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online sales catalogue of triggers, clasps, finding, base components for jewellery bijoux

Accessories, bases, components for jewellery jewels
Antique copper metallic findings - 1

- antique-copper jewellery metallic finding - 2

Copper accessories: 3-strings clasps

If your jewels end with multiple strings, and you wish that they are spread each other ... Thread length changes according to their position on the end bar: internal thread is the shortest, the 2nd and the 3rd respectively 2 cm and 4 cm longer.

Jewellery findings & CL4126-93 clasps kits

Happy end for do-it-yourself half-crystal glass beads necklaces, antique copper bracelets with clasps kits inclusive of ring (inside diameter is 10 mm, outside diameter is 15 mm) + terminal bar per 24 mm.

Variations on the theme of ... trendy jewellery accessories and clasps

- jewellery accessories: necklaces clasps ends

copper jewellery
Copper jewels making with
do-it-yourself beads, supplies,
accessories, components:
other catalogue items
beads for jewellery charms in antique-copper

- jewellery beads for antique copper charms

copper beads for antique-copper jewellery jewels and pendants making

- jewellery metallic chain, copper chains

- antique copper earrings - pins, hooks, fish hooks

- metallic finding: copper bracelet base

- ring base with button, antique copper rings bases

charms rings bases - accessories for do-it-yourself jewellery jewels

- charms rings, antique copper base

- spacer cups, copper filigree findings

- nylon coated modelling wire in copper color

- copper wires for beaded flowers, jewellery

- components for copper jewellery bijoux, jewels

The jewellery finding in antique copper galvanization plays strategic roles in many jewels models by Tiger Atelier

- jewellery bijoux instructions, technique for pins

Do-it-yourself hobby - New ideas of bijoux with antique-copper metal finding .... Not only ethnic jewels (Indiana necklace, creative bijoux ethnic world -1) and masculine custom jewellery!

Esplendido is ... the set of jewellery with hair slide, earrings and bracelet with copper clasp

- quick necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings - 2

Garnet precious stones and drop-shaped glass bead for Fuerza preciosa with chain-inclusive clasp kit, nylon-coated lead, nylon thread and 0,35 mm wire

- copper necklaces and trendy chokers making - 3

Playa Dos and the most innovative use of micropierced box ... In Recuerdo project ... It's about a ring of memories. Journey memories? Near or far, real or fantastic. Who plays the role of protagonist? ...

- ethnic-style bijoux jewels making, sea and sun - 1

15 rings jewellery spacers and starting points?! In jewellery project of la Bamba bracelet and bangles

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Copper clasps 14-20 mm BOX PRICE
JW333-180 2 clasps 3,10 EUR
JW333-180K 6 clasps 7,80 EUR
accessories: 3-strings metallic clasps for copper jewellery jewels

Clasps kit - rings + end bars - antique copper BOX PRICE
CL4126-93 6 clasps 3,00 EUR
CL4126-93K 24 clasps 10,00 EUR
antique-copper jewellery findings - do-it-yourself clasps kit, example with cords and beads

Findings - 35 mm head pins
Ø wire 0,70 - copper
JW1628-35-3 30 grammes 3,95 EUR
copper head pins, example with beads for jewellery jewels making
(sale by weight: 30 gr. = about 225 pins)

Copper findings head-pins BOX PRICE
JW533-065 25 mm
wire Ø - 0,70
20 grammes*
2,45 EUR
metallic findings, jewels accessories - 25 mm copper head-pins * (not less
than 200

Copper findings T-pins BOX PRICE
HOB316-580 8 cm
wire Ø - 0,70
25 grammes*
3,95 EUR
jewels metallic findings - copper head pin *not less than
90 pins

Antique copper eye-needle BOX PRICE
HOB316-680 8 cm
wire Ø - 0,70
25 grammes*
3,95 EUR
jewels metallic findings - copper eye-pin *not less than
90 pins

Findings - 18 mm triggers BOX PRICE
FD151-3 antique copper 20 hooks
3,20 EUR
jewellery metallic findings - antique copper triggers for beads jewels, necklaces

Antique copper triggers BOX PRICE
HOBMOS-7288 16 mm 10 hooks
3,20 EUR
MN780-715 13 mm 30 hooks
3,55 EUR
jewels metallic findings, 13 - 16 mm copper triggers big pack: clasps kit

Jewels findings - spacers BOX PRICE
HOBDIS-73428 antique copper 6 findings
1,80 EUR
15-rings copper jewellery spacer 15 rings

Jewels findings - base BOX PRICE
HOBSCA-7634 antique copper 4 findings
1,84 EUR
jewels accessories - micropierced copper base pierced support
16 x 35 mm

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