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other natural semi precious beads and stones for the making of jewellery necklaces with 2 or 3 strings, bracelets, rings and belts

Natural semiprecious beads and stones for fashion jewellery bracelets, necklaces, earrings, finger rings

marianne hobby The blister pack of beads and stones per 4,00 EUR

  • it includes 2, 4 or 7 stones, the exact quantity is listed near to the bead sizes

the kit of beads and stones per 36,00 EUR

it's made according to your selection: it might include 10 boxes of the same stone or the bead mix up to 10 boxes.

stone code
stone quantity per box
-0711 cornelian beads
Ø 10
-0703 rhombus-shaped cornelian stones
34-36 x 18
-2107 agate stone
18 x 14
-2111 agate beads
Ø 10
-2007 red-tiger-eye stones
18 x 14

the color of stones and beads
As displayed
thanks to images
tones and color of
MH7402 stones
change more than 5%

The color palette of agate beads and stones changes from grey color to topaz and powder pink colors: possible color differences are well bigger than other semiprecious stones.

Strengthened coral-style beads

Coral-style beads make exclusive ethnic bijoux and give the opportunity to create innumerable projects in which they are approached to natural pendants, and other ethnic beads in order to create jewellery necklaces, bracelets and pendants.

Article pictures show beads by medium characteristics, as a matter of fact each blister pack is unique and their measures change from 23 to 55 mm. You can select between little or big components: item price depends on the bead weight and thus the number of pieces changes regard to sizes.

Fashion jewellery - necklaces: the project of Playa tres

Make a rocailles ring for each coral-style bead of the necklace. Nylon coated stainless wire and crimps work well for this purpose.

  1. Pass leather-thong through a first rocailles ring, insert it into natural pendant holes, knot it together some jewellery-shells, add natural tube and... repeat this step untill both leather thong ends join into a natural tube.
  2. Add other two leather thong ideally folded up at the center of the necklace, lace them to principal thong, weave them on each of both sides.
  3. Fasten remaining ends onto a copper-ring and insert a trigger-clasp on the left side.

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Natural beads and stones PRICE:
MH7402    blister pack 4,00 EUR
MH97402 Kit per 10
blister packs
36,00 EUR
cornelian semiprecious beads and stones for jewellery rings, earrings and bracelets
-0711 cornelian beads
-0703 rhombus-shaped cornelian stones

agate semiprecious stones and beads for jewellery finger-rings, earrings and bracelets
-2107 agate stone -2111 agate beads

red tiger eye beads and stones for jewellery finger-rings, bracelets and earrings
-2007 red-tiger-eye stones

Red coral-style beads BOX PRICE
25 grammes
HBCORALBAR + Ref. No. 5,80 EUR
jewellery coral-style beads - click on ... hobby idea of jewellery necklaces
-01 components -02 big elements

Strengthened red
coral-style beads
20 grammes
HBCORALRIN + Ref. No. 4,60 EUR
strengthened red coral-style beads and components
-01 components -02 big elements

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