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Tiger Bazar boutique de vente de perles rocailles, on-line sale shop of glass beads, sugared almond and bijoux accessories

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Other Marianne hobby 2,5 mm glass rocailles beads

vente de perles rocailles: rosary-beads do-it-yourself idea by Tiger bazar sites, glass bead shop

bricolage bijoux beads

vente de perles rocailles, flower making examples with marianne hobby beads for do-it-yourself necklaces

trendy rocailles beads

beads for flowers, plants

cross making with marianne hobby beads, rocailles, do-it-yourself idea by Tiger Bazar glass bead shop

embroidery rocailles

conterie perles rocailles for ethnic jewels making, jewellery glass bead shop

2 mm conterie beads

Perles rocailles shop & faq - bead buying

how many perles rocailles for flower composition making

The pack per 100 grammes of glass beads includes about 5.000 perles rocailles quantity of beads being necessary for the making of 12,5 metres of wire with beads

rocailles catalogues, pearly glass bead sale shop

flowers and bonsai accessories, Tiger Bazar on-line shops for beads, vente de perles rocailles accessories for beads

bee, frog, little animals, beads decoration items

leaves shop for beaded flower, ribbon flowers

glass bead shop catalogue, on-line sale marianne hobby beads, Swarovski crystals, Venetian conterie perles rocailles

Tiger Bazar shop for glass rocailles beads, Ø 2,5 mm Marianne hobby conterie

multicolor perles de rocailles marianne hobby, on-line sale in Tiger Bazar bead shop

-700 mixed colors .:. beads and boxes


logo marianne hobby pearly glass beads with shining effects

2,5 mm Ø glass beads
Marianne hobby rocailles
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
MH812A-700 17 grammes mixed colors 1,15 EUR
MH812B-700 100 grammes mixed colors 4,05 EUR
MH812K-700 1000 grammes mixed colors 34,20 EUR
MH812A-510 17 grammes hazel 1,15 EUR
MH812B-510 100 grammes hazel 4,05 EUR
MH812K-510 1000 grammes hazel 34,20 EUR
MH812A-610 17 grammes turquoise 1,15 EUR
MH812B-610 100 grammes turquoise 4,05 EUR
MH812K-610 1000 grammes turquoise 34,20 EUR
MH812A-680 17 grammes chocolate 1,15 EUR
MH812B-680 100 grammes chocolate 4,05 EUR
MH812K-680 1000 grammes chocolate 34,20 EUR
MH812A-500 17 grammes snow white 1,20 EUR
MH812B-500 100 grammes snow white 4,70 EUR
MH812K-500 1000 grammes snow white 38,20 EUR
MH812A-670 17 grammes red color 1,20 EUR
MH812B-670 100 grammes red color 4,70 EUR
MH812K-670 1000 grammes red color 38,20 EUR
MH812A-600 17 grammes aquamarine 1,15 EUR
MH812B-600 100 grammes aquamarine 4,05 EUR
MH812K-600 1000 grammes aquamarine 34,20 EUR
beaded tulip do-it-yourself idea with pearly glass beads by Tiger Bazar bead shop catalogue, vente de perles rocailles
chocolate beads
french beaded flowers - beaded tulips
snow-color glass-bead shop, vente en ligne de perles rocailles, marianne hobby matt-shining glass beads catalogue -500 snow
-white beads
beaded owl idea by Tiger Bazar sites: glass bead shop, vente de perles rocailles marianne hobby

vente de perles rocailles red-color, marianne hobby glass bead shop by Tiger Bazar sites: beads for bonsai making -670 red-color rocailles beads
flower making example, on-line bead shop: leaves for do-it-yourself geranium with florist items

