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beads ideas for do-it-yourself jewellery C'est moi, ... Joliet!

The ring of the contrast between romantic tones ... flowers beads in light sky blue and decided ones for mix bugles beads, crystal for silver lining rocailles beads, thrilling look and simplicity in the making technique ...

Do-it-yourself flowers jewellery - ring project

By riccio-rings-technique hook 5 flowers beads onto the plate of finger-ring-base Ref. No. HOB200-02, decorate the perimeter with small loops including 7 - 8 mini baguettes beads each one and then fasten wires.

By weaving-technique make crystal leaf (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5) inserting wire ends in flowers center.

Go back onto the opposite side and hook wire at flower bottom or the nearer loop.

Variations on a theme ... change do-it-yourself leaf with glass leaf Ref. No. LV76.


do-it-yourself jewellery necklaces, earrings - flowers and leaves beads, glass rocailles beads for online sales

Leaves beads and flowers beads for do-it-yourself jewellery necklaces - earrings, beaded flowers, bonbonnieres and sugared almonds making

do-it-yourself making with leaves, flowers for jewellery How many glass leaves beads are in box of item Ref. No. LV76?

Glass leaves box per 4,50 EUR includes about 25 leaves having changeable weight according to glass color from 25 grammes of emerald-green glass leaves to 30 grammes of topaz glass leaves.

Glass leaves and flowers beads are supplied in blister pack or string

according to the selected item, twigs, cloth flowers beaded flowers, modeling wire ornaments of photographic introducing are examples how to use glass leaves and flowers for do-it-yourself sugared-almonds-holder, bonbonnieres, jewellery necklaces and earrings making.

do-it-yourself glass hearts for jewellery with leaves, flowers Forever leaves ... do-it-yourself Italian bomboniere

is the example of bonbonnieres making with do-it-yourself supplies

- Marianne hobby silver lining rocailles beads and exclusive rocailles beads for do-it-yourself flowers
- glass leaves, jewellery glass hearts beads
- accessories beads bonbonniere, jute flowers
- sugared-almonds accessories leaves (for boxes and bonbonnieres packaging)

jewellery jewels necklaces, bijoux items: chilli peppers

Necklaces and earrings making ideas

make twigs with glass leaves for chili pepper charms

leaves beads twigs for necklaces, earrings making

From Joliet to Florecilla, going towards Ambar Amarillo

a journey among the projects of flowers jewels inspires 1000 + 1 variants of riccio technique.
How do we see them? ... Starting points at our galleries

earrings bijoux technique: crystals, flowers beads

necklace leaves pendant, jewellery earrings flowers

gold-plated charms, trinkets, pendants for rings, bracelets How to use flowers beads - glass pressed beads ...

Between gold-plated charms and pendants of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, in rocailles beads bonsai, beads fantasy spacer, onto jewellery pins and needles for necklace pendants, trinkets and charms making.

For some web surfers ...

the monitor display of light sky blue might not have the light lilac shades that characterize this tone of color for FW67 by different environment illumination system (solar-electric).

  • It's blue nuance suitable for combinations with sky blue or aquamarine

on-line sale shop Information about on-line sales

Glass leaves - 13 x 18 mm BOX PRICE
+ color
25 - 30 grammes 4,50 EUR
topaz glass leaves beads, idea of do-it-yourself jewellery flowers for necklaces, earrings, beaded flowers
-1006 topaz - box per 30 grammes
do-it-yourself jewellery necklaces and earrings, twigs of emerald leaves beads
-5013 emerald - box per 25 grammes
ideas leaves charms for flowers beads jewellery, do-it-yourself necklaces, beads earrings
-6001 aquamarine - box per 29 grammes
-9900 3 colors mix - box per 27 grammes

Glass flowers 8 x 10 mm BOX PRICE
+ color
box 10 flowers 2,40 EUR
+ color
string 68 flowers 13,50 EUR
idea: glass flowers beads twig, flowers jewellery in pink for do-it-yourself necklaces, beads earrings
-712 pink .:. charms idea:
glass flowers beads twigs
glass flowers beads for jewellery, example of do-it-yourself ring with little flowers
sky blue
light green

glass flowers jewellery beads: light sky blue -221 light
sky blue flowers beads
do-it-yourself glass flowers beads in orange -93
orange flowers beads
emerald green flowers for jewellery necklaces, earrings -504
emerald flowers beads
do-it-yourself glass flowers beads in topaz -103
flowers beads

Glass flower 3,5 x 10 mm BOX PRICE
+ color
10 flowers beads 2,50 EUR
glass flower for bijoux, pendants idea for jewellery necklaces, earrings with flowers and leaves
-123 cocoa -106 vanilla -99 color mix

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