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Venetian-style beads and stones for necklace pendants

Silver - glass medals & pastilles

are ideal item to make pendant of necklaces or end multistring bracelets. Its extraordinary brightness derives from the silver foil that has been inserted inside the bead during the handicraft making.

  • A medium - large hole allows the crossing of all jewellery wires with a 2 mm equal or up diameter.

Shapes and dimensions

Enfant terrible is decidedly the medal: ample band of oscillation of the measures, well over traditional ± 6%, and shape, that may be round or oval as in the case of amber varying. Insofar they are not suitable for project making of symmetrical bijoux.

Examples of do-it-yourself jewels: Tramonto necklace - The idea of the central pendant is similar to that of El Sol free-project

  • The flat bead decoration is limited at the first step of the aforesaid pattern, avoiding the second step of inserting additional beads between an ornament and the other.

Besides glass - silver medals or pastilles, Tramonto jewel requires to have at one's disposal following items:

A young and fizzy proposal ...

inspires lace-effect weaving.

  • What about the differences in comparison to HOB003 flat pastille with silver foil?!
  • Not only in sizes, but also in the more linear shape for the first one, semi-flat and slightly round for glass shell.

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MH8127-02 Glass-silver medal
22 - 28 x 18 - 22 mm
PRICE blister pack per 2 pieces: 1,85 EUR

click on ... Tramonto necklace
-09 amber    - 12 light olive green

glass medals in crystal & turquoise
- 07 crystal - 02 light turquoise

14 mm silver-glass shell beads BOX PRICE
S000-603 8 crystal shell beads 2,45 EUR
S000-601 8 amethyst violet shell beads 2,45 EUR
S000-604 8 light green shell beads 2,45 EUR
shell beads with silver foil

HOB003PASTILLE - Pastille with silver foil - 24 x 25 mm around
PRICE blister pack per 2 pieces: 2,00 EUR

- 12 grey - 80 burgundy
glass pastille in grey glass pastille in bordeaux
- 17 sapphire - 13 amethyst
glass pastille in sapphire glass pastille in amethyst

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