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Crimps & trendy custom jewellery

Other synonyms? Perles à ècraser, perlas de compresión, squeeze fittings, pinch beads, lead, metallic bead, Quetschperle, crimp bead ... In the organizer of all the creatives keen on bijoux they should never miss, together with flat-nosed pliers being necessary to fasten the clasp.


Jewellery findings & clasps for online sales

Nickel-free metallic findings

Sale unit .... is listed in grammes for the packs of HB386 (gold-plated Nr. 099 and platinum Nr. 065), in pieces for the other crimps.

Which threads is it able to fasten?

Principal role is sealing stahldraht in irreversible way: after having pressed a crimp by flat pliers, its shape becomes rectangular and it's no more possible to open it again, if correctly pressed, it makes our jewel 100% sure and reliable.

  • When it isn't pressed according to the aforesaid indications, it isn't fixed on the thread by a medium squeeze on this last.

It's also used for sealing a bead full wire decorating the candle of the deco idea by Studio Rayher.

  • Crimp + wire for a jewel? We dissuade this method of wire fastening if used for the jewel structure. Another case is when crimp is pressed onto wire end of a pendant, eventually inside a cap (Earrings Liberty, Index of catalogue deco ideas).

It's used not only on stahldraht but also with 0,50 mm nylon thread.

  • By an inferior diameter there's the risk of thread breakage.
  • Another thread for which we advise not to use crimps it's the stretch one.

The thread sealed in a crimp may be left visible or inserted into a cap.

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crimp beads

HB386-099 Crimps
2,3 mm gold-plated
2,5 grammes:
gold-plated crimps 3,50 EUR

pack per 100

HB386-065 Crimps
2,3 mm platinum
2,5 grammes
platinum crimps = 140 pcs.

3,05 EUR

big pack
HB386-6520 Crimps
2,3 mm platinum
pack 2000 pcs.
31,50 EUR

RH21-087-22 Pinch
beads silver-plated
20 pieces:
1,45 EUR
RH21-087-89 Pinch
beads gold-plated
20 pieces:
1,65 EUR
pinch beads - perlas de compresión 2,4 mm


RH21-036 Pinch
beads 2 mm
22 silver - 89 gold
15 pieces:
1,90 EUR

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