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on-line sale catalogue for jewellery bijoux glass rocailles beads, stones, Marianne hobby conterie beads for embroidery, bonsai trees, flowers

2,5 mm transparent glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai and flowers, Easter decorations - natural glass conterie rocailles

beads making accessories for beaded bonsai, beaded flowers, Easter decorations Beaded bonsai, Easter decorations making, beaded flowers, with transparent beads ...

beads making

Beads twigs are decorations ideas for glass beads flowers, beaded bonsai trees, items being available for online sales are respectively beads packs per 17 grammes and beads bags per 100 or 500 grammes

butterflies for beads flowers, bonsai, bomboniere

bench for do-it-yourself beads decorations

do-it-yourself beads for embroidery, flowers, with jewellery accessories Beads for do-it-yourself gift ideas, fairs stand settings & window dressing

miniature accessories do-it-yourself beads bonsai

chicks, beaded bonsai, bomboniere ornaments

fruit pendants, charms, do-it-yourself beads

By a natural glass sticks ... Transparent glass rocailles beads are obtained by a natural glass sticks or, if silver-lined, it arrives at very sparkling conterie

beaded bonsai glass rocailles beads - silver lined

Let's talk about sizes ... Glass rocailles beads Ref. No. GL212 and MH809-A are classified by glass artisans and by the prestigious Studio of Marianne Hobby as 2,5 mm glass rocailles beads, as a matter of fact to all us of Tiger Bazar conterie beads Ref. No. 510 braun nuance look a bit smaller

Anyway we were able to weave it even by ...

0,40 mm copper wire for flowers, beaded bonsai

By 100 grammes of rocailles you can make ...

  • 12,5 metres of beaded string for do-it-yourself jewels or Venetian beaded flowers
  • The online-sale pack per 100 grammes includes about 5.000 glass rocailles beads

Hobby ideas with glass rocailles beads - Even if silver-lined glass beads are favourite glass rocailles beads by the creatives keen on beaded flowers and beaded bonsai trees, they aren't always the most suitable for some creations and do-it-yourself decorations

  • Would you prefer other rocailles beads in Hydrangeas-beads-composition or in the leaves of Fantasia di Nicole beaded bonsai tree (Catalogue, fantasy-bonsai-beads medium-shining opaque rocailles)? All of us agreed to use transparent glass beads in dark green No. 520
  • May-green No. 490 is in Cherry mix

beaded bonsai trees, beads plants making ideas

online sales Tiger Bazar catalogue for on-line buy

2,5 mm Venetian-style
glass rocailles beads
+ color
1,20 EUR
+ color
4,15 EUR
+ color
18,05 EUR
transparent natural glass rocailles beads for do-it-yourself jewels, violet beads for beaded bonsai, flowers, Easter decorations
-41 violet beads     -43 berries beads
ideas for windows decorations with beads

2,5 mm Marianne hobby glass rocailles beads BOX PRICE
MH809A-580 17 grammes redcurrant 1,40 EUR
MH809B-580 100 grammes redcurrant 4,85 EUR
MH809K-580 500 grammes redcurrant 20,55 EUR
+ color
1,15 EUR
+ color
4,05 EUR
+ color
17,10 EUR
natural transparent glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai, flowers, Easter decorations, embroidery, jewellery bijoux making
marianne hobby logo Marianne hobby beads -450 sky blue-580 redcurrant beads -530 turquoise

dark-green glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai, beaded flowers, Easter decorations -520 dark green glass rocailles beads
may-green glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai, beaded flowers, Easter decorations -490 may- green glass rocailles beads
braun glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai, beaded flowers, Easter decorations -510 braun glass rocailles beads
topas glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai, beaded flowers, Easter decorations -420 topaz glass rocailles beads
amber glass rocailles beads for beaded bonsai, beaded flowers, Easter decorations -500 amber glass rocailles beads

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