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Metallic bead, rondelle, spacer and metal stones

wire-and-wire jewellery Jewel history in creative memories:

metal spacers have always been irreplaceable in handicraft creations with beads and stones.

  • Mini or maxi sizes: find the best spacer stone for each jewel!

Metallic rondelle is an ideal spacer ...

in tribal ethnic bijoux developing the practical function to stop thread oscillations when big-holed beads are used with a smaller-diameter thread.

For instance ...

jewels: ideas La Graciosa bracelet

On the memory wire for bracelet ...

Having modeled an end ring by round-nosed pliers, the bracelet is ... ready to wear!

Product features ...

antique pastille
12 mm
cask with ring
13 x 6 mm

TIPS & TRICKS ... for CTS525

they are the eye pin with antique pastilles on the opposite sides and a cask on the centre.

  • The decorative ornament of ethnic bijoux?!

In this case Tiger Atelier suggests of making a bead tassel to be hooked onto the central metallic ring ...

Creative tips and practical advice

Medium sizes and big - medium hole for metal beads: innovative look for your ethnic bijoux.

  • Also 2 mm cotton rope can be threaded in shell and rhombus beads.

A successful combination together with carved stones, natural pendants, ethnic beads, semi-precious stones and Rayher real precious stones

  • Mimetic role in bijoux projects!

Not only crosspiece in bead mix, but also end bead for the buttonhole of a Lazo- model necklace.

ethnic bijoux Hobby ideas: weaving metal beads ....

the brooch with beaded butterfly

the synergy between simplicity and elegance has resulted in Madras necklace .. with a soft central charm

necklace making: trendy necklaces - 3

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Metallic effect resin beads in organizer box BOX PRICE
M8133-35 1 kit box of metal effect mixed beads 3,45 EUR
zinc effect metallic beads, metal spacer stones
3,45 EUR is the price of the kit including the assortment with 6 model resin beads with metallic effect and 2 metres of waxed cord wrapped in a transparent organizer box
metallic beads, zinc metal effect spacer, shell shaped
stone dimensions = from 10 to 30 mm
metallic spacers for trendy jewellery with cord
stone hole dimensions = from 1 to 3 mm
metallic stones for jewellery, aluminium effect bracelet

Silver-plated brass Metal spacer dice beads BOX PRICE
MB32016-01 about
5 mm
15 spacers
2,40 EUR
metal spacers for jewellery in silver-plated brass, bronze or mixed colors
hobby idea waxed cord

Metallic spacer bead BOX PRICE
PMB3212 16 x 18 mm 10 beads
2,90 EUR
jewellery spacers: metal beads

Metal spacers BOX PRICE
CTS525-3412 antique pastille 6 beads
1,75 EUR
jewellery metal beads
CTS525-3013 cask
with ring
4 beads
1,75 EUR

Metal rhombus stone BOX PRICE
PMB0016 21 x 17
10 stones
2,90 EUR
metallic rhombus beads for jewellery white

Large wheel metal bead BOX PRICE
PMB0008 9 x 17 mm 9 beads
2,90 EUR
large wheel - metallic beads white

Large rondelle BOX PRICE
HOBMET11 9 x 16
10 spacers
2,60 EUR
white-metal-bead spacer

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