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Marianne Hobby
2,5 mm diameter
iridescent colours
blister pack per 100 - 1000 grammes of rocailles

Click on the deco idea image ....

Article description ....

Marianne Hobby rocailles are characterized by very good quality-price ratio.

They are suitable both in custom jewellery and in making beaded flowers and bonsai tree.

Every iridescent rocaille reflects rainbow shades besides the basic colour.

Practical suggestions....

The sunflower on the mirror is made of MH811 rocailles in gold 420, corn ears of MH810 in gold 410, the sunflower button of MH810 in copper colour 500, sunflower and corn ears leaves with a mix of the aforesaid colours.

Visual impact is very nice indeed, if some flowers of beaded composition are made of iridescent rocailles and others of silver lined colours.

Starting points ....

  • crystal 400 in the bead mix for snows bonsai tree, peach blossom and also wisteria plant ( bonsai tree gallery),
  • light gold 410 and gold 420 are in ancient compositions for period furniture,
  • light green 490 is in the bead mix of apple bonsai tree (Bonsai tree gallery) and together with MH810 light green 490 in forsythia leaves,
  • jade for leaves of coloured flowers,
  • turquoise 540 for beaded little angels and petals of the hydrangea plant,
  • yellow 550 for mimosa plant,
  • orange 560 in the mix for autumn bonsai tree and in tulip free project,
  • red 580 could be suitable for a coloured lily,
  • bordeaux for bunch of grapes and for grapes bonsai tree.

Click here to purchase ...

You might like to order a 100 grammes blister pack of iridescent glass rocailles bead in crystal colour.

Fill in order form as follows:

rocailles crystal 400
4,50 EUR
Ø 2,5 mm glass beads + color choice
code blister pack PRICE
MH811R 100 grammes 4,50 EUR
MH811R-KILO 1000 grammes 37,60 EUR

Available colours:

crystal 400 light gold 410
gold 420 turquoise 540
blue 460 royal 480
light green 490

Ø 2,5 mm glass beads
code blister pack PRICE
MH811-580 100 grammes red 5,15 EUR
MH811K-580 1000 grammes red 42,05 EUR
MH811-550 100 grammes yellow 5,15 EUR
MH811K-550 1000 grammes yellow 42,05 EUR
MH811-560 100 grammes orange 5,15 EUR
MH811K-560 1000 grammes orange 42,05 EUR
red 580

yellow 550 orange 560

Ø 2,5 mm special color iridescent glass beads
H200-29 100 grammes burgundy 5,40 EUR
H200-29K 500 grammes burgundy 24,25 EUR
H201-64 100 grammes jade green 5,40 EUR
H201-64K 500 grammes jade green 24,25 EUR

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