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glass beads and rocailles for online sales

Venetian style silver-glass beads
avventurina & silver foil

Shade and measures also alternate ...

inside the same pack giving the originality charm to the jewel.

sizes in
hole Ø in
-01 glass cylinder
14 x 20
16 x 22
2 - 3,5
-04 cask
12 x 16
14 x 16
3 - 5
-10 square plate
16 x 16
18 x 18
2 - 3,5
-12 round
Ø 31 - 35
3 - 5

From plum to powder colour and why not green, amber and sky blue?

  • If the colour palette shades off from lilac and amethyst into powder rose colour, Verónica bracelet lives the contrast ...
    • to be continued: step by step project

Pretty rainbow of precious stone antique colours ...

declined in fashion tonalities from plum to powder colour to make romantic pendants, liberty-style necklaces, 50s vintage bracelets ....

Energizing unpublished nuances

live the ideal contrast between silver leaf, that illuminates them, and the bright suspensions of avventurina in bead heart.

Excellent is the quality-price ratio ....

of this massive design collection thought for creatives looking for natural beads.

The edge has not sometimes been filed perfectly,

in other cases it's evident the silver lining of inside metallic leaf.

Sky blue is ...

the mythical nuance that evokes the lively colours of lapis-lazuli and the typical colour depth of aquamarine.

on-line shopping On-line order

In your order write down item code, selected colour, quantity and price.

For instance ...

to buy a pack per 3 ruby square plate

- 11 ruby
1,85 EUR

faqprices always refers to a blister pack including the number of beads listed for each reference.

Further details in the following section:

Cylinder glass-bead PACK PRICE
MH8127-01 + colour selection per 3 pieces:
1,85 EUR
rose quartz cylinder
-05 rose

cylinder in 07 crystal-colour

Glass cask 12-14 x 16 PACK PRICE
MH8127-04 + colour selection per 3 pieces: 1,85 EUR
rose quartz beads
- 05 rose quartz
glass bead in light green and plum
- 10 light green - 13 plum
Cask glass beads with silver foil
code box pieces BOX PRICE
S1000-402 6 cask beads amber color 12 x 9 x 9 mm 1,85 EUR
S1000-405 6 cask beads turquoise color 12 x 9 x 9 mm 1,85 EUR
amber, turquoise, silver foil glass cask beads
amber turquoise

Square glass plate PACK PRICE
MH8127-10 + colour selection per 3 pieces: 1,85 EUR
ruby square bead - 11

13 x 12 x 7 mm square glass beads
code box pieces BOX PRICE
S000-701 6 amethyst plate beads 2,00 EUR
S000-705 6 sky blue aquamarine plate beads 2,00 EUR
S000-702 6 copper crystal plate beads 2,00 EUR
S000-708 6 rose quartz plate beads 2,00 EUR
click on ... la pulsera
Click on ... La pulsera de Verónica
glass beads with silver foil crystal copper color
square-shaped rose quartz silver-foil beads

Round glass plate PACK PRICE
MH8127-12 + colour selection per 1 piece
1,85 EUR
round glass plate
- 13 plum   - 05 rose quartz

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