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glass beads, stones and rocailles for online sale

Murrine- and flower beads from Venice special edition - 2

For refined jewels ...

turquoise drops & beads have transparent shades and metallic light due to glass sticks in harmonious tones, from light sky blue to turquoise, with inclusions of silver foil.

The ending effect?! ... exclusive.

Not only silver-glass moon

the firmament of glass beads is completed with silver-foiled star.

Dreams of shade collection?!

After the meeting with Mexican-sun stone pendant, their great wish is to become the beads being protagonist of artistic pendants.

  • Shade effect? Lively and refined shades, games of light among the silver leaf included in the bead and amber- or amethyst tones of glass.

Charming: it's retro look!

The sphere with gold foil and little roses is an important bead that is appreciated next to "sommerso" and, particularly, it's well matched if the jewel includes the delicate bead in crystal & spiced inlay.

Splendour with vivacity and romantic elegance

a journey without time and space limits for our imagination.

Click on the photo to display a fall of crystal glass and, inside, a vortex of delicate suspensions of golden avventurina and pink glass ... On the outside the decorations of pink little roses ...

How to create trendy pendants?!

The copper necklace .... meets the constellations of Star charms

on the road of Swarovski crystals: very nice match of aquamarine color palette with light green colour of

  • silver-glass pendants,
  • peridot chips and real-precious-stones,
  • Swarovski crystals,

a mix of metal charms and glimmering accessories representing the firmament.

Fascinating variations on a theme for Marianas, la cruz resplandeciente

  • A complicated project? No, all other!
  • The tube could play the protagonist role in the cross vertical axle, together with spheres of Egyptian beads and why not 6 mm Swarovski crystals ...

Glamourous and fanciful,

Miguel is a model of rigid bracelet in which the antique origin of the jewel lives with the joy notes of cherry colour, the optimism of pink nuance and minimalism of haematite and silver tones.

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Turquoise shading drop BOX PRICE
VE9257-7 12 x 23 mm 1 bead:
3,30 EUR
silver-glass beads in turquoise
Turquoise shade bead BOX PRICE
VE9261-107 10 mm 2 beads:
3,60 EUR

Silver-glass moon BOX PRICE
VE2035 11 x 20 mm 1 bead:
5,00 EUR
amber and turquoise moon-glass-bead
-19 light turquoise     -40 amber

Crystal-amber tube BOX PRICE
ER9265-3 11 x 40 mm
- shade
1 bead:
4,00 EUR
shade beads with silver foil
Shade spinning top BOX PRICE
ER9261-10 10 mm 2 beads:
3,60 EUR
available in: -03 amber    -01 amethyst

Flower sphere in gold BOX PRICE
ER9231-14 14 mm 1 bead:
3,80 EUR
jewellery beads with gold foil
Gold & crystal sphere BOX PRICE
ER9227-12 12 mm 1 bead:
2,20 EUR
Spiced-inlay sphere BOX PRICE
ER9315-12 12 mm 1 bead:
2,30 EUR

Flower with avventurina BOX PRICE
ER9015 tube
10 x 26
1 bead:
2,80 EUR
ER8033 sphere
Ø 16 mm
2,60 EUR

+ zoom ... murrine and pink flower-beads
+ zoom ... -7 pink

flower murrine beads in ruby
-5 ruby

16 mm Flower sphere bead with avventurina BOX PRICE
ER8033-8 1 onyx black sphere bead 2,60 EUR
ER8033-6 1 sapphire sphere bead 2,60 EUR

flower murrine beads in onyx

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