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cords example, necklaces threads making

Bijoux cords and jewellery threads mix with different diameter looks very well in do-it-yourself jewels, onto 2-ends bead-threading threads have been placed conterie beads, stones and small jewellery components, onto waxed cords and flexes, glass and metal beads have been threaded

Tiger Bazar on-line sale catalogue of bijoux cords, jewellery threads for making with handicraft jewellery accessories and components

Bijoux cords catalogue: do-it-yourself examples - jewellery threads and silky bead-threading cord making

making with bijoux cords, jewellery threads, necklaces weaving    how to make - bijoux techniques

Bijoux cords & Rayher silky bead-threading cord

In jewellery bijoux it's important thread, also for pearls, chips - and real precious stones jewels: silky cord looks as twine supplied with metallic-end-needle to do easier beads threading.

We have inserted citrin-stones and garnet-stones onto bead-threading cord No. 1

  • Bijoux bead-threading silk No. 1 may be also used for Rayher-semiprecious-stone jewels

2 ends threading cords - bijoux jewellery threads, cord for beaded doily, weaving loom

wooden loom for making with necklaces threads, jewellery threads    bijoux trends, glass beads

They look as perfect cord for semi-precious chips and stones, conterie beads and bugles threading

tools for jewellery threads - beads loom bijoux

jewellery threads, how to use bead threading mill

bijoux cords making, jewellery threads and waxed cords  bijoux cords making

jewellery linen cords, waxed cotton twines

jewellery threads, bijoux cords, waxed flexes making do-it-yourself jewellery threads

do-it-yourself flat ribbons, bijoux leather laces

jewellery threads, cords, necklaces ribbons

How to use jewellery threads ...

peridot-precious-stones have been threaded by magic jewellery bead-threading needles - the twisted thread is so thin to be passed without delay through stone holes also doubled inside the eye of bijoux needle

jewellery and beads bijoux hobby ideas jewellery threads - Tips & Tricks bead-threading cords

tie a knot with silky bead-threading cord between two beads next to clasp or inside calottes-findings

  • The thread knot can be placed on an exact point, if you draw it toward the clasp by a darning-needle.


0,35 mm bead-threading white cord with needle BOX PRICE
MH798-79 2 metres 1,90 EUR
Griffin bijoux cords, bead-threading for making with stones, conterie, do-it-yourself jewellery threads

twisted cord shop, do-it-yourself bead-threading for jewellery making

0,35 mm Rayher silky
bead-threading cord
RH89-081-14 2 metres olive 2,52 EUR
RH89-081-30 2 metres mustard 2,52 EUR
RH89-081-35 2 metres lavender 2,52 EUR
jewellery threads making, Rayher silky bead-threading cord, bijoux cords colors palette silky bead-threading cord pack, Rayher bijoux cords and threads
R89-022-16 25 metres peach silk spool 4,60 EUR
R89-022-19 25 metres cherry silk spool 4,60 EUR

0,20 mm thread BOX PRICE
RH89-001-01 100 metres black color 2,50 EUR
RH89-001-02 100 metres white 2,50 EUR
do-it-yourself necklaces and bracelets making with beads-threading mill, jewellery threads, bijoux cords
black color thread reel
do-it-yourself bijoux 2-ends twisted-threads cords for jewellery making with beads-threading cord, stones, needles
white thread reel

0,27 mm extra fine Jewellery thread BOX PRICE
R89-300-456 1 x 50 metres sage green reel 5,10 EUR
example of beads weaving with bijoux cords and wooden loom, do-it-yourself catalogue bead-threading, jewellery threads making

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