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Accessories for beaded bonsai trees and floral compositions
1st section

  • pcs. = pieces

The little animals in resin ...

they are busy in the agricultural activities as cherry, apple and grape harvest ... an even more happy and sunny-natured company thanks to the light reflected by beaded trees ...

  • Gallery: the farm of Nicole's bonsai

Tiger Bazar's accessory collection ...

it's very ample and in continuous evolution.

Are you looking for innovative accessories for the decoration of your creations?

  • Ask Tiger Team Staff , it'll help you to find them in the catalogue section or E-mail you an image together with product features, if, it isn't displaying in the electronic catalogue yet but already available for on-line sales.

Nicole's advice ...

  • Gel candles and ornaments
    • As principle you might insert glass, resin, ceramic, silk, beads and rocailles articles in gel candles for their decoration.
    • What's about wooden accessories? Unlike the aforesaid materials, wood has uncertain reactions to gel contact and may alter the candle transparency.
  • In beaded bonsai settings ...
    • You might stick the accessories onto your composition by warmed glue.

On-line order

In your order write down item code, description, quantity and price. For instance ...

how to buy a pack per 4 resin bunnies

2,00 EUR



Farm fence

MH3051-56 Little dogs
resin 2,5 cm
pack 6 pcs.:
4,20 EUR

MH3052-82 Ducks
resin (about 3 cm)
pack 4 pcs.:
2,50 EUR

MH3041-41 Bunnies
resin 2,5 cm
pack 4 pcs.:
2,00 EUR

RH88-897 Fence
3 x 90 cm
pack 1 pcs.:
3,48 EUR

- 02 white
- 11 green   

- 31 natural

RH88-177-11 Ducks PRICE
pack 4 pcs.:
2,64 EUR

2,5 cm
light green


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