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nickel free rhinestone bridges

Product features ...

Ideal spacers for pendants of necklaces, bracelets and also rings, they are characterized by a special brightness that derives from crystal rhinestones.

Black and red Coccinella strass: para dar la bienvenida .. Two welcome bracelets projected by Nicole also for whoever has never made a jewel and firstly wishes to approach this magic world!

Is it Red the favourite bracelet by you?

  • Fasten a 30 cm stahldraht wire in the first 3 string clasp hole by a crimp and flat-nosed pliers. Pass through 10mm faceted beads (S10) + 1 x 6 mm faceted (S6) + 1 bridge + S6 + 3 x S10 + 1bridge + 3 x S10 + 1 x S6 + 1 bridge + 1 x S6 + 2 x S10 .
  • Fasten wire in the clasp clip hole placing the bracelet well spread like it has been photographed. The bracelet is completed by repeating the aforesaid step, keeping in mind that the second string includes 1 x S6 more than first one between the two bridges of the central sections. Third step is the same as first one. Our bracelet has been projected to adhere to the wrist and is 15 cm long: it might be necessary to insert more beads to increase the size .
  • Instruction key: S6 = 6 mm faceted, S10 = 10 mm faceted, S4 = 4 mm faceted.

If it's Black the bracelet you are going to make,

  • take a memory wire bracelet and cut it in 3 pieces of equal length (for a wrist with a circumference equal to 14 - 15 cm). Black is a bracelet to directly be worn without a clasp.
  • Model a memory wire end to a ring by round-nosed pliers and then, go through 3 x S6 + 1 bridge + .::. S4 + 2 x S6 + S4 + 1 bridge (repeat other 5 times this step) .::. + 3 x S6. Model a second ring fastening memory wire and repeat all steps for the second memory wire.

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gold metallic bars

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Black and red: Coccinella strass!

PON4213 Gold
metallic bar
6 x 20 mm .:. 2 holes
pack 2 pieces:
3,40 EUR

PON4205 Rounded
gold bridge
7 x 20 mm .:. 2 holes
pack 4 pieces:
4,08 EUR

PON4200 Triangular
gold bridge
9 x 22 mm .:. 3 holes
pack 4 pieces:
4,12 EUR

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