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equipment, supplies and tools for do-it-yourself jewellery making

Tools, supports and accessories for jewellery, compositions of French beaded flowers, bonsai tree and plants

jeweller ring-bar - wire-artist creative board

Bead design board for beading with stones, beads and rocailles

It's a very useful tool, if you need to appreciate the final impact of creations before the threading of jewels.

Basic creative jewellery-equipment and bead threading mill ... to avoid the threading of rocailles one to one

In its blister pack there are two parts to assemble: that one with reservoir has to be placed upside and full of rocailles (not less than 40 grammes).

Directions for use of bead threading mill

Tips & tricks for threading glass-rocailles beads and bugles

Obviously the threading probability decreases by a bead-poor reservoir; so as bigger is the wire diameter, easier will be threading.

  1. Bead threading mill is used in jewellery making
  1. As far as the beaded flowers, bonsai trees and plants are concerned, we always use it by every technique.

Organizers for rocailles beads and jewellery are made of transparent plastic ...

  • EQ243-348 has 24 sections per 5 x 5 cm approximately
  • M8441-91 has 18 sections per 3 x 3 cm approximately

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Jewellery design board BOX PRICE
EQ248-651 23,5 x
32 cm
1 board:
4,80 EUR
jewelry design board for making of necklaces and jewellery

Bead threading mill BOX PRICE
MH860-60 Ø 7 cm
1 mill:
5,15 EUR
the blister pack of bead threading mill and example of use with bugle beads
example of use of bead threading mill with
bugles per 2 mm + brass wire

Rocailles-beads organizer BOX PRICE
EQ243-348 23 x 33
x 5 cm
1 organizer:
12,70 EUR
organizers for rocailles beads and do-it-yourself jewellery supplies
Jewellery organizer BOX PRICE
M8441-91 10,5 x 20,5
x 3 cm
1 organizer:
3,05 EUR

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