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What does Nicole think about silver lined beads?

crystal 400: ice crystal making,

pink 650: for Spring bonsai tree or for the bouquet of our roses free project.

amethyst 440: for the violets of Nicole's flower garden

medium blue 450: for a special rose,

turquoise 530: is a beautiful colour in a masculine bombonnière for First Communion or Confirmation. It's in the mix of hydrangea plant,

blue 460: for a bindweed

emerald 520: is a wonderful green in mix for Christmas trees,

burgundy 590: romantic roses,

red 580: for Christmas poinsettia plant,

yellow 540: for the inside of the orchid,

orange 560: for beaded oranges and for our project of tulips ...

light green 490: is the soft tone of the beaded forsythia free project,

medium green 480: is an intermediate green for flower leaves and bead mix in bonsai. It's the colour used for the leaves of lavender

green 510: is resolute, strong, suitable for leaves and mix bonsai,

light gold 410: in the bead mix for corn ears. Invitation to the winter is the composition where it plays an important role together with gold 420, red 580, green 510;

copper 500: for sunflower central button


on-line sale catalogue of beads

marianne hobby Marianne hobby silver lined Glass rocailles beads

middle blue, turquoise, blue silver lined beads

-450 middle blue -530 turquoise -460 blue


Sale price list by the weight of glass rocailles beads

Rocailles 2,5 mm Ø - silver lined colours
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
MH810-450 100 grammes middle blue 4,05 EUR
MH810K-450 1000 grammes middle blue 34,20 EUR
MH810-530 100 grammes turquoise 4,05 EUR
MH810K-530 1000 grammes turquoise 34,20 EUR
MH810-460 100 grammes blue color 4,05 EUR
MH810K-460 1000 grammes blue color 34,20 EUR
MH810-490 100 grammes light green 4,05 EUR
MH810K-490 1000 grammes light green 34,20 EUR
MH810-480 100 grammes middle green 4,05 EUR
MH810K-480 1000 grammes middle green 34,20 EUR
MH810-510 100 grammes green 4,05 EUR
MH810K-510 1000 grammes green 34,20 EUR
MH810-410 100 grammes light gold 4,05 EUR
MH810K-410 1000 grammes light gold 34,20 EUR
MH810-420 100 grammes gold color 4,05 EUR
MH810K-420 1000 grammes gold color 34,20 EUR
MH810-500 100 grammes copper color 4,05 EUR
MH810K-500 1000 grammes copper color 34,20 EUR

sale of green silver lined beads

-490 light green beads -480 middle green
-510 green color silver-lined beads

sale of gold and copper silver lined beads

-410 light gold -420 gold color -500 copper

from crystal to amethyst silver lined beads

-400 crystal -650 pink -440 amethyst

Rocailles 2,5 mm Ø - silver lined colours
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
MH810-400 100 grammes crystal 4,05 EUR
MH810K-400 1000 grammes crystal 34,20 EUR
MH810-650 100 grammes pink 4,70 EUR
MH810K-650 1000 grammes pink 38,20 EUR
MH810-440 100 grammes amethyst 4,05 EUR
MH810K-440 1000 grammes amethyst 34,20 EUR
MH810-520 100 grammes emerald 4,05 EUR
MH810K-520 1000 grammes emerald 34,20 EUR
MH810-590 100 grammes bordeaux 4,70 EUR
MH810K-590 1000 grammes bordeaux 38,20 EUR
MH810-580 100 grammes red color 4,70 EUR
MH810K-580 1000 grammes red color 38,20 EUR
MH810-540 100 grammes yellow 4,70 EUR
MH810K-540 1000 grammes yellow 38,20 EUR
MH810-560 100 grammes orange 4,70 EUR
MH810K-560 1000 grammes orange 38,20 EUR

sale of emerald and red silver lined beads

-520 emerald -590 bordeaux -580 red color

yellow and orange silver lined beads

-540 yellow silver-lined beads -560 orange

Venetian style glass rocailles beads with silver lining

wisteria silver lined beads   bamboo silver lined beads

-40 wisteria beads  -61 bamboo beads

Rocailles 2,5 mm Ø - silver lined colours
item code BOX pieces BOX PRICE
GL203-40 100 grammes wisteria 5,90 EUR
GL203K-40 500 grammes wisteria 27,15 EUR
GL203-61 100 grammes bamboo 5,90 EUR
GL203K-61 500 grammes bamboo 27,15 EUR
GL203-41 100 grammes cyclamen 5,90 EUR
GL203K-41 500 grammes cyclamen 27,15 EUR
GL203-31 100 grammes antique pink 5,90 EUR
GL203K-31 500 grammes antique pink 27,15 EUR
GL203-42 100 grammes sky blue 5,90 EUR
GL203K-42 500 grammes sky blue 27,15 EUR
GL203-06 100 grammes champagne 5,90 EUR
GL203K-06 500 grammes champagne 27,15 EUR
GL203-46 100 grammes turquoise 5,90 EUR
GL203K-46 500 grammes turquoise 27,15 EUR

cyclamen silver lined beads   antique pink silver lined beads

-41 cyclamen beads -31 antique pink

sky blue silver lined beads   champagne silver lined beads

-42 sky blue beads  -06 champagne beads

turquoise silver lined beads   bomboniere cake with beaded lily
-46 turquoise beads and beaded lily

  • They are suitable both in custom jewellery and also in making of beaded flower- and plants. Silver lined rocailles are particularly bright thanks to the manufacturing process to which the glass is subjected. The bead finishing appears coloured, the inside is silver-plated.


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