baptism favours packaging, Communion bonbonnières

Venetian murrine millefiori beads

do-it-yourself ideas for handicraft jewellery earrings with butterfly-shaped murrine charms and Venetian beads

Petite Rose earrings with charms

Charms - murrine dolphin BOX PRICE
1 pendant
ER9425 18 x 32 mm 4,40 EUR
dolphin-shaped beads for charms and the making of handicraft jewels, Baptism and First Communion favours
click on: dolphins-shaped charms beads
for the making of handicraft jewels

Venetian glass beads, other colors for charms: dolphin-shaped pendants in green, red, crystal, yellow

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