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jewellery catalogue of beads, rocailles beads, metallic charms, metal pendants for online sales

Zinc metallic charms and pendants, trinkets, copper metal spacer beads

- spacer rondelle beads, metal beads and stones
- bracelets charms, metal beads for pendants

jewellery beads

MC1302-06 is the code number to write down in order form for buying a box of sale by pieces of copper charms beads

copper charms beads
box quantity for sale by pieces
-48 flower
15 beads
8 mm

hole =
1,8 mm
-22 cube charms
15 beads
6 mm

hole =
3 mm
-29 heart charms
20 beads
5 mm

hole =
0,8-1 mm
-28 star charms
20 beads
6,5 mm

hole =
0,8-1 mm
-57 rondelle charms
20 beads
8 mm

hole =
2 mm

How to fill in order form ...

  • to buy 1 box per 20 rondelles charms Ref. No. -57
-57 rondelle charms
3,40 EUR

Jewellery beads for antique copper charms

they become trinkets if they are threaded onto jewellery pins, they might be metal spacer beads between the beads on leather strings and waxed cotton thongs, nylon coated steel wires. They are glamourous next to Indian rocailles beads

Technical characteristics of zinc trinkets

sizes - mm
25 star charms
10 x 12
24 heart charms
12 x 13
04 flower charms
9 x 10
08 bird charms
7 x 7
13 leaves charms
7 x 6
05 ladybirds charms
10 x 11
19 hearts charms
11 x 8
29 fishes charms
10 x 7
102 charms beads
104 spacer beads
11 x 15
100 copper sphere beads
spacer tube beads
8 x 30
antique copper rhombus

Antique copper metal rhombus + ...

wire artist a deco idea representing complements and colours pleased to Nicole: wire and copper tone!

  • To make the decorative metallic structure, 15 cm modelling wire have to be folded up.
  • Follow the natural perimeter highlighted by the position of the thorns.

It's possible to fasten wire end with a medium-sized metallic ring modeled by round-nosed pliers.

CTS5248-717 blister pack refers to 2 metallic beads. Other photographed accessories are all individually available for on-line sales in our catalogue.

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Copper charms beads BOX PRICE
MC1302-06 sale by pieces 3,40 EUR
jewellery beads - antique copper charms for dice and flowers-shaped trinkets
-48 flower charms -22 cube charms

jewellery beads for do-it-yourself antique-copper charms, trinkets with the shape of hearts and stars
-29 heart charms -28 star charms

do-it-yourself jewellery beads: antique copper pendants with the shape of rondelles spacer beads
-57 rondelle charms

+ zoom ... bracelet photo with metallic trinkets and metal pendants

Jewellery metal pendants BOX PRICE
PLZ3303 + shape selection 8 pendants
3,50 EUR
star-shaped metal beads, flowers and hearts for charms, metallic pendants
-25 star    -24 heart    -04 flower

jewellery beads for charms, metallic trinkets
-08 bird    -13 leaf

ladybird, heart, fish - metallic beads for charms, metal pendants
-05 ladybird  -19 heart  -29 fish

Antique copper beads BOX PRICE
POK102 11 mm 6 charms
2,50 EUR
charms beads, antique-copper-metal spacer beads for metallic pendants
Spacer olive beads 11-15 BOX PRICE
POK104 antique copper 3 beads
2,80 EUR

Metal spacer beads BOX PRICE
CTS5248-717 antique copper 2 beads
1,75 EUR
spacer beads - antique copper metal rhombus

Copper sphere charms BOX PRICE
POK100 Ø 8 mm 8 beads
2,40 EUR
sphere beads, antique copper metal tube for charms, pendants, metallic spacer beads
Metal tube spacer beads BOX PRICE
POK105 antique copper 2 beads
2,30 EUR

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metal charms - beads for zinc-metal trinkets

hobby idea Tips & Tricks ... Hobby idea with metallic charms - Charm bracelet might be personalized every day, in few minutes, alternating the oval rings with charms decorations

metal pendants, charms, trinkets - ideas for bracelets, earrings bijoux
  1. insert the rhinestone sphere bead onto the centre of the micro-pierced button of copper metal bracelet base
  2. by the riccio technique make loops of 4 mm Swarovski crystals and 3 - 4 mm faceted beads
  3. add half-moon beads with avventurina for the making of sparkling beaded flower
  4. weave the bead fantasy and metal beads for the embellishment of copper bracelet ... hook charms and pendants
do-it-yourself jewellery - the making of copper earrings jewels with metal pendants, charms
examples of antique-copper-metal jewellery earrings: Hallo, charms with pendants and beads

Hallo, charms! earrings with antique copper findings, star and heart-shaped charms, special rocailles conterie beads, half-crystal dice beads, 6 mm Swarovski crystals, glass ladybirds charms and beads of conteria beads in green ...

copper jewels - beads, do-it-yourself supplies