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Tiger Bazar on-line shop for jewellery nickel-free finding sale

how to on-line buy

transport & payment

Other hooks for jewellery and bijoux charms ...

on-line shop e-commerce for jewel components, do-it-yourself beaded bijoux clasp kit

clasps, hooks with rings

jewellery findings: examples of fastening for necklaces and bracelets

ethnic jewellery In Mundo Creativo ... clasp with trigger + 1 round ring + 1 flat cap ... for leather string!

El mundo creativo, the necklace: do-it-yourself making with carved stones, semi-precious stones, glass and metal rondelles, Bali shell beads

do-it-yourself jewels -2

on-line sale necklace, bracelet and charm set of clasp for jewellery

tips & tricks for wire fastening with hooks and triggers - How to make belt clasps (do-it-yourself idea - Mariposa belts)

triggers for pendant making, necklaces, belts

Coccinella choker and leaves - set of jewellery

do-it-yourself jewellery-projects instructions

Bijoux collection - Fantasia Caraibica necklace
trigger for beaded necklace making

jewellery clasps, hooks, findings, components and parts for do-it-yourself jewellery

Heart-shaped clasps with triggers
clasp hooks with nickel-free trigger

bookbinding material sale, do-it-yourself key ring, beaded jewel lace making with cords for bijoux charms

do-it-yourself jewellery key-ring lace making

A lobster claw clasp ... for every demand of bijoux fastening

Besides the gold and silver-plated or platinum galvanization, there's also the copper one!

jewels metallic findings, copper triggers, clasps

on-line sale shop e-commerce, copper jewellery accessories and findings, hooks for bijoux necklaces with Venetian beads

Copper color triggers for beaded bijoux ...

Antique-copper jewellery findings for do-it-yourself ethnic necklace making

idea for bijoux findings, triggers, accessories

jewel school Bijoux school & clasps

In trendy jewels made by steel wire for jewellery it's very simple to hook the clasp onto the necklace. The choice among

is personal, even if the system for wire fastening doesn't change.

Jewellery - how to use the clasp with triggers using a nylon coated steel wire ....

I. The clasp for single-string jewel

  • On a side insert a crimp, then pass wire through the hole of the trigger
  • go again into the crimp bead
  • Put strong pressure onto crimp by flat-nosed pliers

jewellery tools, pliers, basic equipment for beads

  • On the other side insert the last beads and after them a crimp, make a wire loop, go back into the crimp having to be pressed by the pliers - The possible wire excess is threaded into last beads and then cut by the cutter

on-line sale shop, jewellery charms, heart triggers, e-commerce bonbonnieres with glass hearts

II. - III. The clasp with extension chains or metallic findings - rings

Add extension chain for jewellery to wire loop

  • Wire is inserted into the ring being hooked onto the trigger hole on a side and onto the fastening ring on the other.

rings and accessories for jewellery clasp

IV. The jewel clasp with calottes

  • Wire is inserted into a calotte, and fixed by a crimp.

Having cut the excess wire and closed the cap by the pliers, this last one is hooked onto the fastening ring on a side and trigger one on the other

on line catalogue Tiger Bazar on-line buying catalogue

Sale by weight:
14 grammes of 10 mm clasps with triggers
(about 30 hooks)
MT101-04 silver color 3,40 EUR
MT101-01 platinum 3,40 EUR
MT101-02 gold color 3,75 EUR
e-commerce jewellery clasps with triggers hooks - trigger cheap packs for on-line sale
-04 silver -01 platinum -02 gold
other packs of hooks, sale by weight
Sale by weight:
23 grammes of 12 mm clasps with triggers
(about 30 hooks)
MT121-04 silver color 4,20 EUR
MT121-01 platinum 4,20 EUR
MT121-02 gold color 4,60 EUR

Platinum trigger clasps
13 x 38 mm
MH8400-24 16 hooks 5,25 EUR
on-line sale kit of triggers for do-it-yourself key-ring making, belts with charms chain and clasp hook
do-it-yourself key ring Tiger Bazar idea
with chains for charms, jewellery chain

Trigger clasp - oval ring BOX PRICE
CL512-144 20 x 38 mm

1 hook
0,97 EUR
CL512-144K 12 hooks
10,40 EUR
e-commerce on-line sale, clasp hook with trigger for pendants, charms, tricks
on-line sale shop of clasps with triggers hooks for jewellery pendants, tricks, charms
Clasp hook with trigger BOX PRICE
MT151-01 18 mm

12 hooks
2,60 EUR
MT151-01K 150 hooks
21,50 EUR

Heart triggers 10 mm BOX PRICE
MH8400-791 silver 2 hooks
1,70 EUR
MH8400-781 gold
on-line sale e-commerce triggers, jewellery bijoux - hook with heart-shaped trigger
Heart triggers 10 mm PREZZO box
CL512-702 24 hooks gold color 8,20 EUR

10 mm triggers BOX PRICE
MH840-341 silver 4 hooks
1,55 EUR
Tiger Bazar on-line shop clasps, silver-plated hook with triggers Marianne Hobby
13 mm triggers 4 hooks
MH840-411 silver 1,55 EUR

10 mm triggers BOX PRICE
MH840-381 gold 4 hooks
1,55 EUR
on-line sale jewellery hook clasp with gold-plated trigger Marianne Hobby
13 mm triggers 4 hooks
MH840-401 gold 1,55 EUR

13 mm trigger BOX PRICE
RH21-009-21 platinum 2 hooks
2,10 EUR
RH21-009-06 gold
on-line sale clasp triggers, Rayher hooks with trigger Rayher

Italian version - privacy policy

Price catalogue of packs per about 300 triggers for on-line sale - Tiger Bazar components shop of jewellery, online sale by weight
big jewellery packs
10 mm silver color Triggers
140 grammes = about 300 hooks
27,50 EUR
10 mm platinum Triggers
140 grammes = about 300 hooks
26,00 EUR
10 mm gold color Triggers
140 grammes = about 300 hooks
30,75 EUR
cheap jewellery pack
12 mm silver color Triggers
240 grammes = about 300 hooks
31,70 EUR
12 mm platinum Triggers
240 grammes = about 300 hooks
31,70 EUR
12 mm gold color Triggers
240 grammes = about 300 hooks
37,65 EUR