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negozio on-line Tiger Bazar on-line sales, beads and crystals, accessories for jewels making and do-it-yourself bonbonnieres wrapping

on-line shop catalogue

transport & payment

bijoux bricolage: butterfly charms, leather string ideas

beads necklace making

beads jewels pendant

bracelets and rings charms for pendants, bomboniere confetti

beads ring making

beads rose bomboniere

confetti holder bouquet

Other special rocailles beads

bricolage rocailles beads

Ornaments for rocailles beads

beads shop accessories

on-line sale shop catalogue of beads and glass rocailles beads for do-it-yourself jewels making with Swarovski crystals

marianne hobby On-line sale rocailles beads for the making of beaded animals, do-it-yourself jewels, flowers & bonsai
special rocailles beads - 2,5 mm diameter

Ideas by Tiger Bazar on-line sale site for beads

example by on-line sale shop, beaded butterfly

do-it-yourself bracelet & special rocailles beads

Marianne hobby special glass rocailles beads

they are characterized by lined color surface on the basis of crystal or pearly-white-bead-color glass

  • For beadworkers the black rose is no longer only a dream thanks to crystal-black glass rocailles beads

Bamba-beads-bracelet-making is quick & easy according to the instructions of bangle project with crystal-orange rocailles beads

Starting points for crystal-blue beads?! Orchidea necklace with rocailles beads mix

jewellery with flowers, rocailles beads orchid

  • everlasting charm of Sevilla beads ring

ring with special rocailles beads, turtle beads

Beads in green color have been matched romantic colors as apricot rocailles beads and cream rocailles beads in the leaves of ...

bomboniere & bride bouquet with beads flowers

or near more definite bead tones in the bud of rocailles-beads-poppy-composition

Together with Swarovski crystals special beads are in free-project ...

beaded little-animals making with rocailles beads

  • frog-shaped beads animals making - Mi nombre es Chin Chin

they are also in Ola necklace between ...

Precious allure for jewellery & do-it-yourself jewels in chic evergreen style ...

  • With haematite rocailles beads matched with faceted beads in the Cross and with 8 mm fantasy beads in Rosary ...

Cross, Rosary making with glass rocailles beads

Ø 2,5 mm glass beads + color selection
bead code pack PRICE
MH813G-12 12 grammes 1,20 EUR
MH813G-100 100 grammes 6,00 EUR
MH813G-KILO 1000 grammes 54,00 EUR
Marianne hobby on-line sale special beads in Tiger Bazar shop, rocailles beads for do-it-yourself jewels, beaded animals
-240 fire & night crystal -750 pearly red

black-color crystal beads, on-line sale catalogue of rocailles beads for beaded animals making and do-it-yourself jewels  
  orange crystal beads, on-line catalogue of beads sale for beaded animals making and do-it-yourself jewels
blue cristal beads, shop of on-line sale beads for beaded animals making and do-it-yourself jewels  

lariat model necklace, do-it-yourself jewels idea with special rocailles beads green crystal rocailles beads, on-line sale shop of beads for beaded animals making, do-it-yourself jewels
bracelet idea   -220 crystal green beads

Ø 2,5 mm glass beads + color selection
bead code pack PRICE
MH811W-16 17 grammes 1,15 EUR
MH811W-100 100 grammes 4,90 EUR
MH811W-KILO 1000 grammes 44,00 EUR
special-edition jewellery rocailles beads, on-line sale at Tiger Bazar site of beads for beaded animals making, do-it-yourself jewels  
  haematite rocailles beads shop, on-line sale beads for beaded animals making, do-it-yourself jewels

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