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Bijoux jewellery - example of making with pendants: rojo earrings

Glass four-leaf clover flowers become the bijoux protagonists thanks to innovative techniques of the use of jewellery-pins.

Thread 2 glass flowers onto eye pin and make a ring

bijoux techniques - how to make pendants

Create 12 independent charms to be hooked onto the external perimeter of earring centre. Make the earrings heart with following items on eye pin

1 bead, 1 pin ring, 2 beads,

1 MH842 faceted bead (S4) per 4 mm,

1 oval ring, S4, 2 beads, 1 pin ring, 1 bead

Following the same method make 2 lateral pendants with S4, 2 seed beads, the ring of eye pin inclusive of flower pendant, 2 beads, S4.

Fasten the eye pin by a ring.

To complete the earring center thread onto a new eye pin 1 bead, the ring of a vertical eye pin, 2 beads, 1 x MH843 faceted half-crystals per 6 mm (S6), the ring of a new flower pendant, S6, 2 beads, the ring of a vertical eye pin, 1 bead.

Fasten the eye pin by round-nosed pliers. Decorate the bijoux perimeter with the pendants made in 2nd step and hook the top rings onto hooks for earrings.

jewellery beads catalogue, glass rocailles beads for online sales: other charms and pendants - ladybird, flowers, hearts, leaves-shaped

Charms porte-bonheur

Charms & pendants kits of fruits beads

  • 1 glass fruit kit = 2 apples + 2 strawberries + 2 cherries + 2 lemons
  • pendant sizes change from 13 to 20 mm

chilli peppers, ladybird, mascot jewellery making beads

Ladybird-shaped glass beads for jewellery making are ....

they are stylish porte-bonheur beads being sparkling for do-it-yourself jewellery-bijoux and Christmas decorations making

glass ladybirds, jewellery earrings pendants

Handicraft-jewellery making news may be beads jewels creations being characterized by personal sound of ladybird-shaped beads:

the surprise is in mixed colors of innovative rings as Anillo Mariquita

- jewellery rings with beads and Swarovski

in cartoonist look of jewellery brooches with little-animals-shaped beads as Princess charms,

organza bags making for jewellery and almonds

in masterpieces ... jewels and bracelets making by weaving technique being inspired by handicraft jewellery as Ola' Tamarindo the bracelet

- fashion-colors necklaces bijoux beads

New ladybirds beads are suitable for decorations of beads pine-trees ...

not only Christmas embellishments for beaded plants but also colored ornaments and trinkets for mascot bonsai being on stage with enamel-metal charms

- accessories for beaded Christmas decorations

glass chilli pepper is mascot pendant

  • variable dimensions ... about 27 mm is the length of chilli pepper (changing from 25 to 29 mm)

Bijoux jewellery: chilli peppers in the history

From south America to south Italy ... when chilli pepper arrived in the Mediterranean coasts, it immediately became porte-bonheur charms.

The form and the color of chilli peppers remember the traditional mascot pendants of necklaces and bracelets.

Shells and flowers, glass charms & pendants ... Venetian-style glass pressed beads and pendants

The creativeness of handicraft jewels looks in glass beads, pendants and tricks with the most unusual shapes.

What's about the hole?

It is middle, passer-by vertical direction for the four-leaf clover flower, on the top in horizontal direction for the shell of blue glass

Lively and funny trend jewellery ... necklaces and bracelets are embellished with fruits-shaped ornaments and trimmings

Jewellery jewels: silver- and polished plated charms and pendants: cherries and grapes

fruit-shaped metal charms and pendants

Do-it-yourself jewellery jewels making with glass fruit , beads, rocailles beads and wire

bomboniere napkin ring - beaded cherries

leaves weaving and cherries with beads

Do-it-yourself bonbonnieres making and sugared almonds wrapping with charms

fruits and berries for bonbonnieres

do-it-yourself bomboniere - fruit charms and pendants

do-it-yourself bonbonnieres with glass beads and flowers

on-line sales how to buy : shop of online sales

Glass fruit pendants BOX PRICE
CH19-68 1 kit = 8 fruit charms 3,50 EUR
charms, small fruits: glass fantasy beads in the shape of apple, strawberry, cherry, lemon

Jewellery-bonsai beads
glass ladybird - 9 x 7 mm
+ color
30 beads 3,00 EUR
+ color
100 beads 8,10 EUR
sugared-almonds idea with topaz ladybird, glass beads for handicraft jewellery making
-1006 topaz color place-card making

creations news of bracelets and jewels with glass beads for handicraft jewellery making
-9008 cherry red bracelet making

do-it-yourself ideas, ladybird-shaped glass beads for handicraft jewellery and brooches making
Princess brooch -5040 avocado green

pink glass beads for do-it-yourself making of bomboniere, sugared almonds, handicraft jewellery, example ladybirds for charms
-712 rose quartz almonds charms

About 27 mm Glass chilli pepper beads BOX PRICE
CH220 6 charms 2,95 EUR
CH220K 50 charms 22,00 EUR
jewellery making with small chilli peppers and big chilli-pepper-shaped glass pendants

Glass charms & pendants
- flower beads 13 mm
4 charms
HOB65PRE9008 2,00 EUR
glass flower pendants in red for do-it-yourself jewellery making
-98 garnet red
orange flower -93
azure flower -03
how to do-it-yourself and bijoux making: earrings with glass flowers and pendants
click on ... Rojo earrings
bracelet - pink flower
sky-blue flower -10
light sky blue
green flower -04
emerald green
pink flower -12
powder pink

Glass charms & pendants
- shell 14 x 14 mm
6 charms
HB66-03 azure 1,50 EUR
jewellery jewels and making with glass shell pendants pendants and color

Panda glass tube beads BOX PRICE
CH2301-442 8 x 15
4 charms
2,50 EUR
bijoux bomboniere: ladybird-shaped charms and panda glass tube pendants

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