Marianne hobby glass bead shop: aquamarine beads, on-line sale in Tiger bazar sites, vente de perles rocailles -600 beads in aquamarine
beads for bomboniere making with ornaments and cakes for sugared almonds
mouline-thread violets, glass beaded bonsai, ideas by Tiger bazar glass bead shop, vente de perles rocailles marianne hobby
-810 poudre de roses -820 orchid violet

perles de rocailles, blue and azure catalogue of Tiger Bazar on-line sale beads shop
-530 sky-blue lavender -550 sea-blue

vente de perles rocailles orange, Tiger Bazar glass bead shop where to buy beads for flowers, bonsai, bijoux -660 orange rocailles beads
do-it-yourself idea projects with glass beads, perles rocailles and strass components for bracelets making

2,5 mm lemon-color beads, marianne-hobby glass bead shop, vente de perles rocailles pour bonsai et bijoux -640 lemon-yellow beads
key ring do-it-yourself idea by Tiger Bazar glass bead shop, vente de perles rocailles marianne hobby, Swarovski beads
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
MH812A-810 17 grammes poudre de roses 1,20 EUR
MH812B-810 100 grammes poudre de roses 4,70 EUR
MH812K-810 1000 grammes poudre de roses 38,20 EUR
MH812A-820 17 grammes orchid violet 1,20 EUR
MH812B-820 100 grammes orchid violet 4,70 EUR
MH812K-820 1000 grammes orchid violet 38,20 EUR
MH812A-530 17 grammes sky-blue lavender 1,15 EUR
MH812B-530 100 grammes sky-blue lavender 4,05 EUR
MH812K-530 1000 grammes sky-blue lavender 34,20 EUR
MH812A-550 17 grammes sea blue 1,20 EUR
MH812B-550 100 grammes sea blue 4,70 EUR
MH812K-550 1000 grammes sea blue 38,20 EUR
MH812A-660 17 grammes orange 1,15 EUR
MH812B-660 100 grammes orange 4,05 EUR
MH812K-660 1000 grammes orange 34,20 EUR
MH812A-640 17 grammes lemon yellow 1,20 EUR
MH812B-640 100 grammes lemon yellow 4,70 EUR
MH812K-640 1000 grammes lemon yellow 38,20 EUR

Vente de perles rocailles pour bricolage créations

  • Other do-it-yourself ideas by Tiger Bazar on-line glass bead shop

beaded peacock, rocailles beads bonsai plants

beads for candles and sugared almond holder

bomboniere project, rocailles beaded tulips

beaded geranium project - flowers and leaves

  • Marianne hobby glass bead characteristics ... they are not matt rocailles, bright pearly beads are made of not transparent glass with shining effects
  • Marianne hobby pack label is 2,5 mm diameter, nevertheless we see them smaller beads also in the characteristic regularity of Marianne Hobby rocailles beads

on-line sale shop Tiger Bazar vente en ligne,

online sale shop

Vente de perles rocailles for fantasy beads bonsai making

beaded bonsai plant, bead and mouliné violets

with this rocailles beads color palette ... variations on the theme of beaded bonsai and flowers of Venetian beads embellished by different rocailles mix, (silver-lining perles rocailles, iridescent beads, opaque polished perles rocailles, special rocailles, exclusive beads). Different perles rocailles nuances may be obtained thanks to the use of different color wires. An example?!

glass rocailles beads sale for beaded bonsai

In front of the do-it-yourself idea fantasy-beads bonsai there is an embroidery-thread flower next to bonsai trunk made of cinnamon-spice-for-bonsai . Quick and easy is the technique for metallic-edge flower making with rocailles beads ... wire springs, threads for flowers, beaded bonsai

  • make wire spring by twister-for-beads, (No. 2 for beaded little flowers, No. 3 for big rocailles petals), cut metal spring in sections per 5 cm each
  • insert 0,50-0,60 mm wire into the spring and fasten wire ends for petal making

By embroidery thread or beads (onto 0,30-0,35 mm weaving-wires), embellish petal inside space hooking wire in spiral metal edge

  • When the petal of thread or beads is completed go back towards the departure crossing it on the centre. Cover petal stems with green paper ribbon for florists

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